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Buying diapers


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I always buy my diapers online.  Quality diapers just are not available in drugstores.  Also, my local drugstores stock only pullups - not tabbed diapers.

I should note that I normally purchase diapers by the case for extra savings - an option not available at a local retail store.


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Also online.


Grocery stores and pharmacies only carry junk. It's one step up from the medical crap hospitals and insurance companies have, but still not worth it. They tend to be more expensive too (when looked at on a per-day cost, not per-diaper). So there's zero benefit to buying them.

Online, and by the case, is almost always going to be the least expensive option. Plus, you'll be getting diapers that actually work without leaking.

This all said, IF I somehow end up out of town and out of my usual supplies then I will look for medical supply stores. Usually they will have something half-decent enough to carry me over.

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On 5/4/2023 at 12:15 PM, Dan said:

Does anyone buy their diapers/pullups in a grocery store or pharmacy, or do you always buy them on line? 


I buy all of my diapers online! what we do is there is a supplier that I get them from in New Hampshire, she ends up dealing with all of the paperwork that needs to be submitted, and only goes to my doctor if there's something missing. Once that's done, She orders my diapers my underpads and my boosters, depending on what I need. I may only need diapers, which is mostly what happens, but sometimes I would need underpads or boosters depending on the situation. I don't have a problem with because I have plenty of them, and the size of the diapers I use accommodate those particular boosters.

Just like everyone else, anything that you get in the store is junk. It's not designed to be used as a diaper, even though they call them incontinence briefs. Only diaper that actually is worth its salt is a plastic backed one because there's nothing that will allow you to be able to unload a full bladder into anything, and if you have to have a bowel movement, I wouldn't trust it either. That's why I'd rather order online, and I know that I can trust my Mega Max's


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