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  1. The convention went well .. i packed right and came home with 3 diapers to spare 🙂
  2. PUL is a coated fabric .. PVC is just vinyl .. PUL dose breath some and i think is more comfortable
  3. Ah ok yeah thats different ... i where Garywear active brief over my diaper .. they are really great for that, they are PUL so they are quiet and somewhat breathable
  4. If you are having minor leaks you should be good in a pullup .. the Carer briefs could also work best thing to do is try them at home and see what works for you
  5. I have, years before my stroke i injured my knee pretty bad and was on crutches for a few months, my day time control at the time was spotty if you will excuse the pun, with the limited mobility and the meds i wore full time
  6. Wow sounds like a very small minded person and an out of proportion reaction to a medical issue. does she say the same to people in wheelchairs cause everyone else walks ?
  7. that is exactly what i do and have not run out yet, i also have a emergency bag in the trunk of the girlfriends car that has 3 diapers ziplock of wipes a full day of meds
  8. Duluth Trading Company dose make some good diaper friendly clothing
  9. I uses those too when i have forgotten to bring a bigger bag .. i like using plastic grocery bags .. i pack a clean diaper in one then i have it to bag up the used one
  10. next month im volunteering at a convention and staying at a hotel for 3 days, i pack 5 diapers a day and bring a bed pad and my swim diaper so i can go to the hot tub . i bag up each used diaper and when i can i deposit them in trash in the floors common trash so i dont have a lot in the room.. we also leave the maids a nice tip
  11. Gary Activewear PUL pants are fantastic, PUL diaper covers in general make such a difference
  12. I have found that the store brand at Cabelas that are relaxed fit work really well over my diapers. https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/redhead-8-pocket-hiker-shorts-for-men
  13. welcome, i raised 2 kids i know the score
  14. welcome, its nice to have a place like this .. im pretty private also but i find that if i dont bring it you it dosent come up in day to day activities
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