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  1. i change 3-4 times a day .. i wear a diaper cover or boxer briefs .. if im going out i wear a onesie with a diaper cover
  2. Im always interested in trying new products. i do stick to what works but like others have said products change so it nice to find new stuff .. ann can always find room for improvement
  3. Last time i was in hospital the nurses told me its hospital policy to not call them diapers. i did while i was there and they didnt correct me. personally i dont care what they call as long as we all know what we are talking about them. and the name didnt come up much at all .. i was asked if i needed changed or told it was time to change
  4. Its annoying more than anything, rarely does a leak happen bad enough thats i need to change clothing . but it always means needing to change sometimes in not the best of places
  5. i dont really care if people can hear something. i do wear a cover or boxer briefs over my diapers. but no one has ever said anything to me about hearing them
  6. Weekly trash pick up here with one big bin .. they dont care if the lid closes here and we have not had issues with with not fitting . but just glad im the only one in diapers in the house
  7. I absolutely believe they can be linked. the more stress the worse it can be. not in every case im sure but for the most part yes it is
  8. Incontinence the normal in my life so for me i see this as focusing on the positives and not dwelling on the negatives. Positives is that i dont stress about having an accident and wetting my pants or bed cause im managing my incontinence well Negatives, the cost is annoying but not that bad really
  9. i dont talk about it with most people, if it comes up i don't deny it but really it just dosent come up .. my family knows and some close friends.
  10. i wear loose shorts and tank tops .. also really try to stay hydrated even if that means having to change more
  11. i buy online .. its cheaper for what i wear and delivered to my door .. i do have a local diaper store here in denver that i can buy samples from
  12. i have had a lot of MRIs and CT scans and would never go without a diaper on .. there job is hard enough without cleaning up after me
  13. i do agree that wetness indicators are not really needed, yeah the elastic waist band are not that strong but i get a better fit with them
  14. i have been asked why i was wearing a diaper but have never had someone shocked that i was. last time i switched clinics and doctors it wasn't even on the med history form
  15. im in Denver CO.lived all over but loving it up here
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