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  1. Sometimes I don't have enough diapers and have to go to a medical store to buy a pack while waiting to receive my next order. This is not the first time that I have encountered a saleswoman who insistently advises me something other than diapers, thinking that it is better for me. This week she advised me to try a condom catheter connected to a urine bag. I came out with my package but the conversation with this woman was really painful. Have you ever met this kind of person who knows better than you how to protect yourself against your incontinence ? have you experienced this type of situation?
  2. Thank you all for your comments. The beginnings of my incontinence were difficult because I didn't know how to protect myself. I can't count the number of brands and protections I tried at the time. I was fed up because I had the feeling that there was no effective protection for mobile and severely incontinent people. Since then, I have much better control over my daily life with the Northshore Supreme. I stress a lot less and I no longer hide at home. Generally, I have the opportunity to change in the middle of the day but sometimes I underestimate my urination and I sometimes leak. This weekend I followed your advice and wore a Megamax every day. I haven't had any leaks but I have a hard time staying in the same wet diaper for so long. I would like to try Northshore panties but they are impossible to find in Europe. To try, I ordered 2 PUL panties on a German TCSB site. one for the night and one for the day. I don't know what to expect but I hope to find some extra protection.
  3. You're not wrong and I understand your way of thinking. I still have a package left, I should try again. but for more peace of mind, I would like to try the panties and can you tell me the difference between PVC and PUL? Is there one material that is easier to wear than the other?
  4. thanks for your advices. John, I bought a pack of Megamax to try. I was surprised by the amount of absorption but the only negative comment is that they swell a lot when they are very wet and I felt a lot of discomfort wearing them. Generally I wear a diaper with boxers to cover my protection well and remain discreet but that is no longer enough now. I'm going to try the plastic pants you recommend, hoping to find some in Europe.
  5. I may have expressed myself badly. Unfortunately, I have severe incontinence which requires me to wear significant protection. I use Northshore supreme briefs which help me a lot in my daily life but in certain cases, away from home, I sometimes get extremely wet without being able to change and I have leaks which can wet my pants. This is a very embarrassing situation.
  6. I would like to know how you protect yourself during the day. Sometimes I have leaks during the day which puts me in very embarrassing situations. I would like to try plastic panties but I see everything and anything on the internet. It's difficult to judge because I don't know enough about this product. I would really like to remain discreet. Is it really useful and comfortable to wear all day ?
  7. I didn't have the same opinion before but I admit that the quality of the diapers plays an important role for my well-being. my daily life has changed a lot and I am able to do things that seemed impossible to me before. I still need time to regain confidence and the feeling of freedom.
  8. thank you for sharing your experience.
  9. The question may be indiscreet but I would like to know how you manage your sexuality while being incontinent? Since I am incontinent and find it difficult to have sex because of my bladder leakage I am unable to go without a diaper for a while. How do you do ?
  10. It is gratifying to read your message because I felt guilty for a long time by choosing this option. I feel less alone 🙂. A new chapter opens for me, even if it is still a bit embarrassing for me, over time I learn to accept and live with my incontinence.
  11. I have been incontinent for 3 years and since then I have never had any real progress. I admit I gave up and found it easy with diapers. I don't think I will be able to get back to the life I used to, but it allows me to go out, have activities and regain confidence.
  12. I went to the emergency room in the middle of the night for severe stomach pain. it was so painful that I forgot to mention my incontinence at reception. it was later when I undressed that the nurse saw that I was wearing a diaper. I left a few hours after the crisis but I had to come back the next day to have an X-ray. they discovered stones in the gallbladder and decided to remove it. I had fortunately planned my own diapers because I did not want to wear those of the poor quality of the hospitals. I spent 2 days in the hospital and I had a lot of trouble changing my diapers after the operation. The nurses were very professional and I never had bad comments.
  13. This is a subject that I will follow with interest. it is a period that I dread every time. I don't change my habits when I'm at home but outside I wear non-plastic diapers but I don't feel comfortable because I'm afraid of having leaks. in 1 month I'm going on vacation in a beautiful region but it's far from home and the heat is very high. it stresses me out and I'm afraid to cancel. I hope to find solutions.
  14. I have fond memories of Mega Max. At the beginning of my incontinence, I did not know what to buy to protect myself; I was very embarrassed because I always had leaks and I couldn't find a diaper that suited my needs. When I first used the Megamax, I was very surprised at the size of the diaper. layer compared to the protections sold in stores near my home. my daily life has really changed since the first day and it has freed me a lot. my only concern was the bulkiness of the mostly wet diaper which I struggled to hide. I have since changed to another reference.
  15. I stay discreet about my diaper packs but I live in a small apartment and I don't have many choices for storing my diapers. my stock is on the shelf near my bed in the bedroom, it's easier to change. I have another package in the bathroom with the diaper pail. I try to hide them when I have guests
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