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  2. Gary Activewear PUL pants are fantastic, PUL diaper covers in general make such a difference
  3. Most any pants or shorts, 1 size larger than normal, will accommodate diapers fairly well. Also, I found anything with extra creases or pockets (like pleated pants) visually break up the area around your crotch, which helps hide a diaper quite nicely. One other thing that helps hide a diaper is a good diaper cover. Leaks are a dead give away, so containing them before it becomes outwardly noticable is a must. I personally prefer Gary Activewear PUL pants. I wear them inside out, so the nylon layer is on the inside. This allows the cover to absorb some of a leak, while also helping me to notice it a little faster. PUL pants also muffle diaper crinkling too, furthering one's stealth.
  4. I bought a similar item through amazon. These hide diapers very well: https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Gear-Cargo-Shorts-Wakota/dp/B09P4CSTMM/ref=sr_1_6?crid=10TMOLK6J9DOH&keywords=guide+gear+men's+walking+shorts&qid=1695516343&sprefix=guide+gear+men's+walking+shorts%2Caps%2C119&sr=8-6
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  6. This is the exact reason I like these. John: You probably already know about Abena Abriform. I think they changed the name recently also. Pretty basic but they are reliable.
  7. Love hiking pants. Even though I can't walk well anymore I can still dress for the occasion. I just bought a pair of pants that were 2 sizes too big mostly because they were on clearance. I thought they actually worked really well. I DEFINITELY needed a belt but I couldn't see any hint of diaper bulge. I am normally a 34 but buy 36. I wanted to see what size 38 would look like but ended up with size 40. thanks for the link I will definitely check them out.
  8. That would be great, but I want to get our numbers up some before I approach any other advertisers. InControl was cool enough to come on early and finance our start-up in exchange for future traffic.
  9. I have found that the store brand at Cabelas that are relaxed fit work really well over my diapers. https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/redhead-8-pocket-hiker-shorts-for-men
  10. welcome, i raised 2 kids i know the score
  11. welcome, its nice to have a place like this .. im pretty private also but i find that if i dont bring it you it dosent come up in day to day activities
  12. I've always liked the front plastic landing zones for the tapes. Mostly, when the diapers is on, it's ON, and stays on, and I prefer to avoid readjusting whenever possible. But sometimes I miss, and it's nice to be able to untape and try again, if necessary
  13. As I continue to experiment, I now am checking out the Abena Premium Slip Premium and the Incontrol Active Air. Previously I checked out the Semi Super Quatro and found it to be acceptable. The Incontrol Active Air has an ISO of 4350 (size XL) and lists a "capacity" of 4200 ml in size Medium ( am wearing size L. The Abena. lists a "total absorbency" of 4320 ml. So, the two are reasonably similar in terms of capacity. The Abena has a very thin breathable shell - so thin that it feels 'flimsy" to me (recall that I am used to the MegaMax Air) but it has performed adequately so far. The Incontrol Active Air does have a front taping panel, but it seems softer to me than that used on the MegaMax Airlock and did not cause irritation at the top of the diaper after I folded the excess inside. I should note that I am evaluating these diapers for daytime wear. At night I will continue to wear my BetterDry plastic-shell diapers (with a booster pad). --John
  14. I just blew through a pack of InControl Elites. This is a very reliable go-to diaper. I'll be buying more of these in the future.
  15. @John Davis: That's why I joined this site, and I'm also on a couple other sites, including adisc. It's private enough here that I chat with like-minded people, maybe get some tips & helpful hints. When life hands you a lemon, you can make lemonade but you still have to squeeze the lemon to get the juice out. I'm looking for easier & faster ways to get more juice out of the lemon.
  16. Welcome. You're certainly not alone. One thing I've come to realize is, managing one's enuresis is a priority. I don't spend money on dining and entertainment, then skimp on my incontinence supplies. It's the other way around. I spend what's needed getting good diapers as I need, then I consider if I have enough spending money to eat out or go have fun. It may help if you look at it in a similar manner.
  17. Welcome jbond. I share your desire for privacy but this site is the exception as it allows us to share and/or vent. We learn a lot from each other. --John
  18. Bedwetter, nightly. I wear a variety of garments, usually cloth or disposable diapers and plastic pants, as demanded by circumstances. This affects other areas of my life. Whenever I plan to do something, I must plan for my bedwetting, too (e.g., travel). Self-wrangling has led from self-consciousness to self-acceptance, albeit somewhat grudging and resigning. Still a deeply personal issue; I rarely discuss this with others and prefer to keep it private. Bedwetting is expensive to manage. I’m ever seeking ways to economize: price-shopping and bargain-hunting. I want to stay informed with product reviews and availability. I’m not much of a joiner; more of a lurker. However, I’m listening, even when I don’t say much. More on a “need to know” basis.
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  20. After a rash developed under a skin fold, I have included a breathable diaper in my daily "ensemble." A major factor in my search for a breathable diaper has been to find one that does NOT have a front plastic taping panel. If it has such a plastic panel, it causes irritation after I fold the unused plastic back inside the waist. After some experimentation I have been using the Northshore Care Megamax Air that I regard as possibly the best breathable diaper on the market.🙂 However, following the general trend of diaper manufacturers of premium diapers to add a landing zone panel, Northshore Care now offers the Megamax AirLock with the plastic panel and has dropped the Megamax Air completely.😱 To replace the Megamax Air, I currently am trying the Seni Super Quatro. Is there another quality breathable without the plastic panel? It needs to have a respectable absorbent capacity. --John
  21. I think it's a good idea for especially the disabled and physically disabled.
  22. Like Scarth, I think it is a good idea, but, as I change myself I could not use them. --John
  23. They're already becoming more of a thing here in the UK thanks to an organization called Changing Places: we have several already in my city and a new one being built in my local town. https://www.changing-places.org/ I've never heard any complaints about the scheme so I don't see why society would mind as long as it doesn't intrude or step on any ones toes,
  24. in some places its law https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/adult-changing-tables-are-now-minnesota-law-in-all-new-public-restrooms/ i like this idea and would like to see them in family restrooms, i change myself so its not something i would use but for those that do need this it would be great
  25. What would society think of having adult changing tables in public restrooms in places like: restaurants, parks, amusement parks, supermarkets, gas stations, convenient stores… etc?
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