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  2. This is the cover I wear to conceal noise and odor. These are the gary active briefs. I have these in different colors as well as a bunch of other adaptive clothing.
  3. I agree that it is the ultimate taboo. And it is hard to hide esp when you can't change for a while.
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  5. That makes sense then. You're taking in about 50% more water than me, and needing to use about 50% more diapers (of the same type) that I do. Congrats on the higher water intake too.
  6. I have read that part of acupuncture and similar treatments involves the placebo effect. Those who expect the treatment to work generally find more positive results. I expect that would apply to snake oil as well. Similarly, skeptics are less likely to be satisfied with the results. --John
  7. I usually wear a BetterDry diaper (ISO 5,300 ml) with a BoostUps booster (max absorbency 1L). I wear a cotton pullup over the diaper, then usually PUL diaper cover. I drink about 90+ oz per day. I usually take a nap in the afternoon and that changes my body position for diaper absorbency (uses most of the rear part of the diaper). I use 3 primary diapers per day and a disposable pullup or cheap diaper as an "in-between" diaper to fill the gap between major changes. --John
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  9. I use to use diapers, but now only a leg bag.
  10. What diaper are you using? And how may liters do you drink per day? Admittedly I barely stay well hydrated, at just over 2 liters of liquids per day. For me, after 14-16 hours, at worst, one Betterdry/Criklz diaper might be soaked halfway up the back. I usually won't get an increased chance for leaks till about then anyways, so that's how long I normally go for. Of note, each of my diapers is ISO rated to hold 148 Oz (4.3 liters) each. Real world rating tends to be 30 to 40 percent the ISO rating. Of most any diaper. So about 1.5 liters in 16 hours is about right for Betterdry/Crinklz. As a test I have been able to extend it to 24 hours in one diaper, but don't recommend that for skin health, smell, sagging weight, and not to mention the sagging weight.
  11. That's my same experience too. Sometimes it comes up as a lighthearted joke, but it's almost never seriously discussed.
  12. On this note. I too never had a UTI from an indwelling catheter. Direct with my urologist at the Mayo Clinic, I asked him about it needing to be a closed system with a bag. And surprise, the answer is it doesn't have to be. He told me with one in place you CAN let the catheter drain directly into a diaper. Which I did (mostly for personal comfort and not having to lug a bag around all the time). However, this comes with a few BIG caviats. 1) You absolutely must stay well hydrated. This way your urine is constantly flushing out the catheter. 2) You absolutely must change your diaper no less than every 8 hours. This way bacteria doesn't have a chance to breed and become a problem. 3) Take cranberry pills or drink cranberry juice (not the mixed apple with flavoring stuff), or otherwise already be on antibiotics. For the obvious effect of reducing your chances of an infection. 4) ANY signs or inclinations of an infection and you need to go back to using a collection bag, a d follow up with your urologist. Or for worse, make a trip to the ER. And lastly 5) If you're someone who's prone to get UTIs in the first place, then don't even try doing this.
  13. Wow, 5 years IS a long time using indwelling catheters. I too went the near-permanant route you did. Though after 7 months I developed a sensitive urethra. Even the most smooth and lubricated catheters felt like sand paper to me. After that I seriously started looking outside the USA to make me functionally incontinent. Almost went to a medical retreat facility in Mexico, except they wouldn't give me a guarantee they'd do the surgery. Even after a couple of telephone consults. It was a scenario where I'd have to first spend 3K booking everything, then bet if it would happen or not. So I ended up not going.
  14. I once had a chiropractor who pronised the same thing. I went in for a herniated disc at (I think) L3. He claimed his treatement could include curing my at-the-time urge incontinence, so i went for it. He fixed my back with awesome results, but did absolutely nothing for my urges. I suppose alternative treatments may work for some people, but to me it was all snake oil. Though come to think of it, I never did try actual snake oil.
  15. Yeap and I can make a diaper last all the way to dinner time unless I poop really badly.
  16. Iken, you are fortunate to be able to make it through an entire day on one diaper. --John
  17. Dan, good point and I have heard the same. Guys often jokingly mention the issue without ever mentioning incontinence directly. --John
  18. I went out for some drinks with friends on Friday, and two of them joked about how they have to keep going to the bathroom because of OAB. Incontinence didn’t come up, but bladder issues did.
  19. An indwelling catheter is a closed system and to reduce or not be subject to UTI's you always have to keep that in mind. I wear the collection bag for as long as possible because changing the bag can introduce bacteria. I clamp the catheter before removing the collection bag and then attach the new one. I don't use a night bag because that means every morning you need to change bags. I always wear a 1000ml bag which is sufficient for overnight use. There are several bags that size which are undetectable even wearing jeans and the bag is almost at capacity. Also when I drain the bag I leave enough urine to keep air out. The sphincter acts in the same way. The bag is just a bladder outside of your body.
  20. When I was searching for forums, very few existed and the good ones not sponsored by incontinence products were in the UK. I feel the subject is more widely discussed openly there. I found a site a few years ago that was started organically and then was completely taken over by Depends and related incontinence merchandise. Last I looked the site is no longer there. So far I like this site and intend to contribute when appropriate.
  21. I've had a urologist claim all men would have prostate cancer if they lived long enough..... However most men won't die from that.
  22. My PCP is the biggest advocate for why I am in diapers. He's also the one that's comfortable with me being kept in diapers and not on any Incontinence meds. It's why he never had me be potty trained again and has kept me in diapers instead.
  23. I wear diapers with boosters because I want to make sure I can make it though the entire day without ever having to do a diaper change during the day. Just to make sure I can make it to dinner time for a diaper change.
  24. It has been said that all men will have prostate problems if they live long enough. -John
  25. I suspect that El Chancho (pig) is correct that discussions of incontinence for men arise only in conjection with a discussion of prostate problems. Many women assume a risk of leaking problems after childbirth. --John
  26. Good luck. You are fortunate to have gone 5 years with an indwelling catheter and no UTIs. --John
  27. Consider how recent diapers for men are now advertised and stocked in every pharmacy. When I started having bouts of incontinence 40 years ago I never mentioned it to anyone. I use to use baby diapers and did my best to accommodate. There are a lot of men who will not fess up and purchase products and hope the cashier thinks it's for someone else. I've never heard a man discuss incontinence unless related to their prostrate. I bet some men use that line to cover being incontinent. I've only discussed my situation with a few friends.
  28. I just registered yesterday on Daily Diapers. For me it's lonely with nobody to talk about my condition. I was born to be incontinent and why I started wearing diapers when I was a teenager. I'm 64 years old and about 15 years ago my wetting myself became more frequent, I didn't mind at first, and had to start using super absorbent with liners due to accidents. I travel for business and always had to change frequently, but I couldn't wear the super absorbent because I felt people would notice. I'm Bi-Polar and suffer from ADD, before I was diagnosed I self medicated. Many suffer incontinence because of an accident or disease. I use to be able to control my incontinence most of the time until about 15 years ago. I did see a urologist and given medication for OAB and urge. Provided temporary relief, but I couldn't handle the interaction with my Bi-Polar meds. The desire to become incontinent started early in life and then became an obsession which took over my life. My thoughts seriously considered having surgery outside of the country. I no longer have those dark thoughts because I found a urologist who let me try an indwelling catheter. Best day of my life and finally feel free. Using an indwelling catheter is to completely give up control. I'm a very successful business man with a secret I've never told anyone before even my wife. She just thinks I had bouts of incontinence that reached a point I needed an indwelling catheter. She has accepted it because she can see I'm so happy to be able to control my incontinence. My incontinence, I feel, is a mental disease because I couldn't stop thinking about it every second of everyday. I did eventually told my physiatrist and tried changing medications, but the desire remained. In the end he said if your happy that's the most important thing. I know this is a long introduction about myself, but I really needed to just let it out. I've been using an indwelling catheter for 5 years with no UTI's and will continue for the rest of my life. Does anyone out there feel they were meant to be incontinent? I didn't realize until much later in life and couldn't understand why. My mind was just wired that way.
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