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  2. Wore one last night for the first time. Impressive capacity, kept me dry overnight and I still felt dry in the morning. Comfortable fit, slightly wider in the center, which I like for gap free thigh folds. InControl BeDry Night
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  4. For the leg bag I can't recommend getting a leg bag sleeve well enough. It's elastic and comfortably holds a urine leg bag in place, even when it's near full. I got mine from Amazon as well. Also do an Amazon search for "adaptive shorts with side snaps". Some are more discrete than others and may require searching through the results.
  5. Hi all Well another month atleast with this Foley/Indwelling Catheter in well I need something supportive to strap it better and more comfy as had an issue where it tugged a little and well blood in bag. I use a 500ml day bag and the supplied straps as so uncomfortable and irritates me (I gave sensory issues ADHD and AUTISM) and find I have to always readjust it as well as the velcro is so annoying. As well as I am also looking for adaptive pants/shorts that open at the side (unnoticeable) I walk mostly and sometimes in a wheelchair and need the day bag upper thigh as I have issues bending (spinal issues) but hopefully the government will supply me with a portable Mobility Scooter (already did trials with OT). Would prefer from Amazon as I live in Australia Measurements are 117cm hips 104cm waist 97cm from waist to feet (Pants) 42cm from waist down (shorts) Many thanks
  6. Hi I am wondering where to buy Bambino Ultra stretch internationally as may be cheaper than buying in Australia. Bambino.com does not ship here Many thanks
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  8. First of all, you're not a freak. You have issues that you are dealing with.
  9. @sjaeger172004 First and most importantly, you are NOT a freak! You are dealing with a messed up lot in life the best you can. Stay in touch with your psychiatrist and other support, and keep after the doctors to get a solution.
  10. It's been a few years since I've flown for travel, but just today I flew to Niagara Falls NewYork for the upcoming solar eclipse. I had changed my diaper before heading to the airport, but being functionally incontinent I was a little wet going through security. And sure enough, as I went through the millimeter wave detector it flagged my crotch red. I was pulled into a private screen room and was matter-of-fact forward about my incontinence and that I was wearing a diaper. The agent was pretty chill out it, but said I'd have to show him. I did, and he said sorry-thank you, before I was on my way. Total time was only a few extra minutes. The funny thing is my go-to diaper is Crinklz (with the babyfur prints). They had a recent shortage though, and LL Medical had only just got Betterdry (plain white) back in, so I was wearing one of them. It would have been interesting to say the least if I was wearing my usual though. So does anyone else have any TSA or traveling-while-diapered stories?
  11. Been there, done that. I had severe urge incontinence with a neurogenig dyssynergia sphincter (blockage). The pain would get unbearable, and happened all too often. It tried it all, meds were ineffective and/or came with worse side effects. An interstim implant actually made things worse. And the only relief I ever had was when I was catheterized. Worst still was most urologist were quacks who refused to even believe I had a problem (I couldn't complete a urodynamics test by peeing out the catheter due to my blockage). Eventually I met a urologist at the Mayo Clinic, and he actually believed my complaints and worked with me to get that diagnosis. But I was so bad by that point I had multiple hemorrhoids, a bleeding anal fissure, gout, and indications my kidneys were in danger of shutting down. He wanted to do a stoma surgery (literally make a new pee hole), but i convinced him to do a series of sphincterotomy surgeries instead. He still hesitated saying the surgery would make me incontinent and reliant on diapers. But I countered it wouldn't since I had long ago already been urge incontinent and reliant on diapers. It ultimately took 15 surgeries, including removing my prostate! But I am finally able to live without constant pain. And with a plus of not floodings my diaeprs and worrying about leaks. Totally worth it. So yeah, you're not a freak for wanting to be diapered. Ps. I say when life gives you lemons, you learn to like lemonade. And when life gives you incontinence, you learn to like diapers.
  12. Hi all Currently in mental hell at the moment had Bladder botox (Bladder neck an Urethral Spinter on the 25 March) and had to have Indwelling Catheter due to retention issues on the 27th. OMG the relief from my bladder sensory issues Not having to wake up 4-5time per night to travel to bathroom which occasionally causes falls. Able to drink water without Bladder giving me issues so was restricted to soda based or other drinks. As well as other bladder issues I have had since 2009 since spinal injury. I really hate myself enjoying this relief (I am to keep this in til the 22 May when my urologist comes back) and I want a solution where he operates on me internally to have the same relief as the catheter (already been in full taped diapers since 2009 and find them comfortable) OMFG I feel like such a freak to the point I emailed my treating Consultant Psychiatrist of 3 years regarding this and requesting a Psychiatric assessment as well as psychologist as they both know I have been suffering. I suffer from under and overactive bladder and retention and can not safely self cath due to bad essential tremors in hands (had previous urological staff give up on me as I refused on medical grounds) I also have Autism, Bipolar and ADHD and since 2009 spinal issues at l3l4l5 s1 which neurosurgeon has written no treatment or surgery was an option. I was for a permanent solution for health safety (retention) as well as Quality of life solution but I feel so fucking messed up in the head that I am taking valium more regularly (Psychiatrist knows but isn't concerned as he did a phone safety check up on me after the emails I sent him)
  13. I've been where you are, and also had severe urge incontinence with a neurological dyssynergia sphincter (blockage). I too had botox done, twice. And each time it only made my problems worse. Which I also ended up with an indwelling catheter (IDC) for about 3 months when it wore off (not 6 months). I also had an Interstim implant, but that made things even worse. And forget all the useless meds I tried- and their bad side effects. The only time I was without pain or peeing problems was when I was cathed. As for comfort with them. Get a leg bag, AND with a sock/sack holder. Those straps don't work good, but the sock does. My urologist at the Mayo clinic eventually confirmed I'd be ok with the cath draining into a diaper. BIG caveat there though. You can't be prone to UTIs, have to drink cranberry or take cranberry pills every day, and must stay extremely well hydrated. So long as it's constantly flushing itself out, UTI risk stays pretty low. I'd also add, if you can get one, put a 1-way valve on the cath too. I did end up getting the surgery to become functionally incontinent. Which for me meant FIFTEEN sphincterotomy type surgeries. AND having my prostrate removed (due to developing a bad stricture blockage). I can confirm that being functionally incontinent (and stable) is MUCH better than living with constant painful urges and straining to pee.
  14. Yeah. I developed Gout by trying to restrict my water intake. It's a buildup of uric acid crystals in the hands and feet. And wow is it painful. I also had kidney problems from it too. You REALLY do not want to drink too little water. Bedwetting is nothing compared to Gout and Kidney failure.
  15. Not overly hydrating is ok but restricting fluids is not a good idea. Concentrated urine can make you more likely to have an accident. Often just preparing for the bed wetting is the better way. I'm a bed wetter too. --John
  16. I 16m have been bed wetting as long as I can remember.Ive tried reducing the amount I drink before bed or going longer in between using the bathroom.The only time recently that I’ve had success in preventing it was recently on a 2 day trip where I barely drank anything throughout the day.While it worked good on vacation, I don’t think it’s a good idea because I workout regularly.If it helps I’m an identical twin that was born 3 months premature.My brother has issues but not as consistently as me.
  17. Hi all Just had Bladder neck and Urethral Spincter Botox on Monday stayed overnight in hospital with an indwelling cath and leg bag but when being discharged I was having straining issues, as well as burning and was told by the recovery ward to go to treating GP the urology dept reception told me the same thing as I left with no IDC or AntiBiotics. Wednesday went to treating GP which told me to go to local ED (So I went to local hospital not the one that did OP) well they inserted IDC as well as a flip flow and gave me an antibiotic and referral letter to go straight to treating urology Dept the next day. Thursday Went to the Urology Dept well the receptionist was just going to let the nurse talk to me and make a follow up appointment with no action that day. Thankfully the nurse rang my treating urologist and wanted the flip flow replaced with a leg bag and will be called this coming Tuesday or Wednesday to see how things are going but I don't see the Urologist til the 22 May. Apparently I might get the IDC taken out on the 8th but I am going to request to keep it in until I see the urologist as I am going to discuss other treatment options as Botox if works only works for about 6ish months and then will have to take it easy no exercise or stuff for 6 weeks after everytime botox is done. Well I feel I am completely tolerating the complete urinary incontinence quite well (caused by IDC) except its bulky, doesn't fit under clothes well as well as I am slowly becoming more and more wheelchair dependent and have multiple falls which I am concerned will dislodge the IDC in future if I chose the as the perminate option as well as no sexual activity, exercise etc Today has been emotional hell as been over analyzing my future with my bladder to the point I ended up contacting both my Psychologist and Psychiatrist to make sure I am not made about wanting to be made completely Urinary incontinent without any external devices. As had Bladder neck and Urethral Sphincter Botox done Blader treatment options pros and cons 1. Botox to Urethral sphincter and bladder neck might not work. - Every 6ish months - Reduced workload 6 weeks afterward every time post-OP - Reduces efficiency over time. 2. Indwelling Catheter (cant Intemedite self cath due to essential tremors etc) - Falls risk I should be using a wheelchair a lot more often due to my spine and feet but it is not OH&S-friendly for support workers who require mobility scooters. - Will take time to adjust to wheelchair/ mobility scooter as will be more reliant over time due to spine and feet according to Neurosurgeon, Podiatrist, EP, Physio - Multiple falls to the bathroom. - Bulky does not fit under clothes well - Fear of dislodgement if fall - Has to be changed approximately every 3 months government is already paying for briefs and it is unlikely for nursing to change IDC. - Possible won't be able to masturbate/sexual encounters or exercise much except swimming with a flip flow. *POSITIVE- Am completely urinary incontinent for short periods no Frequency, controlled leakage, no retention NO NUMERMOUS FALLS TO BATHROOM AT NIGHT. 3. If able to make the Bladder itself incontinent (My wish) - Once off - Already have briefs that are more discrete than IDC. - Already previously advised by OTs, StateHealth clinical staff to use Briefs in bed due to fall risk. (Bladder is uncooperative regarding this as well as urinal bottle etc. - Possibly fewer infections than IDC and cath, - Briefs help with bowel marks (which I think is blood about to have a gastroscopy and colonoscopy done (the Gastrologist thinks I have IBS Constipation after initial appointment) as well as excessive sweating. Are there any pros or cons I am missing Thanks
  18. Yeah. When life gives you lemons you learn to like lemonade. And when life gives you incontinence issues you learn to like diapers. I've also never hidden I was abdl before I became incontinent. In a way that made things worse for me at first. I sort of felt like I was making up the excuse to wear diapers 24/7. Eventually I realized I loved wearing diapers AND legitimately needed them too. So embracing diapers was the best thing I've ever done.
  19. @dotcrawl2020 My dad had early prostate surgery. Unfortunately, for the time, no one was talking about those types of issues. I also had early onset BPH. If you need to deal with a prostrate reduction (from impacting the Urethra, and then also the bladder, from the bladder wall thickening and strengthening due to the blockage, you may already be a bit late in getting things corrected. If you can get the BPH issue handled prior to the bladder wall changes, it will be better in the long term..... For me, I have had the Rezūm procedure done. Personally, I recommend finding a Urologist that can perform a minimally evasive procedure and has a (good) record of doing the procedure. I am not a fan of the drugs that get prescribed in order to try to delay the (in my opinion) eventually needed procedure. Best wishes.
  20. She has a Youtube page, Instagram page and is now the spokeswoman for Northshore https://www.youtube.com/@BumblePree
  21. Well between curse your whole life or make your best despite incontinence, I would just choose the second option.
  22. I think that enjoying incontinence is better than suffering from it.
  23. The sizes are EXACT, no room to give if you are even a little over the size
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