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  2. The main reason I wear is incontinence, but I get excitable with the stories and adult entertainment videos and pictures 😢 . Sexuality in general as I want to explore different ways (as the 1st goal atm then relationships down the track) I don't know hence why one of the reasons I am seeing her
  3. I'd recommend first asking yourself, what are diapers to you when it comes to your sexuality. Barely 20% of those on DD and ADISC are there purely for the sexual aspect alone (ie. A fetish or kink). For the vast majority, diapers can be, and are, a part of their sexuality but they also go way beyond just that. Being incontinent myself I can say diapers are not a requirement for my own gratification, but they sure can be a fun part of it. The biggest hurdle in accepting that (and even embracing it) is probably that misplaced stigma general society has place on adults needing or wanting diapers. Maybe your sexologist can help you in that regard, so yeah it probably is worth mentioning- nay, worth having a long talk about your diapers in relation to sex. Support sites and all.
  4. First and FOREMOST! There is nothing to be ashamed about. Pretty much everyone out there has some sort of kink, don't worry about that. If you are experiencing sexual excitement from diapers or visiting the sites, then bring it up. The more info she has, the better job she can do.
  5. The therapist regarding 1st session "As your goal for these sessions is to learn about self-pleasure and sex toys, the first session is to gain a better understanding of what you are looking for in terms of sex toys and what you have tried in the past. It also involves us discussing your disability and problem-solving together. This likely involves going through some examples of sex toys (to be viewed on my laptop). Hope this helps". I have physical disabilities, Spinal and hands. I also have ASD, ADHD, and Bipolar. (The therapist has qualifications in developmental education and sexology) I go and post on Daily Diapers and other ABDL and other sites (like this one, not many for incontinence) for support for the incontinence as I had issues at the beginning and had no support, so basically had to learn everything myself, but I found out I "enjoy some of the content" which I am ashamed about At high school I had so many behavioural issues as I wasn’t medicated nor diagnosed correctly and I didn’t get any sex Ed and they only education I got is from the internet so I don’t know much and she will help me find a disability sex worker that is appropriate for me and disabilities as the physical incl the incontinence didn’t occur until I was in my early 20s in 2009 so still learning my physical boundaries as it’s a degenerative disorder with the spine.
  6. Whether you bring them up or not will depend upon several things. Why are you seeing her? I am unfamiliar with what a "disability developer" is or does. They other big point is why do you visit Daily Diapers and other ABDL sites? And do these reasons intersect?
  7. Hi I am not sure if allowed or how to explain this. I have my 1st Sexologist appointment with a disability developer; she is also a Sexologist. I am seeing her about Sex Ed as well as relationships. I am not sure whether or not to bring up that I am a member of a few ABDL sites or how to word it, Daily Diapers, ADISC, etc. (I only found them when I became incontinent after an accident via Google). They have been worthy sources of information as well as helping me to accept my incontinence issues as I can express and talk on there and get support. I am embarrassed I am on these sites, as well as embarrassed by some of the stories and pictures of dressed-up adult females in Nappies. Many thanks
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  9. Yes, but it wasn't until late in the morning before I no longer felt like I was going to poop again. That made trying to sleep difficult.
  10. Sorry you had a rough night, hope you are feeling better!
  11. I woke up about 1 AM and had a mildly upset stomach, that's not a good description but I can't think of a better one. Hoping things would settle down, I grabbed my phone to solve today's Wordle. Five minutes later I was filling my diaper. I did a few more puzzles and other things on my phone while I pooped uncontrollably off and on for the next 45 minutes. Got all cleaned up and spent the rest of the night feeling like I still needed to poop more.
  12. TLDR: Don't. But if you do, use caution. This is a good question. I've been there. And yeah, done that too. Even cleared it with my urologist beforehand. The answer is murky though, so if you can avoid mastrubating with a catheter in, then it's best if you just wait. The size of your urethra, and size of the catheter, are what will really determine if anything bad might happen. Say that IF you could accommodate a 20FR catheter, but only have a 12FR in place, then there's room enough to take that sudden influx of ejaculation fluid. But if it's a 20FR/20FR setup then you could potentially stretch or even tear your urethra- leading to needing a catheter for even longer. Also, if someone is thinking of doing it right after any kind of urethral, sphincter or prostrate surgery, just don't. My situation was about 3-4 weeks after a sphincterotomy, and my catheter was small enough, so I went ahead and "took care of it". First though, absolutely make sure your catheter is extremely well lubricated. Push the tip of your penis down to expose as much of the catheter as you can (but don't pull on the catheter itself). Use only water based lube, and make sure the lube gets well down and inside there. When I did ejaculate I did have a feeleling of lots of pressure, but it dissipated quickly. It was almost a complete retro ejaculation at first too. (Where it all goes in the bladder instead of coming out). That in itself isn't a problem though, just a weird sensation. I ended up slowly leaking more fluid out and around the catheter too, so I'd recommend also wearing a pad or diaper for after mastrubating too. And this last part shouldn't have to be said, but I will anyways. If after cumming you feel ANY pain at all, or start leaking or peeing blood. Get yourself to an emergency room asap. Own up to it and be honest about it so they get you checked out properly. It may be embarrassing, but they've seen worse. And any delays can lead to even worse long term problems.
  13. I don't have any facts for you, but it sounds like a bad idea to try it.
  14. Hi all On 5-7 June I went into hospital for Colonoscopy. 5th Prep due to Disabilities and live alone 6th Op and observation as I live alone 7th Discharge Well on the 5th I started the prep for the colonoscopy and they found I was retaining so yay(sarcasm partially) I was recatherised with an IDC as well as I was bed bound due to fluid retention in feet as well as spinal injury(by ITSELF) I was a high falls risk. The also did a urine test. On the 6th I had to have Fleet Enemas (which I found more effective than suppositories) 1 at 4 or 6am and not sure what time I had the other still wasn't fully cleared out. They found polyps and hemorrhoids so they were banded at the time. I am wondering is it safe and how does a male Masturbate with an IDC as I have to have it in until at least the 31 July when I see my urologist (where they either change it or take it out). Also the hospital found out on the 11 June when the results got back I had an UTI since at least the 5th but no one was notified until I rang my urology nurse at a different hospital who was shocked I wasn't informed. Many thanks
  15. Scientists once said the same thing about glasses. They aren't normal, and using them allows the eyes to get worse. And by always straining to see without glasses, you will keep your vision natural. Personally, I prefer to use my glasses. And diapers.
  16. Here's an Interesting UK Daily Mail article on why Diapers are fast becoming normal. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-13514437/Why-adults-Britain-wearing-nappies-misled-using-seeking-treatment.html
  17. Yeah, this was my 2nd Colonoscopy 1st, at 16 (2004) and last week at 38 (2024) I only had 2l of the crappy drink, and at 4 am, a fleet Then, it required a 2nd fleet as it wasn't cleared out enough. I am not on Osmolax twice a day(by the register) instead of the prescribed (by their astrology specialist 2 movicol twice a day). Even with the movicol, Petrus Glycerol Suppositories and kiwi fruit, I am still straining hence I am asking if both the Osmolax and Enema would help as the suppositories didn't fully dissolve up there
  18. A suppository loosens stool to help you poop when you're constipated. An enema is for flushing out stool when you can't go or need to be partly emptied out. Enough so you likely won't need to go again for at least a few hours. Neither will work well enough to completely empty you out for a colonoscopy. For that you'll need to take some prep solution. It can be a prescription that tastes absolutely horrible, or a massive dose of mirlax. I've had 3 colonoscopies and the mirlax works (and tastes) much better- but that just for me. Either one will need to be paired with a whole lot of water. None of this will address fluid retention or urinary problems though. That completely separate.
  19. Hi I am wondering what the difference is between Petrus Glycerol Suppositories and fleet enemas as my private continence nurse prescribed regular Petrus Glycerol Suppositories, which I feel do nothing and had two fleet enemas (after the horrible colonoscopy prep) which apparently according to the colonoscopy report stated I still wasn’t clean out enough to see everything (this was administrated by hospital nurses as I was in hospital the night before after after op As it is the gastrologist wants me to pass bowel movement without straining 2-3 times per day and I am lucky if I go every 2 days. Btw the hospital decided to re-IDC me until the 31st of next month due to retention (after the urologist took it out on the 22 May) as I was retaining as well as causing sleep deprivation (hence mental health issues) as well as falls going to the bathroom as still injured wth fluid retention in the right foot so issues with weight bearing. Many thanks
  20. Very interesting article!
  21. Also. HA, I CALLED IT! OAB really IS dr code for "something is wrong with your bladder but we don't really know what. "Most researchers agree that the main obstacle to finding more effective treatments for overactive bladder syndrome is that the diagnosis is so muddy: Rather than a single disorder, it’s a loose group of symptoms that can be caused by many different conditions...."
  22. This is a really good study that was done showing the many links between the bladder and brain, and it goes into detail for how things work versus how they can commonly go wrong. It's a little long, and technical, but worth reading for many here. https://arstechnica.com/science/2024/06/to-pee-or-not-to-pee-that-is-a-question-for-the-bladder-and-the-brain/
  23. Unfortunately, I've been there. Including the failed botox, having to wait for the sake of waiting, and every possible med (which NEVER worked but often came with bad side effects). Catheters worked great to alleviate my pain, but they were also uncomfortable at best, and come with their own set of problems. Uuuuugh. The only solution I found was to fire that urologist. If they aren't willing to listen to you, or worse are failing to do good like they swore, then it's time to move on to someone else. Go to your GP and ask for a new referral. I know, it sucks because it will take 1-3 months just to get a new urologist up to speed. But it really IS faster and easier to start all over. Though when you do talk to a new urologist be sure to underpin everything you've been through. It should also help to put together a short, 1 page max, chronicle or journal for them. Include one line each for rough dates? what you've tried, and the good-bad effects it produced. I also found it really helps when you stress your current quality of life (or lack), and everything that has helped up to this point (even the small stuff like timed peeing or dehydration before bed). You didn't say this, but are you managing your issues with diapers? And are you already wearing them 24/7? I found this is REALLY important to urologists if you're already thinking that total functional urinary incontinence as the best solution. If you are, then also make sure to stress a sphincterotomy will NOT make you incontinent or dependent on diapers- you already are. But, the surgery WILL improve your quality of life. Oh, and I was told stents have seriously fallen out of favor. Apparently long term studies showed a very high likelihood any stent will cause strictures. Of which, just block you off again. So in 10-15 years it will require being removed, AND you'll have to deal with a complete blockage. The alternative is sphincterotomy surgeries. They are a pain, AND I guarantee 1 surgery will NOT be enough to make you incontinent. 3 maybe, 6 if they have to do both your internal and external sphincters. I asked for a sphincter-ectomy (where they go in through your perineum and cut the muscle out in its entirity), but was denied that and had to go with the sphincterotomy (where they make a radial cut on the inside of the urethral sphincter) (NOT a lateral incision, those aren't "aggressive" enough and don't work). Ultimately though, my 6 surgeries caused a really bad stricture, which ended up being 15 surgeries, including a turp, full prostrate-ectomy, and removing another half-inch of my urethra. Yeah, no joke there. Like seriously? 1 sphincter-ectomy the first time would have been soooo much more efeective, favorable and better. But al least now I'm stable. Hope this helps you. Reply here if you need more.
  24. Hi all The urologist took out the indwelling catheter last Monday, and my bladder has returned to pre-Botox but is a little harder to fully empty. I am up numerous times, as well as around 3-4 a.m., and cannot get back to sleep (even though I am on increased meds to help sleep). I still have fluid in my feet from the Botox, and the Urologist is not willing to induce leakage (even with an indwelling catheter) even though I have advised him it would compromise my Autism, ADHD, and, worst of all, BIPOLAR due to bladder issues at night especially. I am also finding it hard to access my bathroom due to fluid and pain in my right foot ( I am on fluid tablets. My Urologist suggested I ask my GP, which I did the day after). I even asked for a stent to induce Incontinence due to mobility issues as well as Mental health due to sleep, but he is refusing to do anything for at least a month after the Indwelling Cathetor has been taken out as he has told me it would be medication based as he is refusing any other things. Is there any Medical scripture regarding urologists using stents in this manner? He has ruled out future Botox (due to complete failure and side affects as I am in that 3% or lower where it has failed)or other procedures. I see my GP with my Mental Health nurse in the room on Tuesday. What do I do as I am concerned regarding my Physical (mobility) and mental health which he seemed to disregard. Many thanks
  25. I've had this done before. They fill your bladder with water then immediately remove the catheter. The test is to see if you can empty your bladder right away, or not. It's done as part of a urodynamics test, or after you've had any retention problems or recent urinary surgeries. And yes, it's common to have leakage after a catheter is removed. Things should return to normal fairly quickly- unless there's some other underlying problem or condition. So absolutely make sure you have a spare diaper with you, or better yet just wear a diaper when you go to the test. (You can always remove one tape to take off the diaper for the test itself).
  26. Hi all Monday morning I will have a void trial as had an indwelling cath in since 26th March what will I be walking into as well as hope to have the Cath removed finally? What do I expect after removal I have heard about uncontrollable bladder leakage (which is no big deal to me as always well padded) just wondering for how long? Many thanks
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