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  1. Scientists once said the same thing about glasses. They aren't normal, and using them allows the eyes to get worse. And by always straining to see without glasses, you will keep your vision natural. Personally, I prefer to use my glasses. And diapers.
  2. A suppository loosens stool to help you poop when you're constipated. An enema is for flushing out stool when you can't go or need to be partly emptied out. Enough so you likely won't need to go again for at least a few hours. Neither will work well enough to completely empty you out for a colonoscopy. For that you'll need to take some prep solution. It can be a prescription that tastes absolutely horrible, or a massive dose of mirlax. I've had 3 colonoscopies and the mirlax works (and tastes) much better- but that just for me. Either one will need to be paired with a whole lot of water. None of this will address fluid retention or urinary problems though. That completely separate.
  3. Also. HA, I CALLED IT! OAB really IS dr code for "something is wrong with your bladder but we don't really know what. "Most researchers agree that the main obstacle to finding more effective treatments for overactive bladder syndrome is that the diagnosis is so muddy: Rather than a single disorder, it’s a loose group of symptoms that can be caused by many different conditions...."
  4. This is a really good study that was done showing the many links between the bladder and brain, and it goes into detail for how things work versus how they can commonly go wrong. It's a little long, and technical, but worth reading for many here. https://arstechnica.com/science/2024/06/to-pee-or-not-to-pee-that-is-a-question-for-the-bladder-and-the-brain/
  5. Unfortunately, I've been there. Including the failed botox, having to wait for the sake of waiting, and every possible med (which NEVER worked but often came with bad side effects). Catheters worked great to alleviate my pain, but they were also uncomfortable at best, and come with their own set of problems. Uuuuugh. The only solution I found was to fire that urologist. If they aren't willing to listen to you, or worse are failing to do good like they swore, then it's time to move on to someone else. Go to your GP and ask for a new referral. I know, it sucks because it will take 1-3 months just to get a new urologist up to speed. But it really IS faster and easier to start all over. Though when you do talk to a new urologist be sure to underpin everything you've been through. It should also help to put together a short, 1 page max, chronicle or journal for them. Include one line each for rough dates? what you've tried, and the good-bad effects it produced. I also found it really helps when you stress your current quality of life (or lack), and everything that has helped up to this point (even the small stuff like timed peeing or dehydration before bed). You didn't say this, but are you managing your issues with diapers? And are you already wearing them 24/7? I found this is REALLY important to urologists if you're already thinking that total functional urinary incontinence as the best solution. If you are, then also make sure to stress a sphincterotomy will NOT make you incontinent or dependent on diapers- you already are. But, the surgery WILL improve your quality of life. Oh, and I was told stents have seriously fallen out of favor. Apparently long term studies showed a very high likelihood any stent will cause strictures. Of which, just block you off again. So in 10-15 years it will require being removed, AND you'll have to deal with a complete blockage. The alternative is sphincterotomy surgeries. They are a pain, AND I guarantee 1 surgery will NOT be enough to make you incontinent. 3 maybe, 6 if they have to do both your internal and external sphincters. I asked for a sphincter-ectomy (where they go in through your perineum and cut the muscle out in its entirity), but was denied that and had to go with the sphincterotomy (where they make a radial cut on the inside of the urethral sphincter) (NOT a lateral incision, those aren't "aggressive" enough and don't work). Ultimately though, my 6 surgeries caused a really bad stricture, which ended up being 15 surgeries, including a turp, full prostrate-ectomy, and removing another half-inch of my urethra. Yeah, no joke there. Like seriously? 1 sphincter-ectomy the first time would have been soooo much more efeective, favorable and better. But al least now I'm stable. Hope this helps you. Reply here if you need more.
  6. I've had this done before. They fill your bladder with water then immediately remove the catheter. The test is to see if you can empty your bladder right away, or not. It's done as part of a urodynamics test, or after you've had any retention problems or recent urinary surgeries. And yes, it's common to have leakage after a catheter is removed. Things should return to normal fairly quickly- unless there's some other underlying problem or condition. So absolutely make sure you have a spare diaper with you, or better yet just wear a diaper when you go to the test. (You can always remove one tape to take off the diaper for the test itself).
  7. Getting a full diagnosis can be really difficult, and many people just never get one. Sometime we just have to accept that what's happening is happening, and we just have to accept that. You may not want to wear a diaper every night, but I'm sorry to say you may have to accept you will. It's the same with needing glasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, and such. That all said, there are steps you can take to try and help lessen your need for diapers at night. Seeing your doctor was the right first step. Now try looking into kegel exercises. Doing them during the day can help you at night. Try holding your pee a little longer during the day too. Not for too long, but even 10 extra minutes can help your ability to hold overnight too. Don't dehydrate yourself too much, but you can restrict water intake for an hour or two before bed. Not so much your pee will turn a dark yellow though as that can invite other problems. And don't drink alcohol in the evening (which given your age I assume you're not). The same for anything caffinated like coffee or tea. Lastly, while obvious it needs to be said. Make sure you pee right before going to bed, even if you don't feel like you need to.
  8. Mobility and incontinence issues aside, diapers do cover our genetalia. So is it really any wonder they can be incorporated into one's own sexuality? Of course not. After all, they do tend to end up warm, wet, and squishy while also rubbing up against ourselves a times. I've said this before and it's worth repeating. When life gives you lemons you learn to like lemonade or otherwise go crazy hating them. And when life puts you back into diapers, you likewise need to learn liking diapers or otherwise go crazy hating them too. And without getting into too much detail. I personally find it quite pleasurable to add some petroleum jelly to the inside front of a wet diaper. Then lay down on top of a pillow of favorite stuffed animal, and well... have some hands free fun. This method works especially well for me as I had my prostrate removed at age 42, and ever since then I haven't been able to get hard enough for sex with my wife. But neither my feeling down there or inate sex drive have been reduced, so being able to reach a climaxe is otherwise more difficult. Relying on diapers this way is more than a coping mechanism too, by being able to keep the diaper on while mastrubating I also don't have to worry about leaking pee all over. It also helps establish a "diapers are good" attitude, and well like I said, it's fun and feels great too.
  9. Slomo

    Fishy Pee

    I've been taking fish oil for over a decade now, and must either be nose blind to it or just well hydrated enough it doesn't matter. Either way, I never notice a fish smell from my pee. Asparagus though, that's a guarantee smell every time.
  10. I used to use these. They are pretty decent, and good for their cost. They aren't the best for using with plastic backed disposables though, unless you also add some sort of fixing pants or underwear in between them. That's because when a disposable leaks, that urine won't have anywhere to go. It absolutely will saturate the elastic edges and will quickly leak past them. But pairing them with any kind of reusable cloth diaper and they perform well. Also, you get what you pay for so don't expect them to last more than a year or so (life expectancy varies with how well you take care of them).
  11. Not to side track this thread, but the best I've found w/o a landing zone is Betterdry/Crinklz. We could definitely stand for something even better than this though.
  12. I did try their elite Premium ones for day and night (before they released the night time version) and about every other one leaked at the back of my legs. Mind you they were barely half saturated at that point, with the back of the diaper still bone dry. Thankfully my PUL pants saved me from also having wet pants. Of course, I get that same lack of performance with every diaper that has "no lower tapes". And these ones fit that description, with one set of tapes placed right at the middle of the back wings, and one more set placed above that. I just wonder how long it will be before one of these manufacturers start adding the third set of lower tapes. Now that is a great fit, which I've tested by adding my own extra tape. They end up being really snug, have almost no diaper sag when soaked, and no premature leaks.
  13. For the leg bag I can't recommend getting a leg bag sleeve well enough. It's elastic and comfortably holds a urine leg bag in place, even when it's near full. I got mine from Amazon as well. Also do an Amazon search for "adaptive shorts with side snaps". Some are more discrete than others and may require searching through the results.
  14. It's been a few years since I've flown for travel, but just today I flew to Niagara Falls NewYork for the upcoming solar eclipse. I had changed my diaper before heading to the airport, but being functionally incontinent I was a little wet going through security. And sure enough, as I went through the millimeter wave detector it flagged my crotch red. I was pulled into a private screen room and was matter-of-fact forward about my incontinence and that I was wearing a diaper. The agent was pretty chill out it, but said I'd have to show him. I did, and he said sorry-thank you, before I was on my way. Total time was only a few extra minutes. The funny thing is my go-to diaper is Crinklz (with the babyfur prints). They had a recent shortage though, and LL Medical had only just got Betterdry (plain white) back in, so I was wearing one of them. It would have been interesting to say the least if I was wearing my usual though. So does anyone else have any TSA or traveling-while-diapered stories?
  15. Been there, done that. I had severe urge incontinence with a neurogenig dyssynergia sphincter (blockage). The pain would get unbearable, and happened all too often. It tried it all, meds were ineffective and/or came with worse side effects. An interstim implant actually made things worse. And the only relief I ever had was when I was catheterized. Worst still was most urologist were quacks who refused to even believe I had a problem (I couldn't complete a urodynamics test by peeing out the catheter due to my blockage). Eventually I met a urologist at the Mayo Clinic, and he actually believed my complaints and worked with me to get that diagnosis. But I was so bad by that point I had multiple hemorrhoids, a bleeding anal fissure, gout, and indications my kidneys were in danger of shutting down. He wanted to do a stoma surgery (literally make a new pee hole), but i convinced him to do a series of sphincterotomy surgeries instead. He still hesitated saying the surgery would make me incontinent and reliant on diapers. But I countered it wouldn't since I had long ago already been urge incontinent and reliant on diapers. It ultimately took 15 surgeries, including removing my prostate! But I am finally able to live without constant pain. And with a plus of not floodings my diaeprs and worrying about leaks. Totally worth it. So yeah, you're not a freak for wanting to be diapered. Ps. I say when life gives you lemons, you learn to like lemonade. And when life gives you incontinence, you learn to like diapers.
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