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  1. I should add, allowing my catheter to drain into my diaper was contingent on me staying extremely well hydrated. Like 3+ liters of water per day. My urologist required it, saying as long as it's constantly be flushed out, then nothing will get in. He also mentioned some people are just more prone to getting a UTI than others. If you're more prone to them, don't even bother attempting this. Also, the most likely place and time to getting a UTI is when it's initially inserted, AND when it's done at a medical facility or hospital. Inserting it yourself at home, and leaving it in for a month is the best way to avoid a UTI.
  2. I keep an extra month of diaper supplies on hand at all times. That way if there are any interruptions or delivery slow downs I'll be ok till they recover. I also keep my diaper orders on auto delivery. That way I'm much less likely to experience any supply problems. (I never missed a diaper order during the covid lockdown).
  3. The valve I had was like a short piece of tubing with a flapper in it. The flapper could only open one way, so urine could pass out but nothing could go in. And I mastrubated normally, with the catheter still in place. Just make sure the catheter is well lubed first.
  4. I once had a urologist suggest the same thing to me. I went 7 months straight with an indwelling (folley) catheter. With my doctors approval I used a one-way valve on it, and let it drain into a diaper. The catheter was changed out once a month. It did prove to give me much needed relief. Though I quickly found you need to apply a non-water based lubricant to the catheter every day. Right at the tip of the penis where we're prone to get size changes. The best one was lidocaine "ointment" (not the gel), though plain petroleum jelly also works good when in a pinch. Ultimately, after 7 months I developed a urethral sensitivity, just from the constant rubbing and having something in my urethra. So I had to quit using them and find an alternative. For me, that was 15 surgeries over 3 years. All intended to remove my internal and external sphincters. That also ended up removing strictures and my entire prostrate. But I'm finally stable and leak urine all the time instead of having painful retention. I never once had a uti, but came close a few times. Constantly drinking cranberry juice likely helped a bunch. And it goes good with vodka too. You can have sex with a catheter in place, but you absolutely must use a condom to keep it clean. Honestly it wasn't as pleasant, so I mostly just mastrubated. In either case you'll most likely have a retrograde ejaculated, or you'll slowly leak past the catheter. When using a leg bag with also using a leg "sock" was ok on comfort, but in the long run I found just using a diaper was the most comfortable. Let me know if you have any questions, I'll reply here so others can benefit too.
  5. Does anyone else wet more at night than they do all day? It's called Nocturia, where you overproduce more urine while sleeping. And I've noticed for a long while now this happens to me all too often. (FYI, I do not take a water pill, so meds are not the cause). And more so for a few days every month (yes, guys have a monthly cycle too, it's just more subtle for us). I drink about 2 liters of water throughout the day. And by night my betterdry diaper will be barely half full. I change just before bed, and when I wake up my betterdry diaper will be close to or completely saturated. Thankfully this isn't the norm for me, and my diapers rarely ever leak. But the last 2 nights in a row I ended up needing to wash my bed sheets because of it. I even woke up at 2am on Sunday and noticed my diaper was so saturated I had leaked some and needed to be change right then. And when I woke up 4 hours later I needed to change yet again, though thankfully no leaks.
  6. I'd recommend against dehydrating yourself like that. It's well proven that constant dehydration can and will lead to a host of of other problems down the line. If you think enuresis (bedwetting) is bad now, try adding kidney stones, gout, or UTIs (to name just a few) to the mix. You may not like this advice, but you really will be better off just using the protection you already know you need. It also sounds like you're already past needing a pullup or other lighter incontinence products too. Try out a cloth like diaper, like Northshore's air supreme, or similar. Try your best to ignore the stigma and embarrassment of diapers too, it's all unfounded.
  7. Poly-Vinyl-chloride verus poly-vinyl laminated on nylon. Nearly the same material, but pvc on its own will be a little thicker. And pul will have a durable nylon layer, that also tends to be quieter and more comfortable.
  8. Just remember. A thick diaper that has done its job is way less noticeable than a thin one that had leaked. Also note that most everyone in public is wrapped up in their own worlds. They aren't going to notice if you're wearing a diaper or not. And for the rare person that does, so what. You have a legitimate need. If they have a problem with it then that's on them. Not you.
  9. Plastic pants (aka diaper cover) on their own will not be enough. You will need something with padding. For minor leaks you'll probably be ok with a pullup. Something like NorthShore's gosupreme, or Abena's abri-flex. Or if you're looking for a reusable/washable diaper, ecoable.com has a decent pocket cloth diaper, as does amazon.com.
  10. I've been dealing with torn ligaments to both ankles, and need braces for both just so i can walk- with crutches. Which needless to say has made walking very difficult, and getting up to go even more so. I'm already urinary incontinent, and have occasional IBSD-D, but can normally make it to the toilet for going number two. Except lately. Decades ago I had a similar situation, and my then-doctor classified it as a type of functional incontinence. Because my legs weren't functioning, I couldn't hold it long enough to make it to a toilet. And that meant I was incontinent. Lol, and that was when I first started wearing diapers 24/7 too. So that brings up the question. Has anyone else had to deal with this type of functional incontinence? And was it temporary, or permanent?
  11. With vacations and trips our normal water and food intake gets easily disrupted. As does our activity level. So needing a normal amount of diapers can get disrupted just as equally. Whatever number of diapers you normally need, always bring about 20% more. Or a minimum of 2 for really short trips. Yes, lugging around spare diapers you probably won't use is a pain in the rear, but running out is worse. As for hotel stays, bagging and disposing your diapers is being extra nice but is also unneeded. At a minimum, just make sure your used diaper is in a trash bag next to the undersized trash can and you'll be ok. Bagged and tied off if it's a messy diaper too
  12. Most any pants or shorts, 1 size larger than normal, will accommodate diapers fairly well. Also, I found anything with extra creases or pockets (like pleated pants) visually break up the area around your crotch, which helps hide a diaper quite nicely. One other thing that helps hide a diaper is a good diaper cover. Leaks are a dead give away, so containing them before it becomes outwardly noticable is a must. I personally prefer Gary Activewear PUL pants. I wear them inside out, so the nylon layer is on the inside. This allows the cover to absorb some of a leak, while also helping me to notice it a little faster. PUL pants also muffle diaper crinkling too, furthering one's stealth.
  13. Welcome. You're certainly not alone. One thing I've come to realize is, managing one's enuresis is a priority. I don't spend money on dining and entertainment, then skimp on my incontinence supplies. It's the other way around. I spend what's needed getting good diapers as I need, then I consider if I have enough spending money to eat out or go have fun. It may help if you look at it in a similar manner.
  14. Yeah, I have a 2-day hospital go bag I brought with me. And also had my wife bring me a full bag of crinklz. When she showed up with the new bag the nurse went off her rocker and declared them banned and put away in a storage cabinet. That's when she went to that horrible vacuum collection system (periwiz). It leaked 2x the first evening, 4x the next day, and 1 more the next morning. I could feel a rash setting in so that's when I said screw the nurse and went back to my diapers this morning. Haven't seen her since then, but don't care.
  15. It is! I've been sitting on a really basic bed pad. It doesn't have much padding and the top acquisition layer is a rougher/stiffer mesh that is gently digging into my skin and making it more certain any urine will be dierctly in contact with my skin. It also seems to be letting sweat accumulate on my skin too. With everything put together I'm certain my skin is getting slightly worse. And yeah, they have been having to check me at least once every 4 hours. It's only a matter of time when I can point out how much worse this is. Even with this automatic vacuum collectorthing. Now if I was using any of those cheap medical brands they have available here, or some other store-bought diaper, things would be much worse still. They'd have to check/change me ever 2 hours minimum. Something nobody wants and is likely the reason for their no diapers policy. Though through their ignorance it's unfairly applied. Their policy should be no store bought or medical grade diapers. Premium or abdl diapers having the obvious exception.
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