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  1. That makes sense then. You're taking in about 50% more water than me, and needing to use about 50% more diapers (of the same type) that I do. Congrats on the higher water intake too.
  2. What diaper are you using? And how may liters do you drink per day? Admittedly I barely stay well hydrated, at just over 2 liters of liquids per day. For me, after 14-16 hours, at worst, one Betterdry/Criklz diaper might be soaked halfway up the back. I usually won't get an increased chance for leaks till about then anyways, so that's how long I normally go for. Of note, each of my diapers is ISO rated to hold 148 Oz (4.3 liters) each. Real world rating tends to be 30 to 40 percent the ISO rating. Of most any diaper. So about 1.5 liters in 16 hours is about right for Betterdry/Crinklz. As a test I have been able to extend it to 24 hours in one diaper, but don't recommend that for skin health, smell, sagging weight, and not to mention the sagging weight.
  3. That's my same experience too. Sometimes it comes up as a lighthearted joke, but it's almost never seriously discussed.
  4. On this note. I too never had a UTI from an indwelling catheter. Direct with my urologist at the Mayo Clinic, I asked him about it needing to be a closed system with a bag. And surprise, the answer is it doesn't have to be. He told me with one in place you CAN let the catheter drain directly into a diaper. Which I did (mostly for personal comfort and not having to lug a bag around all the time). However, this comes with a few BIG caviats. 1) You absolutely must stay well hydrated. This way your urine is constantly flushing out the catheter. 2) You absolutely must change your diaper no less than every 8 hours. This way bacteria doesn't have a chance to breed and become a problem. 3) Take cranberry pills or drink cranberry juice (not the mixed apple with flavoring stuff), or otherwise already be on antibiotics. For the obvious effect of reducing your chances of an infection. 4) ANY signs or inclinations of an infection and you need to go back to using a collection bag, a d follow up with your urologist. Or for worse, make a trip to the ER. And lastly 5) If you're someone who's prone to get UTIs in the first place, then don't even try doing this.
  5. Wow, 5 years IS a long time using indwelling catheters. I too went the near-permanant route you did. Though after 7 months I developed a sensitive urethra. Even the most smooth and lubricated catheters felt like sand paper to me. After that I seriously started looking outside the USA to make me functionally incontinent. Almost went to a medical retreat facility in Mexico, except they wouldn't give me a guarantee they'd do the surgery. Even after a couple of telephone consults. It was a scenario where I'd have to first spend 3K booking everything, then bet if it would happen or not. So I ended up not going.
  6. I once had a chiropractor who pronised the same thing. I went in for a herniated disc at (I think) L3. He claimed his treatement could include curing my at-the-time urge incontinence, so i went for it. He fixed my back with awesome results, but did absolutely nothing for my urges. I suppose alternative treatments may work for some people, but to me it was all snake oil. Though come to think of it, I never did try actual snake oil.
  7. I guess I take an approach of both easy and time. I normally change in the morning about 1.5 hours after I get up. After I've done a little exercise and ate breakfast, and right after I normally take a shower. Then I change again about 14 hours later when I'm already undressing and getting ready for bed.
  8. Also, a minor history lesson. The UK and Europe originally had naps or sanitary napkins used by women for their periods. They adapted those napkins into nappies for babies. Or what we now refer to as reusable cloth. The inventor of what we consider the modern disposable first called them boaters but quickly adapted the word diaper. So a nappy is reusable cloth, and a diaper is disposable plastic. But yeah, they get incorrectly mixed up and used interchangeably by a lot of people.
  9. Agreed 100%. Being able to admit to others you need diapers, and being able to openly talk about it is a huge step forward. Just as much as admitting it to yourself. I'd also add that anyone who refuses to use the word Diaper are feeding into the stigma that diapers should be avoided at all costs, they are not for adults, somehow wrong and giving up, you name it. By simply mentioning them by the correct name we are fo4cing that stigma to be dispelled.
  10. I used to try out a bunch of different things, meds, diapers, etc. I've since found what works nearly perfect for me, so why keep looking to fix what isn't broken. That said, ALWAYS have a backup plan. Diapers get change around and "improved", or outright discontinued all the time. Already knowing what you can fall back on is a big stress reliever.
  11. Take solace it's not as loud, or recognizable, to others as it is to us. I actually outed myself once because the crinkling of my diaper was so loud to me I was certain a friend I was walking with had to of heard it too. I asked if he could hear that too, and his reply was hear what. I said that plastic noise, and he was like oh yeah I hadn't even noticed but what is it, a candy wrapper or something. To which I then told him it was my diaper betraying me. In hindsight I probably could have gotten away with saying it was, but I'm glad I hadn't. He took it all in stride without batting an eye. And later on he even asked me for advice, as his own father was becoming incontinent and depends wasn't cutting it.
  12. Yeah that's bad alright. Though you can top it by also adding when you're 10 minutes away from being done with working outside. You don't want to go change before finishing up, because that's when you can just take a shower. So you have to keep working while hot, sweaty, and now in a dirty diaper too.
  13. Same here. I rarely leak in public too. Though when it does happen it's just an annoyance to me. But that's because I also wear a PUL diaper cover to contain any leaks, which help me notice it before the leak becomes outwardly noticeable. It's just a matter of stopping what I'm doing, removing the diaper cover, and changing my diaper. Before I started using Betterdry/Crinklz, and before I used a good diaper cover, leaks were usually bad and happened at least once a week for me. Which was with using Abena L4 (the best on the market at the time), and I hated it. Those leaks were always noticeable and required a change of pants.
  14. It had to of been at least 3 years ago, maybe 5. Betterdry was released around the same time as Crinklz was though. Both are only available online too. They are the exact same diaper, except Crinklz has abdl prints on it, and Betterdry is plain white. I suppose it's possible when searching for a plain diaper, the one with prints on it came up too, so maybe you just skipped over it? If you haven't by now, do give a single bag of them a try. They are thicker than any store brand, but it's worth it having something that works without leaking. If they fit and work good for you, only then consider getting them by the case.
  15. Oh hello. I missed this post till now. So what happened that made you diaper dependent?
  16. Slomo


    Yeah I completely understand that. At first it's not so much what type of incontinence you're dealing with, or how bad it is at first. It's just the fact you now need diapers, or a pullup, sometimes even just needing pads. Most everyone's first reaction is to try and fight needing diapers, no matter if it's a good or bad outcome, or even a partially good step in the right direction with horrible side effects. Once you can get past that misconception though, you can also accept diapers are an enabling solution. Then you can start looking at further improving your quality of life.
  17. Years ago, before high capacity disposables, I too had to switch to reusable cloth diapers. As a side sleeper, no disposable would hold up for me overnight. Even with a booster/stuffer. Then after after a month or two of switching my hips started hurting worse and worse. The added layers worked great to not leak, but the added bulk put too much of a lift on my hip. When betterdry finally the market it was all thanks to the ABDL community. And wow it was like a a godsend for me too. Now we have dozens of options.
  18. I was at first, and with those old 1990s depends, I know for a fact people could hear them crinkling. Modern diapers a waaaay quieter. Though in a very quiet setting its possible someone could still hear them. Most anywhere else, forget it. People are so caught up in their own world they will not notice. Ever hear of the "gorilla test". Look it up on YouTube. Like Brian, I too recommend PUL pants for mitigating the rest of that crinkling sound. Either Gary Activewear, or Northshore Trifectas. They are great at containing leaks (even with disposable diapers), help contain any smells, and do a great job muffling any sound. Also, it gets easier with time. At some point you'll come to realize and fully internalize that diapers are not illegal, immoral, or even socially bad. They are necessary though, and anyone who has a problem with you wearing a diaper shouldn't be feared, they should be pittied. For it's their problem not yours. And once you get to that point you'll also stop caring even if they do notice.
  19. You do realize the size we are talking about right? A scaled up diaper like that would probably hold 10+ liters without leaking for 24+ hours, even for side sleepers who wet heavily. It would also extend half way up to your arm pits, and be like 3-5 inches thick all around. The tapes would also be so strong we'd probably need help removing them (scale up the size and weight and you also have to scale up the tape strength and diaper material strength too). Then there'd be the price, I don't even want to guess at that. I'm all in for a diaper that works great, but not that great..... You're probably not into any of this, but believe it or not that kind of diaper is already well covered and discussed. In a series of fictional books and stores, centered around a "diaper dimension". Where human adults are little and babied by giant amazons. No need to go into details of it all, but suffice to say it's pretty crazy.
  20. It would be nice, including those channels to help reduce leaks and improve absorption towards the back of the diaper. But that's where those patents and copyrights come into play and prevent anyone else from having those improvements. It's just corporate greed empowering those who have it while making sure nobody else does. Personally, I believe patents and copyrights stifle innovation and reduce the number of those who can otherwise benefit from those improvements. They also keep prices higher than they should be.
  21. Slomo


    Welcome. It sounds like you found a way to make your urges happen less often, but does the medication make the urges you still have less painful? I too started off with urge incontinence, but mine was so painful that even medication didn't help at all. I had other complications too, and ultimately chose to seek complete bladder incontinence. I can no longer hold any pee at all, but that means I no longer have any bladder urges too. And I went from needing diapers with painful urges and flooding my diaper, to a constant drip without pain but still needing diapers. In a way it's like digging deeper and to the side to get out of a tight hole. I'mstill a hole of sorts, but I'm much more comfortable. And I've seen a few others over the years that did similar. By oddly embracing incontinence, you can avoid that pain and inconvenience of flooding a diaper (and bad leaks). I'm not saying this is right for you (or anyone), but it may be worth considering if you're still having pain, urges, and/or bad leaks.
  22. Oh man, you reminded me of something. I can't find a picture of it, but does anyone remember seeing those old-school, red, thick-padded, jockey shorts? The kind schools had pre-1990's, and would make boys put on when practicing for wrestling or sometimes in gym classes? We always joked they were oversized diapers. And well, now you've got me imagining something like that.
  23. I've seen this question a LOT. Why can't someone make an adult diaper that looks, feels, and most importantly works just as good as a baby diaper. First, copyrights and patents. Baby diaper manufacturers want any advantage they can hold on to, and not let anyone else use their patented designs. Baby or adult. Second, I came across this image. This is just how different our body shapes are from newborn to adult. So a diaper shaped for a baby could never "scale up" and work for an adult. https://9gag.com/gag/ajXG1MG?utm_source
  24. Which is a complete overreach and abuse of power. It's already well established by many organizations that normal human waste is NOT classified as a biological hazard or medical waste. It's just regular residential waste waste. (Though diapers are allowed to be tossed in with other medical waste, it isn't required). As per the CDC, WHO, webmd, and others. So yeah, it's a serious lawsuit just waiting to happen if some town our county decides to do that to their own residents.
  25. Make sure you follow up on that request for a second can too. Make sure to mention they should NOT make the second can specially colored for incontinence or medical trash. Otherwise they will be forcing people to literally advertise to the entire neighborhood they have a medical condition.
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