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  1. I always try out new products (washable and disposable) to be sure I have the options that work best for me.
  2. Rarely leak in public, but absolutely hate it.
  3. True to size. I har ya on Comco's I miss them, but they were huge
  4. A good reason too, I will probably give up daytime pull-on disposables in favor of my training-style pants I can get away with during the day.
  5. The garbage pickup system is changing here and causing me some headaches. The old system was: use our own cans, trash picked up twice a week. The new system is only one larger can, with pick-up once a week. They won't take any bags not in the can with the lid closed. As I'm sure most of you know, incontinence generates a lot of garbage, and mixed with our regular household trash and breaking down mail-order boxes we are finding it hard to contain all our garbage in the one can. There is not an official system to get a second can yet, but I have written the "questions?" e-mail address provided on the notices to ask for special consideration. With the heat of summer coming, I sure don't want a large bag of diapers sitting around for an extra week waiting for room in the can!
  6. If they are too thin they don't have enough fluff to allow for proper wicking. They don't have to be waddle-thick, but they shouldn't be paper-thin either.
  7. Incont


    Welcome alj!
  8. I wear disposable undergarments or washable "training pants" style underwear to doctor's offices. No one says anything.
  9. Welcome Popcorn. Keep that positive attitude, and keep trying new treatments. You'll find what works best for you!
  10. Welcome CJ. It's nice to hear that you have become comfortable with your medical needs.
  11. I work at home, am basically disabled but haven't fought the fight to get on disability yet. What do others do? And how do you manage incontinence at work?
  12. Incont


    Welcome Sean!
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