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  1. i never got good support nor did they help with anything nor any action was ever taken to help me so i still wake up in a soaked bed multible times a week. so my message to parents is please help your kid! and i seriously wish i had better parents! (advice for me is welcome)
  2. coolkid

    hi :)

    i never could use that account lol so i never could even browse with it so i only looked at this forum as a guest untill yesterday. but hi.
  3. coolkid

    hi :)

    my original account i created back in april crashed so i never could use it but anyway today i tried creating a new one and it worked so here i am! there is not much to say honestly but i will go over some basic stuff about myself: i am a boy i am pretty young for the internet lol english is NOT my first language and i like video games i have a high privacy and security thread model (if you know my age you would freak out lol) and thats mostly why i am not sharing much atm. my dms are also open (for almost* anything) nice to meet you :) and have a nice day! -coolkid
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