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  1. Very interesting article!
  2. Anyone ever notice you urine smelling like fish the morning after eating fish? For me it happens after eating this fish:
  3. I always liked the third tape, much snugger fit around the hips.
  4. Soft and discreetly quiet, they are full cut with an extra wide crotch and are available in four popular colors, including Milky White, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink and Pastel Yellow https://shrsl.com/4ia35
  5. As I work my way through the bag, I continue to be impressed by these. Always feel dry and no leaks. Velcro tabs hold well.
  6. Wore one last night for the first time. Impressive capacity, kept me dry overnight and I still felt dry in the morning. Comfortable fit, slightly wider in the center, which I like for gap free thigh folds. InControl BeDry Night
  7. The sizes are EXACT, no room to give if you are even a little over the size
  8. I only deal with bladder issues, but I have very little control in the mornings. It's like my body takes an extra hour to wake up.
  9. My cats are totally indifferent to my diaper supplies. Mind you, my loose ones are inside a cabinet, so only the bags are available to them, but they leave them alone.
  10. Have you tried bladder-stretching/strengthening exercises?
  11. Slept in one last night and it kept me dry through the night and into the morning. Not as thick as I expected, but that's a plus, great odor control. Tall leak guards. Great price. I'm impressed.
  12. Our sponsor has a next-gen diaper coming out this week, the new BeDry briefs. 7500ml capacity and odor control at less than $2 a diaper! I ordered some to try. Here's the link if you want to as well: https://incontroldiapers.com/incontrol-bedry-premium-incontinence-briefs/?utm_source=incontsite&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=Launch&utm_id=BeDry
  13. Taking a large dosepak of steroids for my back, and I had forgotten how much they make you pee! My night diapers are barely keeping up, and I'm having to use the toilet more than usual to keep my pull-up mostly dry.
  14. Welcome to the site! I don't have bowel incontinence, but there are others here that do.
  15. I definitely wet more overnight than I do during the day. I am often surprised by how little comes out during the day when I think I need to go, but overnight I have to wear a good diaper or I'll wet the bed for sure.
  16. There is a bedwetting medication that reduces urine production at night. DDAVP
  17. Been a few years since I've gotten away, but I plan similarly to you, though I often use the dry-cleaning bag in most good hotel closets as my disposal bag.
  18. That would be great, but I want to get our numbers up some before I approach any other advertisers. InControl was cool enough to come on early and finance our start-up in exchange for future traffic.
  19. To be sure these are not meant for heavy incontinence, but are great for dribblers and small leakers.
  20. These guys are legit. I'm wearing their underpants right now 🙂
  21. I like the tape zones, I get a more secure stick.
  22. The stigma is still there, but it has improved over the years. I think the ageing baby-boomers are accepting the help of absorbent products more proudly than past generations.
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