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  1. Welcome to the club 😊
  2. If you have minor leaks, a good pull-up will get you through the day but a thick diaper will always get the job done and not be very noticeable. It's why for me, I don't wear pull-ups because I would leak and flood them really fast. I wear thick padded diapers to make sure I don't leak or flood them and I can get through the entire day. For me, being Incontinent, I have to be in thick diapers because I never know if I am gonna leak or flood in my diapers.
  3. Wow, that was insensitive and very small-minded. I wonder if she said that to her elderly folks who have to wear diapers
  4. I sometimes wish they made clothes that are diaper-friendly and especially for women as wells
  5. I think it's a good idea for especially the disabled and physically disabled.
  6. What would society think of having adult changing tables in public restrooms in places like: restaurants, parks, amusement parks, supermarkets, gas stations, convenient stores… etc?
  7. That's why all my nurses that take care of me for my medical issues knows fully well what diapers I wear and they are totally accepting. It's why when I come to my medical appointments or hospital stays, they are comfortable with me being diapered. Even as an EMT, I always have a diaper bag with me and on the back of the ambulance as well.
  8. That's why whenever I go to the hospital, I always have my diaper bag with me. Being an EMT, I have seen the kind of diapers and pull ups they use in hospitals and Nursing homes that they are so crappy, that it should constitute as abuse.
  9. Sounds like a lot more uncomfortable than sitting in a diaper. I have seen worse where Nursing home and hospice patients have to endure thin, crappy pull ups instead of diapers.
  10. Sometimes on very hot days, I get tired of being in diapers and other times, when someone sees my diapers, I get poked fun at.
  11. I know being incontinent and being kept in diapers permanently, Have you ever gotten tired of being in diapers? I know for me, I never got tired of being kept in diapers and never got tired of being kept in thick padded diapers. I've always enjoyed being in diapers and always thought my incontinence is a blessing. I've even thought that my incontinence even enhanced my life and made it so much easier on me. It's why even though I am kept in diapers permanently, I know I can never ever get tired of being diapered.
  12. That's why being incontinent, does have it's advantages once you realize how being diapered becomes so much easier. Being kept in diapers all the time, I can see why I have it so much easier and less stressful on me. It's easy once you cope and come to understand how diapers makes life so much easier to deal with.
  13. Many times in my life, I know of many situations where I am so grateful for being diapered. For example, being an EMT in a VOL EMS squad I know many situations where being diapered has saved me. I can be on a stressful call or even a long call where by the time I get back, my diaper is soaked and ready for a diaper change. I'm also fortunate that the hospitals I transport patients to, they have a diaper changing room for those who are incontinent. Even when I was in college, a diaper was their to make sure I never skipped a lecture and afterwards, I can simply waddle back to my dorm for a diaper change. Many times in science class, where I can't leave the lab, diapers helped me as well.
  14. I learn to live with my incontinence and accept that I am always going to be kept in diapers. I know my folks tried to potty train me but I know that's never going to happen and they accepted that I am gona be kept in diapers for the rest of my life. Being diapered has made life so much easier on me and less stressful on me. It's why I am not ashamed of being in diapered or even if people notices me in diapers. On top of that, I am diapered out in the open around the house so often that it's so normal for me.
  15. That's like me as well. Being incontinent for so long, I simply gave up in trying to be potty trained and found it so much easier with diapers. Being kept in diapers has made my life so much better and I have been able to regain self confidence and able to do things without thinking about using the potty. I've been able to go in my diaper with no worries and no stress in my life. At the same time, I am able to live a potty free life and live a life without ever being potty trained again.
  16. Wow, I'm a heavy sleeper and I know I am known to snore like a pug
  17. That's why some diapers are great for those who have wider hips and others are great with those who have narrower hips
  18. I think the front landing zone helps with those with wider hips
  19. For me I have been incontinent for 10 plus years. I have fully accepted that I am incontinent and I am kept in diapers permanently. On top of that, I am not even ashamed of being in diapers. It's why I embrace being in diapers and knowing how life can be difficult without them.
  20. It depends on how I am sleeping at night. If I am that bad, I am woken up to pee then fall asleep
  21. I see that with the baby boomer generation that are more accepting of those who need diapers. I think the baby boomer generation is simply helping normalize adult diapers for people.
  22. Being incontinent and being kept in diapers, I think the stigma of being diapered is slowly going away and more and more people are slowly starting to accept that diapers are the norm for people. I am seeing more and more people are being more comfortable with being diapered and being Incontinent. At the same time, my doctors and nurses are all accepting of diapers and even help advocate for me. I'm wondering is the stigma of Incontinence is going away or does it still persist
  23. Northshore should corner the Market on diapers for concerts
  24. Can you Imagine if diapers are being this normal https://www.insider.com/taylor-swift-fans-say-theyll-wear-adult-diapers-to-concert-2023-5
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