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  1. I need to check in here more often I've had discussions with my primary care doctor about Metformin.... I used to run on the more constipated side. That hasn't been an issue since starting metformin. I do have to more closely watch my timing on that medication. Normally not a real issue, but it does make me looser..... I'm unwilling to go to a higher does than I'm now utilizing of that medication.....
  2. Finding a method that works for you and mentally accepting it is critical. Don't let the incontinence issues stop you from living life to its fullest.
  3. To start with, I put myself back in diapers when secondary nocturnal enuresis kicked in during a major illness. At the time, the doctor wasn't that concerned (due to the acute start up), but I "felt" something had changed. Once I was off the medication for the illness, I was left with occasional nocturnal enuresis that replaced occasional noctueria... At first I view the situation as short term and for the next year and a half tried to get the issue resolved, including spending time doing research in the local university's medical library. Let's just say I can sleep through the night time potty training alarms and wear out the batteries..... Eventually, I accepted that this wasn't going away. I also recognize that a part of me is a DL.... However if you had mentioned any of this prior to the start up of secondary nocturnal enuresis I would have given you a quizzical look and not known what you were talking about. A few years back, early onset BPH bit day time control, and now I wear all the time. I try to not use the diapers during the day, but at this point they are typically slightly damp by evening. I've accepted the need, and just get on with life. I've made a point of not keeping the diapers from stopping me from doing what I want to do.-
  4. On the rare occasion I wear a disposable (high capacity) diaper, during the day I do try to use the toilet, so either I need enough give in an elastic waste band to get the diaper down or I need to un-tape and tape back up afterwords. So, yes, now that BPH has added a daytime component, I prefer disposables that I can re-tape after using the toilet.
  5. At this point, if I get a good nights rest, and am properly hydrated, when I wake up in the morning I'll have a wet diaper that I don't remember when it happened. On a rare occasion, if my sleep is disturbed, well, I might be "aware" of some things going on, but I'll typically still be wet in the morning because my maximum functional capacity has been reduced due to impact of BPH.... And I get better sleep if I don't try to make it to the bathroom to empty the bladder at night.
  6. I don't think it is on the rise. In the past I believe it was more under reported. When I ended up with (occasional) secondary nocturnal enuresis years (decades) ago, I felt the statistics out of Israel were probably more accurate than most due to required military service.... The tri-state incontinence support site hasn't been online for some time, or I'd add a pointer to their graph of incontinence vs age with male / female split. Don't know if that could be dug out of the way back (internet archives) machine.
  7. While I only need heavier protection while sleeping or napping, since the cost of most of the alternative reusable products are the same as just buying the (cloth) diapers (and protective pants) that I use, I just go with a slightly lighter cloth diaper set up during the day. I can still use the toilet when I need to and it handles the issues I have from early onset BPH and related bladder issues. So, while it may not be what your looking for, its an option. You don't have to use the diapers when you can make it to the bathroom.
  8. @Brian Thanks for letting us know you are through this..... I'm sad that you had to advocate for yourself as much as you did. I expected you to have "fun" (not) with the prep, but not to the level it hit you. Best wishes.
  9. While I'm normally wearing cloth, on my last vacation I had both NorthShore's MegaMax and Tykables (blue) Camo, plus both companies doubler's. Neither completely work at night for me, however with Tykables doubler added (to either), most nights were good. Because I currently need some protection during the day, but use the toilet during the day, I found the Camo's easier to use than the MegaMax, with the doubler. That took care of the slight issue during the day and then the heavier wetting at night. So, one diaper per day.... If I ever loose more control during the day, I'd have to change how I do things. With the doubler up front, this was overkill for my normal needs, but it kept from hitting leaks at the legs when the front was well used earlier during sleep. Next time I'm on vacation (or preparing / evaluating for) again I need to keep @Slomo's comment about lower tape placement in mind and see if I can make an adjustment in how I use things to get better utilization of the rest of the diaper before it leaks.
  10. For me, I have quarterly blood draws, and one of the items in the list in the test results will show if I'm not hydrating enough..... And when the big boy was trying to kick in and get dry nights, it showed up in those tests. At this point, I would say I either stay normally hydrated, and sometimes drink a bit more (like when I've been sweating) and get slightly more hydrated and see the results in the morning.
  11. While I prefer to not advertise it, I also don't hide it. My cloth diaper supply is currently stacked in clear bins in my bedroom. And when doing laundry, you might find them in the dryer when I don't immediately fold and store them. I also have some packages of disposable diapers in the bedroom.
  12. @Dandelion: My current Urologist wants a urine sample at the beginning of every visit and performs a ultrasound scan to measure residual volume shortly after I leave the sample. It sounds like they want you to arrive with a full bladder so they can run some additional tests up front. As an engineer I've provided my Urologist some numbers (taken at home) that he normally doesn't get, so some of my actual tests at the office haven't been as extensive there..... (Plus my bladder capacity before BPH hit was larger than average....) Basically, I'd call the Urologist office and let the nurse know your concerns and get the doctor's feedback. Best wishes....
  13. @Dandelion Apologies for the delayed response. I have limits on how much time I can spend on this.... Before it started, I had 10 occurrences between my 7th and 13th birthday, and as a teenager there were two times (packing for a retreat and packing to go off to college) where the thought crossed my mind "What if I wet the bed?", as I never understood why on those 10 times. Later as an adult my second water bed taught me I was vulnerable to certain types of sudden temperature changes causing an urge in my sleep (that went unrecognized), so the main initial thoughts were something was wrong as I hit three times the first night and twice each night the rest of the first week. Called the doctor after the first or second night, but he wasn't concerned based on my past history. However I knew something had changed -- during the previous events it only would happen once in a given night... When it continued after getting off the medications, I noticed a short while later that how I "sensed" things had shifted for the second time that I noticed in my life. (Up until Covid-19, I haven't heard doctors concerned about how a person "senses" things - touch, smell, pain, etc. I've known since elementary school I was different from "normal" in this area.) And that change switch what was occasional nocturia into occasional nocturnal enuresis..... I spent the next year and a half researching information available at the local university hospital library trying to find more - but basically only finding information on (a) with women who I felt had small bladder capacities, and studies of youth (higher percent boys) trying to overcome the problem I was now having... And didn't find a solution that worked.... It did wake up the young boy in me.... And I did find the "little boy" in me never learned to dislike diapers. The "big boy" in me wants out of them, but doesn't know how.... The adult / engineer in me understand my control system and bladder is screwed up... and at this point accepts what is, Now, I've added the "fun" of early onset BPH to the mix. My maximum functional bladder capacity is reduced, and if I stay properly hydrated and get a good night's sleep, I'm going to have a wet diaper in the morning.... And I've accepted that.... Yes there are psychological items that go with that.... Best wishes on dealing with your issues.
  14. @Dandelion Welcome. Good that you are seeing your doctor soon. I expect they will take a urine specimen to help rule out a UTI. For me, "out of the blue" was many years ago when I started medication to get over a sinus infection. The combination of drugs used to knock out the infection had me triggering in my sleep every time I had a full bladder. And with pushing fluids to help clear the issue, that had me hit more than once a night the first week of the medication and at least once a night the following week. The doctor expected it to go away when the medication ended, instead I found how I sensed things had shifted again, and it left me with occasional nocturnal enuresis which I've dealt with since then. As a male, and with early onset BPH, my functional bladder capacity has decreased, and what was once occasional is now nightly if I am properly hydrated and get a good nights sleep.... Best wishes in finding a solution that works for you.
  15. I've had a urologist claim all men would have prostate cancer if they lived long enough..... However most men won't die from that.
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