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  1. @John Davis In reality, I know that I need diapers and I know why I need diapers and I wear diapers all the time, and that is a choice made after having several accidents and having to clean up mess in my bed! when I ended up having that happen in 2019, I went to the doctors for help. First I was nervous as hectic somebody was going to either hear my diapers or here why diaper covers, because I had the PUL pants for awhile then I had the trifectas, and I was worried when I had the old style plastic pants that somebody would hear me, but I used them to protect myself. After a while my plastic pants just decided to get really hard then I had to get rid of them. That's when I ended up getting the Gary Ware. They were awesome and I love them and I still have them if I want them, but they're not too bad and they might rustle just a little but they're good for protection. Ended up getting the trifectas from North Shore because I might need some more and they don't carry others products when they can make their own. Long story short, I used to be afraid that somebody would hear my diapers or my diaper covers. However, I know that I need diapers, I know that I want diapers, and they help me deal with many things including incontinence and all the feelings and urges. Now that I'm wearing 24/7, and I'm used to them, there's no reason why I should have to worry somebody will find out I'm wearing diapers because the people that have to know know about it, and the people that I want to know about it know about it, and anybody else, well it's none of their business. I figure if somebody hears my diaper or they hear my plastic pants or maybe they see it riding high when I stand up, well that's something they see. As I age it gets harder for me to move, so it's not that bad, because at least I don't have to bolt already here out of my chair, because everything is protected. I remember the night that I was sitting in the chair, and I didn't even have time to think, and then all of a sudden I ended up doing a BM. Even have a chance to turn around and grab my chair arms to push forward, the deed had already been done! that was my wake up call to say that I needed diapers, and I haven't looked back since. I know there may be people that would say that they're afraid somebody's gonna find out, but people who are incontinent already know what they're dealing with, and most people would understand if we're incontinent. If you are ABDL, Then it may be different, but most people that are incontinent deal with it every day just like the ones that are AB or DL, but the dynamic is different, and the understanding is a little different too. When you're incontinent, you don't have to worry about the fact that you are incontinent, you have to worry about how you're going to deal with it. People that I have dealt with understand incontinence and they know why somebody we're wearing diapers, but if you're ABDL, The response may be different. I'm not afraid anymore, that is obvious. Sit most times anyway so no one's gonna see that I have my pants up over my trifectas, or maybe they ride a little high. Either have my trifectas over in diaper rather than have to worry about my pants being wet. And sometimes with my trifectas over my diaper, I go and I fill the diaper and then all the sudden for some reason my pants are wet or something like that, but at least I'm dry and comfortable, and when I feel it I can change. Thank God for my North Shores because they are so awesome mega Max's are the best diaper made and I'll stand on that for a long time. Brian
  2. @Dan I buy all of my diapers online! what we do is there is a supplier that I get them from in New Hampshire, she ends up dealing with all of the paperwork that needs to be submitted, and only goes to my doctor if there's something missing. Once that's done, She orders my diapers my underpads and my boosters, depending on what I need. I may only need diapers, which is mostly what happens, but sometimes I would need underpads or boosters depending on the situation. I don't have a problem with because I have plenty of them, and the size of the diapers I use accommodate those particular boosters. Just like everyone else, anything that you get in the store is junk. It's not designed to be used as a diaper, even though they call them incontinence briefs. Only diaper that actually is worth its salt is a plastic backed one because there's nothing that will allow you to be able to unload a full bladder into anything, and if you have to have a bowel movement, I wouldn't trust it either. That's why I'd rather order online, and I know that I can trust my Mega Max's Brian
  3. @John Davis A booster pad is designed to allow for you to be able to extend the life of a diaper a little longer than it would normally be legitimately usable. A booster pad is designed to allow the liquid that you're releasing to go through to the diapers padding, and once that particular padding has been saturated, then you can wear a booster and the booster itself along with a diaper probably will be taking a full soaking. When I usually work a regular shift, I do not put a booster in my diaper unless it's necessary. They are helpful and they are very very good if you have to go longer duration without making a change. There is an advantage to it however, because it makes your diaper thicker, but the disadvantages is that when you put the booster in the diaper, it does have a habit of moving around sometimes when you're trying to apply the diaper. So far, boosters have been helpful, and I have them if I need them, and I will use them as necessary. I haven't had any of them explode, however I have had them be pretty saturated, along with a diaper, when it gets that saturated, it feels like it weighs about 10 pounds however! Just like they would say for a diaper, your booster is only as good as the product itself. The better the product the more it will be helpful to the person wearing it! this is important because you want quality stuff when you're trying to deal with incontinence, anything less and you might as well not even be wearing a diaper, and a jokingly reset when I was wearing a diaper that couldn't even hold it, and hold at least a third of it, that I might as well just take off this bounty paper towel I had wrapped around me and pee on the floor, because that's what it feels like. Brian
  4. @Iken@Scarth@John Davis What I do is I will be checking diapers more often in the summer, because of the fact that you're more likely to hydrate more, and probably what I will do is I will be wearing my trifectas over the top of any diapers I wear. We'll also try to get a few more pairs of shorts, because it's probably easier in the summer to have shorts on. As far as swim diapers however, I'm still up in the air about that, but I will be asking for assistance from other people as well so that hopefully will not have to be a problem. Most of this summer probably I will be working anyway, with the exception of maybe a weekend when my brother and my sister in law officially get married. Talk to my dad about it this week, when I saw him on Friday, and there was talk of what the place was that we were going to, and I told my dad that I talked to my brother about it, he told me not to worry, so I won't worry about that, but I still want to make sure that I'm well prepared for summer, even if I'm not doing very much during it. I don't trust any diapers that aren't plastic backed, and that's probably because that's what I grew up with, and most diapers that aren't plastic backed aren't prepared for the onslaught in deluge of liquid that you end up releasing or solid that you release, so you don't know what these things are going to do, but you do know from experience that they don't like to hold up to heavy use. I have yet to find a diaper that is breathable that can handle that type of onslaught, but if anybody can point me in that direction, I will give it a shot. Brian
  5. @Slomo this is precisely why my medical records have my incontinence diagnosis and my need for diapers clearly stated, because they might not want to give me a diaper, so if it shows up on my medical records which everybody in the hospital can see, nobody can question my need or my request, because it's there in my medical records and I do have the diagnosis feeling like to support that request. 😊 Brian
  6. @emily1890 so do I! I figure that with all the things that I've had to deal with through my through my life, wearing diapers is like the lowest worry on the totem pole. I understand that people may find wearing diaper strange if they're not used to it themselves, but if you're disabled like me and you have friends that have worn diapers, or do wear diapers, to them it's normal and it shouldn't be a problem, but sometimes even in the best of circumstances people will have to use their diapers And sometimes that means they will have to do a bowel movement, and sometimes that happens in places that you don't expect it, because you can't help it! Since my doctor was the one who helped me with my incontinence, he is fully aware of what is going on and fully supportive. when you end up dealing with as much stress as I have dealt with, you need something to help you with your stress, and part of my problem is I worry about things that I shouldn't worry about, and that can be a problem sometimes. wearing diapers is making it a lot easier for me because I don't have to fight my body and I don't have to worry if I release. I've only had a situation where I've had to use my diaper to its fullest on about four different occasions, but each time it does take time to clean up the mess afterwards. I'm glad that most medical professionals don't have a problem with someone wearing diapers, but it kinda irks me that a urologist would be the one telling you to get help so you don't have to wear diapers, or trying to force you out of diapers. That is not what a urologist is supposed to do! they're supposed to help you, giving you advice is one thing, wanting you out of diapers? That's something that you as a user make the determination of about, and a doctor should not be forcing you. there are people that also wear diapers because they don't have any control at all, so trying to get them out of diapers would be an exercise silliness, and why should anyone wearing diapers want to get out of them If that is what they're using and they're comfortable doing it. the idea is that you want wearing diapers to be as normal for the person wearing them as people where. That's basically what it is: an underwear choice, sometimes not by choice sometimes by choice. Brian
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    @alj Welcome! Brian
  8. @Slomo In my mind, it is not the doctor that should be making decisions that say you should be out of diapers. A diaper is a solution to an issue, and the issue is made an issue because of the person that is dealing with it, not because the doctor sees you in a diaper. if you decide that you're going to use a diaper, it is not in the best interest of any urologist to tell you that you shouldn't be. sure, they can say that it is for temporary management of incontinence, But if you are like me, and have cerebral palsy, there's no way that my doctor is going to tell me that he's gonna cure me of cerebral palsy, so there's no discussion of dealing with this. We all know that in my case there is brain damage, and usually CP includes some sort of damage to neurological function. the difference in the severity of the damage would tell how bad you have the CP, but nobody is going to try to treat my CP by trying to cure it. as such, since you can't cure CP you have to work with the condition that you're dealing with, and treat the symptoms of the condition. A symptom of a condition can be managed, and should be managed appropriately. It is well known that a neurological disease or neurological condition depending on the situation, should be dealt with with the understanding that it is neurological and it can affect your body in different ways. for example, for some reason my right hand will start to shake For no reason sometimes And I don't know how it happens and don't know why it starts to tremor, but it does, and I have to deal with that everyone every once in awhile, while but while there are things I can do to manage that problem when it occurs, I can't stop it from happening again. If you're incontinent, you may have the ability to be tested to find out how bad it is, or to be able to determine what causes the problem. if you're lucky enough to have the ability to use medicine or medical intervention by taking drugs that help you manage it, then that is one thing this one, if you decide that you want to do something else, that's a different thing, but it should not be up to the doctor to try to get you out of diapers because they don't think it works period to have someone tell you that is almost like saying OK just go all over the floor whenever you feel like it! that is ridiculous And no doctor would tell you to pee on the floor! additionally I have friends that don't have any bowel or bladder control at all! this is because they don't have working plumbing, so they have no way of being able to control the muscles in their butter or bowels, And it doesn't matter how much a doctor or urologist will tell you that they don't think diapers are a good idea, they are needed, and if you tell someone who has no bowel or bladder control because they don't have control of the muscles that control those functions, regardless of what you say it's not gonna matter. They have to do whatever they do to manage the situation, And if they do that, they have ways of doing it, it might be inconvenient, and embarrassing for certain situations, but those who have to deal with incontinence because of this type of condition, they deal with it the way they deal with it, because they have no other choice. A urologist should never tell you that you should be out of diapers. Sure, if they have a way to be able to treat your incontinence, that's one thing, But the problem now is, what happens if the drug that they try to treat you with is worse that the condition that they're trying to treat? some people don't like the effects of the drugs they use, some of them just don't like the feeling that a drug causes, or a reaction that happens. some. sometimes I think a diaper is a hell of a lot easier to deal with than to deal with a medical treatment that requires drugs. this is just my opinion, because in my opinion I don't wanna take any drugs that I don't need, an incontinence is something that is normal as far as for people that have cerebral palsy or any neurologic condition, in fact I'm been lucky most of my life that I've been able to control my bladder and bowels, But as I age it becomes harder and harder, because I'm not able to move as fast as I used to. I agree that anybody that decides that you should be out of diapers or tells you that you shouldn't be wearing them should be fired immediately! when I went to my doctor and I asked him for help, he did not say that diapers were bad, I told them why that I wanted them, told them that I had a neurologic condition, and that CP is known to cause certain subconditions, one of them being incontinence, because people have trouble controlling muscles, so they might not be able to control what's going on. as you age you might not be able to have as much control as you did when you're 25 as you do at 50 or 75, that's usually what happens. Finally I believe that diapers are my choice and my solution to my problem. A doctor or some sort of professional can actually give me advice, but the thing is that's important is that I can make that decision whether to take the advice or leave it, because it's my doctor, my body, my health and my treatment plan that is being discussed. A professional doctor or nurse or LPN or CNA or whatever they are, their job is to help you, but not to judge You or to tell you that you shouldn't be doing something, unless of course it impacts your health like smoking for example. Brian
  9. @Incont I wear diapers 24/7 wearing them everywhere. In fact, my doctor was the one who I asked about wearing diapers in 2020, and I had asked for help in 2019 before joining daily diapers. he understood understood exactly why I wanted to do it that way, and has supported me since the beginning of this. All I would have to do was go into my doctor's office and make a good point, and as long as I can make a good argument most of the time he will support it. I love my doctor because my doctor is the type of guy that would say to me to me the word "NO" if I asked him for something that he didn't think I needed, and he would explain why. since my doctor is the one who helped me get the diapers and who helped me by adding diagnosis of incontinence to my medical records, he is fully aware of my condition as well as anyone who works in his office, and they are very supportive of that. he would not tell me anything about wearing diapers being bad, he understands that my CP is something that I can't control, and I told him that what I was afraid of was that I would get older, And as I stop doing certain things or I lose mobility, that it would be harder and harder for me to be able to get to the bathroom safely. when I told him that I wanted to wear diapers,, I started in 2019, became a member on daily diapers, got help from there, and then and then after talking to many people, I went back in 2020 and told a doctor I was going 24/7. @John Davis I have never received adverse pushback. Somebody may ask me why, the doctor about diapers in the 1st place, we had a frank discussion. What I like about my doctor is I can bring him anything and we can discuss it. In fact he praised me for having the guts to walk into his office and ask for help using diapers, because it takes a hell of a lot of gutsy says to be able to admit that you need a help and that you have a problem. I told him that wearing diapers would help me in so many ways, and that was getting tired of losing sleep, having accident, not being able to respond fast enough and all of this. Basically he agreed with me, and put the incarnance diagnosis on my records, not only that but he made it so that no one would even doubt that I need diapers, so no one should question me. As far as your urologist John, I can't understand why urologist would want you to to get out of diapers. sure, he's probably gonna wanna test you to see if there's any problems that can be taken care of by other means, But once the disease the decision has been made, and you wanna go with diapers for example, him wanting to get you out of diapers is a moot point, because that's not what a doctor is supposed to do, a doctor is supposed to work for you, and support you in whatever you want to do. a doctor is however someone who can give you advice and tell you that it might not be a good idea, but at the end of the day you have to make the actual reason and you have to move forward if that's what you want. Sometimes I think doctors make more money because for example Medicaid for example says that they something done, before they'll approve something. I remember somebody saying that I should go to urologist before I end up getting a proof of diapers, But then I had a long discussion with my doctor and I told him, if you don't know me by now, Then we have a problem, because you are the expert knowing conditions and my medical diagnosis, and you can write it exactly the way it needs to be so that I can get exactly what I need and what I want. I told him that I was sick and tired of having accidents and having problems, and that diapers were way that I could take care of that. He supported me all the way, And I told him that I did not want to have to go to a urologist and have them have to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed! sure I would wet myself or mess myself, but why would somebody want to tell someone who is using a diaper that they don't need it or whatever they say? I will repeat this: doctors work for you, and they can give you advice and give you support all the way, but in the end you have to make the medical decision that you think is appropriate, and most times when you talk to a doctor and you understand what it is that you're dealing with, you can make an informed decision. A urologist job is to try to help you, but if you want to wear diapers or if you think that what they're doing is not helping you, you have the right to resist or refuse. People need to realize that diapers are not the be all end all, in that they are bad, they are very helpful and can help people leave there worries at the door and live their life to the best they can, Because incontinence doesn't have them, 'cause they have control of their incontinence even if they don't have any bladder or bowel control. Our specialists that help you with stuff like that, and they do have experience with urology, but sometimes yeah they make it so difficult, as well as insurance companies that it's a wonder people don't go crazy. So yes, wearing diapers to a doctor's appointment is not a bad! I would rather wear them, and have my doctor aware of it, and then if for some reason I have to I have to use the diaper, I have the ability to change it. In fact, I have had a couple nurses ask ask me after a exam if I need to have my diaper changed, and they've offered to help me do it, but I refused when that is offered, because most times I'm all set. But if for some reason I needed it, I'm sure they could help me. Brian
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    @CJ1970 I also believe that forms like this can help people with incontinence and other issues that are related to it. far too often there are people who are dealing with incontinence, or dealing with issues that somehow affect it, And some people are so nervous about the fact that they have incontinence or they have to wear diapers, or that someone is gonna find out about it, and then they're going to start squealing to everybody telling them what is going on, that people get nervous and scared people will Find out. I am almost 51 years old:: throughout my almost four years of online with daily diapers, I have learned a lot of things about incontinence and how to manage it in an appropriate manner based on my situation and my needs. one of the things that I have learned is that you can you can be scared and you can worry about what people will say, and there will be some people that might say something to you do you, but most of the time if you're dealing with a person that you trust and that and that you have dealt with in the past, things like this shouldn't be a problem. Incontinence is nothing to be afraid of or scared of, however as you have stated it is hard to deal with sometimes and it can be hell. there are people out there that think wearing diapers is bad, because of all the stigmas and bad things they were told as kids, because our parents or our caregivers wanted us to get out of diapers as quickly as possible, so they would make up things about how bad it was or how infantile was or whatever it is. As a kid, you grow up and you have people around you that are supposed to support you and be there for you regardless of what happened, through good and bad, And most people do that very well, and it doesn't matter whether you are continent or you're incontinent, it doesn't matter if you have a disability or you don't have a disability, but people are there for you 110%. When I was born with cerebral palsy, I had to learn that the way my life is is the way it was given to me, and I could make the best of it, worry about everything that would happen and what people would say. most of the people that I've dealt with in my life support me love me and care for me and they don't care whether I have a disability or not, but they are well aware of my limitations and what I can and cannot do. I have worked very hard to make sure my quality of life is as good as I can make it, and even when I'm down, I try to push myself because I know I can do better, and sometimes the best thing that you can do is to try to try to live your life the best you can. In 2019 I became a member on daily diapers: 20 in 2023 I became a member here. Both sites have been very helpful to me and, and both sides have been supportive. What is important is that you have to make the decision that is in your best interest or makes you feel the best that you can be. if that means that you wear diapers, then that's what you do, if that means that you have to do different stuff with medicines or whatever or different treatments, that's what you do. You do what you think is right, and if you have a question or a concern, there will always be someone to ask. I like the both of these sites because I can do just that, depending on what the subject matter is and why I'm asking, It would be appropriate for either one site or the other. Now that I'm their, And I have accepted the fact that I'm wearing diapers 24/7, my quality of life like yours has gone way up. part of the problem that I see is people are so worried about wearing diapers that it makes them sad or makes them feel like they're less of a person, or that wearing diapers makes them seem different. Wearing diapers does not make you any different, it just means that you've made an underwear choice, and that is your choice, regardless of what it is. wearing diapers for me has increased my quality of life, and also made it so I don't have to stress come, which is part of my problem because I have so much stress that seems to pile into my head, that I need to get rid of it. I think of it this way, when I use a diaper, I get rid of all the stress, and it might be wet and it might smell, but I can throw that stress away change myself and be back to normal in a matter of minutes. wearing diapers increases your quality of life because you don't have to constantly be on the watch and constantly running to the bathroom or doing something that is inconvenient. Congratulations on being able to deal with your incontinence in a way that makes sense to you! when you can when you can accept it and you can use inappropriate solution to increase your quality of life or to make it easier for you, that is the biggest thing that you have to do. acceptance of your situation may be harder to do, but it is not impossible, and when you actually think about it would you rather have a wet diaper, a messy diaper, both, or a mess all over everywhere that you sit 19058 on or in or whatever? My answer to this question is I would rather wear a diaper! it's a lot easier It's a lot faster, and it allows me to deal with the feeling the feelings and urges that I deal with, And it also helps me deal with incontinence. having a disability I, I can't be worried about whether I'm gonna release what I'm gonna release or where, I just need to be able to live my life, and not let my incontinence stop me, because I have incontinence, but it doesn't have me.. Brian
  11. @Popcorn I'm not quite sure about the Tena brands in the US, But every time I see a tenant it's always the Tena slip, which is I believe unfortunately a non plastic back diaper, that is probably similar to a megamax air, because that is the way diapers are going nowadays. unfortunately, I haven't even a Tena slip maxi in the United States come here and I didn't see him, but the only time I ever was see a plastic backed Tena would be pictures that would be listed on daily diapers Twitter feed. I know that diaper manufacturers are changing the way diapers are made, most of them are going the way of cloth backed, because that way air can circulate And it doesn't cause skin irritation or breakdown. However, it does cause a problem for people who are totally incontinent who have no control, who need the odor control and the absorption, because if you are totally incontinent like me, cloth backed diapers don't have any order control And as such won't even cut the mustard. Send COVID-19 began, And throughout the pandemic, there have been problems with trying to get things to customers. At first, there were backed up a lot, then they would end up having to put a sticker on a box that says: MEDICAL SUPPLIRS - EXPIDITE because otherwise other things wouldn't be delivered to people that needed them. without that designation people that needed diapers or incontinence supplies would probably be without them, or have to wait a long time for it, so I guess that's the way they dealt with it. there have been supply chain issues, and I remember way back in the beginning, people were worried about pamper size 7S, and apparently they couldn't find them anywhere, and people were worried that they had been discontinued. after doing some research on a friend's behalf, I was able to determine that Procter and Gamble did not discontinue pamper size 7, They just had a supply chain issue, so there may be a supply chain issue with this, but I'm not sure. It is my hope that diaper manufacturers remember that quality means a lot to the customer that's using their products, in the lower quality they make their products, the less useable usable they become, And the less reliable they become, So the customer looks for other more reliable reliable products, that end up Brian
  12. @John Davis I have never heard of such a hospital that wouldn't have diapers for their patients, nor would they take care of that for their patients. " No diaper hospitals" to me would be kinda silly. Regardless of how many times people go in and out of the hospital, there will be people that are very sick, most people may need a services of a nurse to change them. This also may be due to incontinent or nerve damage or whatever else is causing a problem for an individual. just like somebody can't take all the diapers away because they may not be in favor of it, there always is a reason to have a diaper, there are reasons to want to wear a diaper, medical reasons even, So anyone who would think that a no diaper hospital would be a good thing is kind of silly. As far as the diaper rash and other things that happen, Those things are going to happen, and that is only because of the fact that if you leave a person in a diaper too long, the urine and fecal matter that you are sitting in is acidic, and would cause an acidic reaction with your skin, which causes the red blotches and everything else, as well as to be uncomfortable, And I can tell you that being wet from head to toe is not a good thing, and also being wet down below is no fun if you take your diaper off and you are uncomfortable. You end up taking care of that as soon as possible. My main concern is that there are people who have to wear diapers for whatever reason. they use the most cheapest diapers that they can get, And somebody in an insurance company somewhere that makes big Bucks common It's probably taking compensation or something is, is making recommendations that diapers need to be changed every two hours, which is a good thing, so somebody doesn't get a rash, but of course the diapers that they give you don't even last two hours, which makes a customer, which is a patient in this case, very uncomfortable and it is not the fault of the customer or the patient In this case that they cannot hold what they're supposed to hold, they are incontinent or do not have the control, which is why it is called incontinence. I have been in hospitals myself, many times, so many times I could probably make $100 every time that I remember all the time that I spent there $100 a day times the number of times I've been in the hospital would make me a millionaire. The idea that somebody would have to use the bathroom in a chuck is ridiculous, since even though a Chuck is supposed to be absorbent, it is nowhere near as absorbent as a diaper, and is not designed for that for that type of release. even if you have a good Chuck, it might keep the mess contained, but a truck is not a diaper and a diaper is not a Chuck, they are too specific things. Regardless of what happens, whether you use a diaper or you use a chuck in this case, you still have to change the patient, you still have to clean up the mess that the patient creates, by no fault of their own. the idea of being in a hospital is because you are somehow sick, or you need to have some sort of operation, so that is why you're there. once your operation or procedure is completed, the idea is that if you cannot go home to recuperate, you recuperate in the hospital. when you're that sick, you may end up having incontinence even if you are continent, so that could be an issue. In my mind the easiest way to keep a patient comfortable is to have the right type of diaper, the right type of to take care of that, and to have people that understand that you don't need to be changing diapers every five minutes, but you need to have good diapers so that you don't have to worry about it. when you have something that really hurts, or you have something that's oozing, you want to make sure that whatever it is is not causing you to be having rashes and other things. when I had my appendix out, They had a drainage bag on the side of my body to release all of the junk that was coming out. On top of the poison that was releasing, there was fecal matter and everything else coming out of the side of this fistula. if this was not kept clean and dry, this would cause me more trouble, so my nurses were right on top of it And if I was uncomfortable they checked it and then they tightened up this thing so that I could actually be comfortable for a few hours. It is important that a nurse take care of a patient, not cut corners to try to make money or profit. Diapers have a reason to be in existence and so do chucks, but using a chuck as a diaper is ridiculous because it is not a diaper, and is not as absorbent as a diaper and is not built that way. it might be absorbent but I doubt a Chuck would be that absorbent. Brian
  13. @John Davis Yes, my doctor and I had that discussion in 2018 and in 2019. When I ended up having problems with my incontinence diverticulitis and IBS, the subject was broached again when I ended up having these problems. I asked him for help, he gave me the help I needed, and when the diapers that were prescribed didn't work, I asked him for better ones, and he helped me write the script that helped me to get them, in the state was able to cover them. My doctor is 100%. aware of my incontinent, and I'm glad that I was able to talk to him about that. There are people that probably are embarrassed about their incontinence or other conditions, but wearing diapers is something that I will, because I don't want to fight my body, and I'd rather change my diaper when I need to, rather than to worry about the fact that I might use it. It's too bad that we have the stigma that diapers are bad: some people don't want to talk about that particular problem because they feel embarrassed or have issues dealing with the situation. unfortunately, if they don't wanna talk about it, they might not get the help that they need, so it's important I did what I needed to do in my situation. I'm glad that I was able to talk to him and be able to deal with that. I've been informed that my doctor will retire in the summer, and everything has been set so I don't even have to worry about anything, and everything will stay the same, and my medical provider will continue to provide the highest level of great health care that I have been used to, and I don't have to worry about having to rebroach subjects that are already on record. if I have to talk to my doctor about anything, I would rather talk to him rather than to try to hide it, because the doctor works for you, and if you tell him something or not tell him something that is important, he might not be able to help you with your deal you're dealing with something that you need help with and you do not disclose it. As everyone knows, diapers are ONE WAY to deal with incontinence, and there are other ways, but as much as we deal with medicines and everything else, I would think the best thing would be to use diapers if that is what you want to use. I'm not saying anybody else has to use diapers either, and that's their decision one way or the other whether they use one solution versus the other. but I'm glad that I am I am able to talk to my doctor about the subject, because it is important. All we have to do now is let people know that it is not a bad thing to talk to your doctor about incontinence, as long as your medical providers and people that help you know what's going on, they can help you a lot better. Brian
  14. @Zombie_Turtle when I deal with people that know me very well, That some of them may think differently of me because of my incontinence. Surprisingly, every single person that I have dealt with regarding my incontinence diagnosis has been very supportive very understanding, and doesn't think any different of me because of me wearing diapers. several of them have told me that it doesn't make a difference, and they would help me if it was necessary. The problem is that some people think that wearing a diaper is almost like wearing something that is revealing or something, when it's not. people wear diapers because they don't have control or because they need them, And that is why they're wearing them. They wouldn't wear if they didn't need them. Whether or not they them because they want to wear them, or because of a psychological or comfort reason, that is the decision of the person wearing them. The most important thing that I can see is that everyone should understand that people wear diapers for a myriad of reasons, and we shouldn't be making a big deal out of it, because people do it. just like somebody May decide that they wear their pants,, they wear their socks, their shoes, a shirt, and they might not wear underwear with their pants. if that is the case, that is the decision of the person wearing their clothing.**** no man The only reason that I would be worried is if somebody was actively doing something that would that would draw negative attention to themselves or other people around them. Other than that, wearing diapers is no big deal, should not be a big deal, and that is the way it is. I've had friends that wear diapers and they've done it for years, and they need them and they have them for whatever reason, and people wear also for comfort reasons com and that is considered a need, so hopefully people understand the reason why they do it. even if they didn't, that is the right of the person that is wearing, as long as the person is doing it in an appropriate manner and an appropriate time and at an appropriate place. Medical professionals such as doctors nurses CNA's LNAS he does not have, or any other type of medical professional are professional, and they see it all the time, and if they make a comment about the fact that you're wearing, it would probably be in the scope of a medical question. Doctors and nurses and other people that work with patients have seen it over and over again, and I've seen it myself, and I've even asked Nurses about it, and they don't even bat an eyelash, they would just go in and with a skill and professionalism and tact and All that, they would take care of you, and they would show concern and be supportive of someone that is wearing for whatever reason. Medical professionals don't even bat an eyelash, so them seeing diapers is normal for them, the only reason that they would question it is if they were doing some sort of a medical exam, and they were asking regarding your health status because of a change in it, which is something that they may ask, when they do the check in. They might ask you if you have enough supplies, they might ask you if you're having an issue with this or that, and they make sure that you have what you need. So far I haven't gotten any pushback, but I don't give anyone an opportunity an opportunity to push: I have made the decision that I made because of my mental health my physical health my emotional health and everything else. far too often most of the time I'm ending up jumping up and going to the bathroom, and I'm continually doing it over and over and over again. when I end up losing so much sleep that it causes me a problem, I had to make the decision, when I ended up with incontinence, IBS and diverticulitis, I had to make the decision. I needed to do it for my own well being And the best thing I ever did was to make that decision. I am glad that every one that I deal with understands what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. for anyone else that doesn't understand, then they need to not worry about it, because I'm not doing anything wrong nor would I want to make them think I'm doing something wrong. that's why my medical diagnosis are exactly what they are, and they're in my medical records, so somebody doesn't question my need for diapers, in fact they may end up offering them. Brian
  15. @Scarth welcome! Nice to have you here my friend! 😁😁😁 Brian
  16. just another quick question: is there such a garment that can protect you from both fecal incontinence and urinary incontinence when you're dealing with swimming? I know the idea is that you don't want to release in a swimming pool, so that is why you're wearing what you're wearing, but I was wondering if there is such a garment that you can wear that will take care of both, because I know that when you're dealing with fecal incontinence you're wearing a swim diaper to keep the fecal content within the swim diaper rather than within the pool. If there is such an animal, I'd love to be able to find it, because I can probably get it! Thanks! Brian
  17. @Scarth the problem with people who think that just because we can stay dry in the daytime we can stay dry at night is that they don't understand that sometimes our bladders don't work the way they think they should. part of the reason why people think that way is because they think that being dry in a day means that you're dry at night, which is obviously not the truth. my brothers ended up having problems with bed wetting all the way up until possibly age 5 at the latest, And even my my brother that is three years younger than me had an issue with bedwetting. So it can happen to anyone, And that's what people have to understand, You can say dry during the day and have problems at night, and sometimes wearing protection at night is a lot better than having a wet bed, or not being able to get enough sleep. That is part of the problem, if you're constantly getting up and having to go to the bathroom all the time, you miss the opportunity to get some shut eye. @John Davis I would agree! i'd also like to point out that wearing diapers is a hell of a lot more comfortable than having wet pants, wet beds, wet anything else that you're sitting on or in. At least with a diaper, whatever you're releasing is held, and hopefully does not end up going all over your bed, And that's why you would need to have a pair of plastic pants over the top or a trifecta diaper cover. Brian
  18. @Slomo thank you for the information about swim diapers! it seems as if they are pretty good for what they're designed for, there's just a lot of them that you can choose from, And you have to find the right one. I will be looking into this in the next couple of weeks to see what I can find. and now the Brian
  19. @Slomo thank you for all of the awesome information! I definitely will be going into the hospital the night before the procedure. I also will probably bring at least one package of megamax, Because that seems to be how many I will use, but I'm not quite sure how strong of a dose they will give me. I will have to Ask about that when I go in, and I talk to whoever I'm supposed to. that will help me determine anything that I may need. I understand that most of this will probably be like having a major case of the runs or diarrhea, so it shouldn't be too bad, I just wanna make sure that I'm not breaking my legs to try to get to the bathroom, and that's why I'm wearing diapers. Diapers make it a lot easier and I won't have to make as many trips I hope. Once I'm cleaned out, that should be no problem, because I probably won't be able to eat after midnight anyway, the only thing I'll be taking is medicine with water. I don't know what I have decided as far as how they're gonna put me out, but I definitely will check with him. Again thank you for all of the awesome information, I will keep you advised! Brian
  20. @Scarth what I don't like about some diapers is the fact that in my mind, you have to have a good diaper that's quality, And you also have to make sure that the diaper has good tabs and a way to attach together so that it does not cause you a problem. They always say that these diapers have the refashionable tabs, but basically what it is, is any diaper that is not a megamax for example, comes in two pieces, you end up taking both pieces off and then you're apparently going to stick the diaper tab in one position, then you take off the blue tab at the end, and apparently you can put it anywhere, but to me that is not refashionable, because that can rip the diaper and cause a problem because the tape also can get mucked up And then you have a problem. I remember using north shore supremes, and they were awesome, but the problem also can be that the tapes are not as wide, and anything that you want to use for a diaper should have good quality tapes, wide enough to be able to stick and stay stuck. megamax has the landing zone, and that's helped me Because with the landing zone at least you can stick the tape on the right place. many times if you don't have a landing zone, what happens is you end up sticking the tape to anywhere on the diaper, and the tapes are sticky enough so that so that when you stick them down they're like sticking super glue together, and that isn't coming off! I also agree that it's good that we have a selection in the diaper market now. I still wonder if you're here you're here Diaper companies will give us better choices without having to go to the next level, because the cheapest diapers don't actually do anything and they're not worthy of being called diapers, they're just dribblers, or bounty paper towels as I keep saying. The best thing to do is to have a good selection, because as has been stated everybody doesn't have the same body mechanics, everybody doesn't have the same frame, and what happens is diapers fit everyone differently, so it's always good to have a good selection, and one of the things that is important is that whatever selection we have, that it is a quality selection rather than just something made just to get by. Brian
  21. @John Davis@Scarth I understand that a swim diaper is supposed to keep fecal matter from being able to be released in the water. I also know that if someone uses a swim diaper, then you end up with a situation where you may not be able to deal with the urination piece, And I also know exactly what a swimming diaper is supposed to do. I would never put a public a public pool in a position where they would have to do what they do to have to drain clean and refill a pool, but I have seen it happen a couple times because there is something in the pool that doesn't belong there, or they want to make sure that the pool is clean and sterile for the next person to be able to use. That is why I'm asking the question I asked, because I wanna make sure if I decide to go swimming, that if I have to urinate I'm not gonna be peeing in the water, if I have to defecate I'm not going to be releasing it into the water. we all know that swim diapers are not 100% gonna hold everything that you release, In fact I expect that it might not hold everything that you release. You have to be able to think like the worst thing that can happen will happen without me knowing about it, so I wanna make sure that I'm doing the right thing, and have the right appropriate clothing for swimming If I'm incontinent. I'm not sure if they make swim diapers like they make for kids that can hold both, But I am curious! I would never be irresponsible enough to allow something to release: However I would be remiss if I didn't have the proper equipment to deal with it that it wouldn't happen. When you're incontinent like I am, I don't wanna take any chances, and I wanna make sure that I can take care of my needs. swim diapers are things that I'm not sure of, So that is why I'm asking for help! Thank you for your advice and counsel Brian
  22. Good afternoon all: in June this year, I will be going in for my first colonoscopy. I've heard a lot of things about how colonoscopies work, and my dad's had it at least twice, and he's had an endoscopy a couple times to make sure that he was clear both ways. my question concerns advice so that I can do my very best for this particular procedure. Usually they have people at home and they tell people to take a specific medication that can be mixed with water. I have this this medication and I'm not sure exactly how much they would make me take in order to clear my bowels in order to do that. I've been told that having a colonoscopy is hard, and I figured that it would be. I was told that it would be hard because you have to keep going between the bathroom and whatever you're sitting on or sitting in, and I was told that you were in a high dose of the medicine that I use, and that will make you go to the bathroom, to clear your bowels. I was always told by my dad that I should be walking around naked that day because I would need to use the toilet most of the time. there was only two things that I needed to figure out And one is should I sit on the toilet all day and sleep there, or is this something that once you start it will get better. I was told that it was easy to do the home prep, but I find that it is not, and I don't want to do the prep myself. My CP and all of the things that I deal with make it harder, and if what happens is that you have severe diarrhea or you have owls, you don't want to be cleaning up diarrhea and having it all over you, and then end up with burning sensation because of acidic stuff, and the release of water and whatever else. I told the doctor that I wanted to be in the hospital because of my disability. I figured the nurse would be available to help me with the prep, And because of my incontinence I'm wearing my megamax diapers. my program at home for moderate needs is specialized, and it has certain things that you can do and certain things that you can't do, and certain things that staff can do and can't do. if it's not listed on my home plan, then they have to call my case manager and ask for permission to do this particular task. if she approves it then that goes on to my plan, but when I deal with colonoscopy are any test in the hospital, then I would end up having no one to help me, because there are two problems that I would have One of them is, that if it's not on my plan, they can't do it. The second thing is they can help me clean up a mess in the bathroom for example, but I have to do all the cleaning for myself to clean myself off, and then change my own diapers. If I go to the hospital and I have it done, the nurse will be there, and I am a patient in the hospital as an internal patient, so they would be able to help me. the only I could have someone come in to be able to change diapers or help me during a procedure like this would be if I was in the high needs program, which would require me to do a whole bunch of paperwork and have a change to my plan which I don't think I need. So I told the doctor that there was no one that would be able to help me do the prep, And if there's no one to do the prep and I wasn't going in the hospital for my colonoscopy, that I wasn't gonna do it! And I told him that every test that I do from here on out that has to do with something that I can't do, that I wish to be hospitalized! all I can imagine is that somebody's gonna give me the medicine that I take in a very very high dose, I haven't Megamax on, and maybe an hour later, a whole bunch of poop is gonna come out along with a bunch of water and everything else, and I won't be able to stop until my bowels are clear, and they will keep doing whatever they do for hours And I'll just continually have this horrible discharge diarrhea to make sure that I'm clear. then in the morning, i'll go downstairs into the procedure room and they will do it right there at the hospital, i'll be in recovery, and then later on in the afternoon i'll take a ride home. I don't know how the colonoscopy works very well, especially with my condition, but all I can imagine is that I won't be able to control anything And I'll just be releasing anything I'm holding. This is why I decided to go in the hospital for this procedure, and thank God for my Mega Max's, because no hospital diaper is going to be quality enough to take care of it. I've heard people say colonoscopy isn't that bad! Unfortunately, because of my disability, and my need my need for help to get this stuff right, I need to go into the hospital for stuff like this. I can't do it on my own And no nurse can come out to help me for one night, it would cost a fortune and I don't even think that's Fair, so I told him that I needed to be in the hospital. He made sure that happened, and the next thing I have to do is go for that particular procedure. I'm not very scared, I'm just wondering: if being if being urinarily incontinent means that you're constantly peeing all over the place, when you do a colonoscopy that medicine will make you poop everywhere, and all I can say is I feel like it would be a rainstorm of whatever is in my bowels. maybe I think that it's kinda weird, or maybe what I'm thinking is I'm thinking too much, and I think it's worse than it actually is, but this type of a procedure doesn't scare me, but incontinence will be a factor, but In some ways I'm feeling like this will be interesting, because even though it will feel embarrassing doing it, I have the diaper so they'll expect it to be used and helped me all the way through, the nurses will help me change diapers and they will help me keep myself clean and make sure and I do what I'm supposed to do. Am I thinking that a colonoscopy is worse than it actually is? i've heard from my dad the way they do it for him, but they have to take his trake out and run run the camera through the hole in his neck. my dad is 76 years old so my dad has to deal with everything that has to be done in colluding making sure that he doesn't get sick or have any problems with his breathing. He's had the end of Scopy and he's had other ones But I sometimes wonder how this will work, and wonder how the thrill of teaching all of that water will feel Like because I'm thinking that once they give me that medicine, it will be like a rainstorm came in and I will be peeing and pooping everywhere, so I have to have good diapers. Now I have one final question: when I go into the hospital I will have my go bag on the back of my chair. I usually carry 5 Mega Max diapers, but I don't know how many diapers I should take with me to the hospital to make sure that I can use my own. I've heard horror stories about hospital diapers being no better than bounty paper towels, and I don't really understand if there is a diaper that I could use that the hospital provides that helps me with it, but it's probably not going to work. I will do my megamaxes, but I'm not even sure how many that I would need? Thoughts? Brian
  23. @Incont I have worked in many positions as a volunteer. My most important position that I worked in as a volunteer was a server operator on Tallahassee Freenet. I did that from 1995 until 2017, when we got the sad news that we lost our provider, so we had to shut it down. I haven't heard anything that says we're gonna reopen it, but I've had a lot of memories being on being an operator over there, being on chat every night, trying to help people, and then having awesome discussions that sometimes go till three in the morning, similar to what we would do over on daily diapers chat, just talk about anything to keep ourselves busy Laugh and have a grand all time, and I like that part. Sometimes though you had to get a little bit tougher, because there was always an idiot that would break the rules and we'd have to tell him that it was against the rules, then they would sometimes fight us, and they would threaten us Comments would have to use our power, and then they would complain, and of course based on the administrators decision, most of the time we would win. I met a lot of good people while I was there, and I actually went to Florida four times, the first three were to see my friends at Tallahassee Freenet, the 4th time I went in 2016 was when I saw my brother at Westgate condos. My next job that I work at currently is that I am the director of the community Thrift store in Montpelier VT. this was a dream of my friend who have a thrift store, so we went to the pastor at the time, and then pitch the idea. long story short, she approved it, that Monday, they were downstairs and looking around, and my friend was asking why he was in a dank dark place that stunk, and she told him that this was going to be the place for the thrift store. people were grumbling because they lost one room at the food pantry, but she said that she wanted to make sure that we were able to do it, and it was a good idea, and it was a that will help people so we had about four weeks to do this, And we opened in 2009 in November. I took over in 2017, when my friend retired. this is a job that I really enjoy, 'cause I get to help people. sometimes it's a pain in the neck because you have to deal with the politics, you have to deal with volunteers that are telling you ohh this is wrong or this is wrong again Or you better ask this or you better ask that, but most of the time it's a good setup because I have a few volunteers that help me keep this store running. i've always wanna be in the position that I did Just, So I ended up waiting eight years to be promoted to that position. I ended up getting promotions at least twice during my tenure, and I'll tell you that my friend had called me just to ask me some computer questions, and set up computers in the store, and then the next thing I know because of my skill he wanted me to work with him, and the rest is history! I took over as director in 2017, we had a flood in 2016 and we had to rebuild, So he didn't leave Vermont until that was complete, and I had everything I needed. The church ended up stepping up stepping up and putting us back together, and we had to deal with all that. So this job is a current one and I enjoy it, but man I'm telling you, I don't know how Mike deals with it, but he is one of the most patient men i've ever heard of He always uses his head and he makes the decisions that he thinks are appropriate. I have to make those decisions sometimes, but I still think sometimes that somebody wants to override my decisions or try to change my mind! they can try that But I have to make the best decision possible in a comma And sometimes people don't understand my motives, but I try to do the best I can. I also own Buddy - Baker dot com, org, info and my current domain which is the main domain dot US. I maintain all of these websites one of them for the store, and then the rest Yeah I use for different purposes. I got into doing stuff online when of the free net gave me access to the shell. Let me tell you I thought that I was going to break the system, but he told me that I couldn't do it And just to take my time and learn. because of his help and his support, one day I ended up getting an email, And that email told me that I was promoted to assistant webmaster, responsible for their websites. So I started working on a help system, helping them so they can learn how to use the menu system to get what they needed to get. I wrote all of the help files, I end up answering questions on the email aliases and all this type of stuff. in 1998, I wrote my first plan to do a website. And it was in the home directory of my free net account. Little did I know that writing the first website would lead to me having a bug that tells me I need to work on websites, I want to have my own server and all of this, and I talk to my friends and found that it was expensive sometimes and that it can be a pain in the neck! also found out that there are problems that can happen such as dead hard drives and electrical problems, I have had actually a server explode in my living room, so I know how that is. In 2008 I ended up starting the US domain: this is when I got my first server which is an IBM work server, And the thing was as big as probably Mike's couch, the thing was large The thing was wide and the thing made enough noise to wake up the world. my partner at the time ended up finding out just how noisy this thing was and I had it in my apartment. when I had the thing on the fans were running all the time, and when you did something important they would spin up. they made so much noise that my friend disabled at least one of the fans, and then he found out that a couple months later the drive was dead and then the whole thing went. I got myself a computer again and I made a Linux machine And I put my first website up. After that, I learned Linux and I've been learning Linux for years, and I learn how to configure it, I learned how to install things that I need, and I learned some things that might probably has to know in order to maintain these websites. I ended up installing my own form software as a test, And I still have that forum, but I have learned a lot because I take the time to do important things to keep my mind busy. I'm not sure why some of my friends think that I'm wasting my time at work or that I'm not doing a good job! I do the best I can and I've been doing a lot for years, and I'm trying to be the best guy I can be! sometimes it's really hard, because you have people that might not believe that you can do it, or they end up saying that it's a bad idea, or they try to push you because they think it's bad. i've had a lot of good people that tell me that I can do anything that I want as long as I put my mind to it. all of my domains are there because I put my mind to it and I wanted it I paid for it I got it! nobody's gonna take it away from me, no one's gonna make me have to worry anymore. I have my server and I'm so proud, But sometimes it's a pain in the neck because you lose files or you have to make sure you back it up, are you updated. but the thing is with my job, it's one of those type of jobs that you can do at home just like Mike, And sometimes you have to sit in a chair and you have to pound on the keyboard for a few hours to make sure that your site is working properly and you end up talking to your friends online. During the pandemic, my world changed along with the rest of the world! I remember very clearly that I would wake up at 7 in the morning and I would go to bed at like 1 o'clock in the morning. During the pandemic my schedule change, and I was going to bed at 4 AM And then I would wake up at like 4 PM, and get something to eat and then I would be back on the chat. This is something that I did throughout the worst of the pandemic when nothing was open, you couldn't go anywhere, there was nothing that we could get unless we had special permission from doctors or the hospitals or somewhere that we could go, and it was just a pain. So I would go out maybe get some air, and then I'd come back in and I'd be talking to people on the chat server. My schedule was flipped upside down and I was totally blown away because I became a member here And then the pandemic hit in 19 and we were going full blast And then in 20 everything went independent mode And here we were. I've learned a lot, and even through the pandemic I kept my cool and I kept working on websites and I kept on going to the doctor and doing other things. During the pandemic it was hard, but I still did work so that I could keep myself sharp. I might not be able to do some of these jobs like drive trucks or forklifts or lift a heavy boxes and stuff like that like my brothers can, or more like my brother Dan in the Air Force Reserve, or my brother Eric who's a teacher, but I do what I can do and I can help people. My Brother James takes care of radiologic stuff, and he does the MRIS and he does the cat scans and other things they ask him to do. I'm very proud of my brother and there's a lot of things that I can do because they can help me, and there's other things that I don't worry about. All in all life is cool, and I'm glad I have the job I have, but sometimes it is a pain. People told me that when I retired it would be to have fun or to relax or go somewhere interesting. because I'm 50 years old, I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I can retire, And that's why I always say that I work as a volunteer, and I jokingly say that I retired at 30. I also worked in the food service industry at the senior meals site And I was doing computer work and clerical stuff for my boss, who I've known since I was six. the poor lady died before the pandemic at the age of 83, but I'll always remember her because she was Italian And I'm telling you she was Really awesome because she taught me a lot of different stuff about food service. She taught me how to do the records, and I computerized the entire operation, on my own time with my own software, because I love what I was doing. I had to retire from this job because people in the using it's already we're accusing me of ruining equipment or saying that I caused malfunctions that made the computer unusable, when the problem was that the new computer we purchased had a dead hard drive in it to start. So they they kept on blaming me for a whole bunch of stuff and it was just a pain! so I'm glad that I'm finally able to do what it is that I want to do. just like my parents, they retired and they wanted to be able to do something special, so my step dad bought a motorcycle, and my parents are constantly on the motorcycle as much as they can, and I bet you they've been to every corner of the state, and I bet you they've been too canada maybe, And I think they made of even gone down and the most of Florida come but I'm not sure. The point is my parents are having fun, and they're enjoying themselves, and I have the same thing going on, but people worry about me sometimes. I try to keep myself up and try to stay happy, and my brother is here every day so it helps me, But I'm telling you right now work can suck sometimes, but we won't deal with it everyday, and with my diapers, it makes it really easier! Brian
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    @Marks welcome to the site! One of the things that is important is that when you have incontinence or you're dealing with bed wedding or something that causes you stress or sometimes as inconvenient is to learn how to deal with it effectively. in my case I've been incontinent all my life on and off, and that would depend specifically on the situation that I deal with, With. Sometimes you have to find a way that makes sense to you to be able to handle a problem. bed wetting and incontinence go hand in hand, because in both cases you are losing control of of your bladder or your bowels one is in your bed, one may be in your diaper or something like that, and so they are related in some ways and different in others. When I was 46, I joined our sister site daily diapers because I was having problems with incontinence accidents IBS diverticulitis and just having a hell of a time trying to deal with the fact that I may not have as much control as I used to. I also had to deal with the fact that my mobility is limited Sometimes I can't move as fast as I used to, And the thing that really hurt me, was that there are sometimes where I'm just sitting in my chair. I feel something in my back end, and I can't even put my hands on my chairs arms to be able to stand up to be able to deal with the issue, I've already done it in the diaper and it's all done. that is that is what happens with incontinence Sometimes you have no control, and it just happens You might feel it You might smell it, but you may not have a way to deal with it right away, it just happens. My feeling is that incontinence is just a condition, just like cerebral palsy or any other type of neurological condition. you have to deal with its good parts, it's bad parts, and all of the emotions and feelings and everything that goes through your head. you have to live your life and you have to learn how to deal with situations and have ways to cope with things that bother you. as a child, you learn how to deal with responsibility And you learn a bunch of different stuff, and your parents help you through a lot of things that might be something that you can't handle, but they're there to help you.. Bed wetting and incontinence art are two things that are difficult to deal with in some ways. once you find a way to deal with your incontinence and or bed wetting, you can learn strategies how to deal with it, and get the proper equipment to deal with it, and once you get that equipment, and you change the way you deal with your bathroom habits, and you find an appropriate way to deal with that situation, having incontinence is about as easy as having cerebral palsy because you know what your body's gonna do, you know that for example your knee might give out, or whatever else. it depends on your body and what happens. incontinence is not the fault of anyone, it's just a fact of life Your systems that deal with excretory does not deal with incontinence and fecal incontinence, so they end up just releasing anything they're holding because they don't have the ability to hold. the diapers are there to help you, and the most important thing is let them help you, because you have a lot more things in life that are important and things that you wanna do, places you wanna go, people you wanna see, people that love you, and an incontinence is like a stop sign that you have to deal with, and you find out how to deal with the stop sign, and then you're able to pull out the stop sign and it's not stopping you anymore. It's important to understand that it is hard to deal with something that you may not accept or understand! I went through that myself, and I finally came to the realization that incontinence is nothing to worry to worry about, because if you have the right equipment, you have the right supports, and you have a good reason, you should be able to have what you need. diapers have changed my life 110% in the positive direction, and I can't say it enough: people think people think that diapers are bad for some reason, but once they realize that they are helpful to some, they might change their mind. I think part of the problem is is that people think diapers are terrible or yucky or something like that And I'm not sure why they have the stigma that diapers are only for babies, And there is so much stigma about adults wearing diapers. As I've learned, wearing a diaper is no different than wearing underwear, because underwear is something is something that you wear, something that you put between your body your body parts and your pants, and what is the difference between a diaper and underwear Question THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! That's right There is no difference except one: that under are cotton, And everyone wearing underwear usually pulls them down to be able to go to the bathroom. A diaper is different because a diaper has internal padding has plastic shell, and is designed for people to be able to release anything they're holding with their body. A diaper is easily changed, and sometimes diapers are easier than having to deal with underwear, because all you're dealing with is taking the diaper off, maybe throwing it away, and then getting another one and putting it on. for me, the plastic back diapers are important to me, because I grew up in a situation in the 70s where the only diapers that were available were pampers. Those things were big, Those things smelled good, and they were and they were very very thick. When you have incontinence you want a diaper that's going to be able to deal with it. once you find that diaper, everything will be OK! diapers are special underwear! they are designed to be to be something that you can use when you can't get to the toilet on time, or you can't use the toilet 'cause everything happens so fast. once you learn about what you're dealing with like the condition, you end up doing your research, you end up finding products that work for you, and you start using them and you like them, then part of the big problem big problem will be solved, because you have what you need and you're able to say I'm going to live my life this way. incontinence should never stop anyone from doing what they are doing, cause they're basically doing what they want, they're just wearing a diaper instead of normal underwear, and as such they have to be careful about how the diaper is used when it is used, and that is only because you have to be able to tell when you have to change. People's plumbing that doesn't work, that would be a problem, but eventually someone finds out that you have used your diaper, and you have to change it. Once you find a good system stay with it: don't let diapers put you down, or make you feel less of a man or a woman! there are plenty of people who wear diapers every day, and I don't even know how many where diapers in the United States are around the world, but I would say it is a huge number. especially in Japan in China maybe, where diapers are popular and used for what they are required to be used for. I bet you there's plenty of companies that make diapers in Japan or China because that is important to their people. There are a lot of people in the world that are incontinent. the trick is you have to find a way to be able to own incontinence and tell it that you are the boss! by wearing diapers that is one way to tell incontinence that you are the boss. the same thing can be said of bed wetting If you are wearing diapers, because you are using a method to control it. people that decide to wear diapers for whatever reason have made that choice to control it that way, and as such we found our way to be able to do it. it is very embarrassing to deal with incontinence sometimes, and the best thing to do is to get by the horns and ride it, beat it, and you beat it by wearing diapers or using other sources of medicines or supports. once you have it under control, your life can be a better life because you don't have to worry all the time about Peeing or pooping your pants! lots of people work around and do different things in their diapered! Because your diapered, that should not stop you from doing the things that you want. people have to realize that people do wear diapers, see you may see somebody in diapers. one of the things that @Incont has instilled in us is that you need to be responsible, and do not be showing diapers to people to people who may not want to see them, but if you're incontinent, you have to wear diapers or do something to help you, so people have to understand that people will wear diapers, it's legal it's appropriate, and it doesn't bother many people, unless they let it bother them. diapers are important, because it takes away that responsibility that you have to use the bathroom in the toilet! some people can't do that because of disability, some people can't do it because they can't get to the toilet in time, sometimes they're downstairs plumbing is broken, but the problem is people have a stigma about diapers being bad, and that's what we have to change. We have to let people know that wearing diapers is a choice, wearing diapers is some sort of a choice that someone makes to make their life easier, and why would somebody be offended if somebody wears diapers. I can see if somebody were to be exhibitionist and be walking around with a shirt or no shirt and a diaper with shoes, and it's an adult. People may end up asking questions, but the thing is you have you have to be responsible when you're doing whatever you're doing, because you may not want to draw attention to yourself by others. you are the one that's in charge, and you use the solution you think works the best. most people probably would understand that there are people that wear diapers because of incontinence, but the most important thing is to not let someone make you feel bad or strange or whatever because of it. incontinence is not your fault It's just something that happens, just like a baby The baby is not expected to go and use the toilet. That's why a diaper is available, it has to learn how to use its bodily functions, and that's why a parent goes through the toilet training process. i'm glad that you We're able to continue to live the life you want to live! diapers are not a problem, and we have to let people know that regardless of their thoughts about it, it's not bad, and it doesn't cause a major problem unless somebody lets it become a problem. I'm wearing one right now and I can tell you right now that I'm more comfortable in a diaper than I would be in underwear, cause every time you turn around you have to adjust your underwear or scratch or do something else and everything is so tight. with a diaper at least you have a absorbent pad to be able to use, But as I said you found a way to make your life easier, and diapers have been that choice! congratulations and welcome! I hope to see you again on the forms or in chat over here! Brian
  25. @John Davis i've heard of Nullo, as a deodorant for fecal incontinence, And I guess what they tell you is that Nullo will help you get rid of the smell. I'm not sure how effective it will be, and what and what usually happens is that you do end up taking something sometimes and it causes constipation which, which is something that I deal with and I have appropriate medication to help me with that. I'm not sure exactly if I should try nullo or if I should try some other product, because you've warned us that you may have a higher and higher need for doses, And you said that it causes constipation. I'd love to be able to try something like that, but I'm not sure where I would get the Nullo, or if it's just something that you get like a prescription. if it's something you get on Amazon, it might be interesting to have some to test it out. As @John Davis Said, I Would also like to hear experiences with fecal deodorant to find out how good or how bad they are. it is always a good idea to be able to ask the community questions and see what their experiences are. you learn a lot from doing that, and you may end up adopting something that you see because you of a recommendation. it's always good to have friends that are in the same position, because they can help you through whatever you're dealing with, supporting you all the way, because all of us are in the same position We are incontinent because of different reasons, but we're still here and we will persevere! Brian
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