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  1. Looking forward to trying them.
  2. I get frustrated by it sometimes. Like when I am really tired and want to go to sleep, but am too tired to change, things like that frustrate ne.
  3. On the rare occasion when I wake up needing to pee, the most lightly outcome is that I will wet myself some time between getting out of bed and shuffling groggily to the toilet. So,I just adjust my pillow, turn over and go back to sleep.
  4. I also agree. Insisting on calling it a brief gives the impression that there is something wrong or shameful with a diaper. There isn’t and there is no need to encourage the shame that some people feel — and that I used to feel. I wear a diaper, and there is nothing shameful about that.
  5. I haven't tried the Trest because of their price, but I have been considering it. To be honest though, I think I’d still wear plastic pants over them.
  6. I went out for some drinks with friends on Friday, and two of them joked about how they have to keep going to the bathroom because of OAB. Incontinence didn’t come up, but bladder issues did.
  7. I have heard women mentioning bladder leaks, but it is usually skipped over quickly. I have never heard men say anything.
  8. I use a quality diaper with a booster and plastic pants, usually with a onesie on top. I never considered using a pull up on top of my diaper. Do you think it really helps? Is the extra bulk a problem?
  9. Good question. For me, it means accepting the right level of protection needed. Sure life would be easier if I could get away with a pad in my underwear or a thin pull-up, but accept that it would be insufficient, so I wear a thicker diaper and plastic pants, even if it is less discreet. And I go about living my life like everybody else.
  10. I think that very few people will hear it, even fewer will recognize the sound, and even fewer will say something to you.
  11. Dan


    Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more from you.
  12. it would be so overly large that adults would refuse to wear it (even though it would perform its function very well). i can understand why that would be a problem during the day, but at night, in bed, it would have its advantages, and no one would see it. I prefer a ticker diaper at night anyway.
  13. It is a strange question for me. I like my diapers. They make it possible for me to live a relatively normal life. In fact, even if my incontinence were magically cured, I would probably still use diapers occasionally for convenience. On the other hand, everything i think about diapers is a con, from the cost, to the need to change at inopprtune times, to the hygiene, to the shame that we have all experienced at one time or another. And there is the loneliness. It would be great to know other people in a similar situation in real life, if for nothing more than to talk with someone who really understands.
  14. While I dont think it is anything to be ashamed of, I certainly don’t advertise it. I try to be as discreet as possible for myself, but also because people might feel uncomfortable.
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