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John Davis

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Are you experimenting with managing your incontinence?  Are you reading and still testing new procedures, products and combinations of products?

I think it important to always be checking out new things (products or procedures) that may help us. This is true even for those of us who may have been incontinent for a long time.  I have been wearing diapers for about 10 years and had bowel incontinence issues for longer than that.  I scan articles and newsgroups about incontinence and related products.  I still find new things that help me.  Even small things count.

We may find sometihng new that works better for us.  However, I suggest that, more importantly, being proactive in this manner can be very beneficial for our mental and emotional health.  Asserting ourselves in this manner keeps us in control (insomuch as may be possible) of our incontinence.  That is good for our emotional well-being.  Our emotional health is as important as our physical health.

What about you guys - what do you think?


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I think every one is different here.  I don't search anymore - I am glad that after a long search I have found a aid that works. 
There are really only two reasons when I start again to deal with it:

1) The product will be discontinued or "worse improved".
2) Something changes in my incontinence, so that a previous product no longer fits.

Of course, you can experiment a lot - but honestly - why should I do that if the product works. In addition, a product change entails many other problems. New prescriptions have to be issued, it has to be discussed with the insurance company, new expert opinions may be necessary because the costs are not covered as expected, new suppliers have to be found, and so on. For those who pay for the things themselves, this is certainly an option. If you do it with the health insurance, it is enormously time-consuming and tedious.

If I invest time in the subject, then rather in educating myself and see if there is perhaps new medical possibility to fix or at least improve the problem. But in the end, I think it's important to think about something other than just health problems. That helps more in case of doubt... - just my opinion.

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I've been trying new things since I have been wearing diapers (about 3 years) If I hadn't tried new things I would still be battling leaks with crappy store bought diapers.  I like having a lot of options as things (even since i have been around) change or disappear off the market.  I also like trying to find the "Best" value with efficiency, comfort, and price.  this can be all kinds of combos of diapers with pads and plastic pants.  

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I used to try out a bunch of different things, meds, diapers, etc. I've since found what works nearly perfect for me, so why keep looking to fix what isn't broken. That said, ALWAYS have a backup plan. Diapers get change around and "improved", or outright discontinued all the time. Already knowing what you can fall back on is a big stress reliever.

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