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  1. I've been trying new things since I have been wearing diapers (about 3 years) If I hadn't tried new things I would still be battling leaks with crappy store bought diapers. I like having a lot of options as things (even since i have been around) change or disappear off the market. I also like trying to find the "Best" value with efficiency, comfort, and price. this can be all kinds of combos of diapers with pads and plastic pants.
  2. For sure. I use these at times. Love em. They fit me well and I basically abandoned Megamax for them. Before Megamax I used Abena M4. I actually noticed betterdry a while before I tridd them but weren't available at any of the places I shopped, and I didn't think they could be better than Megamax. They are though, IMHO. I've now found that I really like the InControl diapers from rearz. The fit and comfort is good for me. They also hold a lot and that is good for me as well.
  3. Same with me. I have (mostly) figured out my needs and my timing on changes, but every now and then I get thrown for a loop and then it's just the worst.
  4. Just a question about something I still struggle with. Wondering how folks in the group deal mentally if they have an accident while in public, at work, or around others. Seems like folks here have a range of attitudes towards things like this, just wondering how you react to situations like this and if anyone wants to share feelings about it. For me I feel something between apathy, embarrassment, and failure. It used to ruin my entire day and make me depressed. I would just want to go home, crawl into bed, and hide from the world. I don't feel as bad as I used to about it, but it is still one of the things I dread the most. It's a similar feeling when I have a bad leak in my bed. It feels like I failed at something.
  5. Yep. That is a tough one. The inconvenience of it can be completely deflating sometimes. Sorry for your crumby day😒 For me it's when I am "in the zone" getting something done that i'm really focused on, and I can't tell that I am wetting myself until I am nearly leaking. Then having to stop and change is such a distraction and can ruin my motivation. Finding those windows of times where I feel both healthy, and motivated seem like they are few, so things like changing are energy and time spent that I wish I could be spending on other things. I feel ya.
  6. When did they come out with Betterdry? I have only been using diapers for about 3 years and it was like a world was hidden to me before I started actively searching for answers and ordering things online. After leaking several times with Depends Night defense (my first go-to before my issues got worse than they could handle) I got super frustrated and and started reading and searching more. Then I find online supplies, then I start to see all the baby print diapers, plastic pants and so on. popping up in searches, and blogs where people spoke about ABDL stuff but also a lot of useful information. After getting over the shock value of it, I started learning a lot of tips and things I didn't have a clue about, booster pads, types of plastic pants, capacity ratings etc, Megamax, Betterdry...shoot, even how to not get diaper rash.
  7. I might not have the best hearing but i believe that I don't make a lot of sound in a room with a lot of activity. Then, like others have said, if I do make a sound, who is going to put 2 and 2 together? If they do do have suspicion, why should I care. They would have to prove it, by asking me, or disrobing me. Either of those options are something nobody is likely to make. So no, not a big deal to me.
  8. Which is funny because I think (some) of the same companies produce both adult and infant diapers. I think it again, goes back to customer demand. Because Depend sells junk and people buy it, there isn't a sense that they need to make any real changes to their design. There is a statistic that said something like 1 in 5 people struggle with overactive bladder.. out of that group there is a smaller group with some level of incontinence, and out of that group there is a smaller group that could use something like what we're talking. Since I am in that group, I would totally buy something that was as comfortable, and worked as well. However, I am a minority in the market. That is why I embrace the ABDL community. Because they demand bigger, better, and fun prints. I am thankful to be able to have the products available to me that were developed because folks demanded it. That is a fact that I wish more product developers, and incontinent people knew. If this was common knowledge more companies would be on that train and there would be a race to the best and cheapest.
  9. fit is one thing, but what about some of the features on baby diapers. more comfortable waistbands, better topsheets, etc. those things would be nice.
  10. seems like that could almost be viewed as harassment or discrimination in some manner.
  11. stress contributes to my condition being worse or better so by proxy contributes to my incontinence. I wouldn't say stress, adrenaline levels in the bloodstream, cortisol levels that are too high, or too low, would not be a root cause but could be a factor. Adrenaline has the opposite effect on my body where i nearly stop producing urine as a result. I would say that there would need to be another underlying condition such as weakness in pelvic floor, or some type of nerve malfunction.
  12. This sounds like a nightmare. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. hopefully something get's figured out and you get a proper sized waste container. I wish folks that made decisions about these types of things were more considerate of the outcomes for those affected by them.
  13. this is what I imagine most normal folk's reaction would be and then there'd be awkwardness for both of us. I imagine there'd be pretending like like they didn't see it, and then me trying to figure out if they did and ready myself to explain something about myself I would much rather keep private. There's too much stigma around having to wear diapers so aside from the few people in my life that do know + this group, I am Mission Impossible about it. I don't want to think that people are going to be worried about me leaking on their furniture, or thinking I'm defective and pitying me, or having anxiety thinking that someone is grossed out by it. I guess that is probably the shame part that i worry about and internalize the crap out of because, who do you talk to about it?
  14. I use a lot of powder wherever is covered. Legs, buttocks, everything that will sweat. I also try to work it into the skin a little bit. It won't keep me from sweating but can help to postpone feeling gross and drenched.
  15. How about some plaid like you'd see on some boxer shorts. floral designs, wood grain. muscle cars....i've got ideas I'm not sure my full feelings about it, but having some color or designs makes me feel a little less like this decrepit person with all these problems.
  16. The landing zones work well for me when my depth perception is wacked out. I also like the tape guides for this reason. I also like colors and designs. more choices there would be nice. I also think the "waddle cut" is great. I like how it makes a pocket around my anatomy so i don't have to worry how things are positioned. I have had leaks because I was too close to one side during a flood.
  17. I wasn't overly impressed by the things I tried but I've only tried a couple of items. I did like the designs on a few of them. I will probably order to have some color choices here and there but I don't think the things I tried would be cost effective and enough to handle my typical days and nights. I thought they were really great about shipping and billing. That's bonus points too.
  18. The heated waterproof mattress pad sounds amazing. Would probably feel great. Due to my condition I constantly have knots of muscles and I frequently use heating pads to combat it. That sounds awesome!
  19. Great attitude! and good rule of thumb. Same here.
  20. Definitely see that point, but some of the landing zone diapers have been a huge help to me. The Incontrol diapers are fantastic. Yes, I still struggle with the bottom tape and comfort, but the features they have and capacity has allowed me to have more ease of use, and freedom to change when it's convenient. I also have noticed I use fewer of them, and save money. I'd like to point out that i don't work for them, I just really appreciate their products. 😁 I think it's awesome they sponsored this site.
  21. There's probably something to be said for trying to stay dry, but there's no science behind it. If you're going to leak, you're going to leak. For doctors or others in the community to say that you don't want to become reliant on diapers, and by wearing them it's somehow a detriment to your continence, I don't really think there's any proof to back up that conversation. I use the bathroom when I can, but during the times when I can't, it's unavoidable. I don't think there's any trick it. Maybe I'm off...
  22. So this is the fear I have. I have those times when I cannot urinate without excessive force and I worry exactly about that. Botox was not really that effective on other parts of my body so it may do nothing at all. The problem for me is in the nerves. Botox is supposed to paralyze the muscles that are malfunctioning. I hope to talk to a doctor soon that will listen to me and educate me on it. It may work on X number of patients, but my case may be different. I just want the doctor to take those things into consideration before trying to sell me on a procedure.
  23. I work at an office. I wear large capacity diapers to reduce the chances of needing to change during the day. I am close to the restroom and use it often. If I am stuck in meetings, or have a bad IC day I have good protection to fall back on.
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