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  1. Just met with a new Uro and I think I will continue to use him. I was there for a reason other than incontinence but we did check in about it. He didn't press me about trying this or that, as he could probably see everything in my chart that I have done. He also was the first one I encountered that gave an honest answer about some of the treatments I've been considering. My guess is he doesn't have any skin in the game with the medical device companies. Anyhow, it was refreshing to find a doctor that didn't want to try to solve my problems, or inadvertently make me feel abnormal, or pity me. So that was nice.
  2. Hopefully your new buddy will decide it wants to come and sit by you. It's nice having a lap cat that minds well. Great stress relievers.
  3. I don't really have any useful advice, I just wanted to congratulate you on your new furry family member. I have one cat and he doesn't really care too much about it. I've never witnessed him sniffing around or acting different. It's just part of my routine that's normal for him. πŸ±πŸ‘ Cat's are pretty great. I've always been a "dog-person" but the one I have is pretty good. Very loyal, wants to be around me, doesn't mind that I can't move fast, or give him a ton of attention.
  4. Ah. This happens pretty often to me. I dread waking up sometimes if things have become too bunched up. When it happens though, I wake up with my bladder spasming so bad because it's reached it's limit but things are blocked. That's another point I like about the Incontrol style diapers. They are wide and will create a pocket around everything, and won't get pinchy when they swell up.
  5. Ha! ok...that makes more sense now. So actually also I have never had any luck going a size up to a large. Medium almost always fits me well, or on the big side. Whenever i size up the middle is way too long and I can't get them around my legs. I agree with you about the rise not being high enough. I try to makes sure i'm ALWAYS pointing down. πŸ‘‡The only ones I have ever found in my size that seemed like the rise was made for the male body has be Seni diapers. Seni are ok but I wish there was a plastic option, and the tapes suck ass. The Super and the Quatro can work ok as a 3hr diaper if I have a good booster.
  6. Oh NICE!! That was another thought that crossed my mind. I can only imagine paying for a case of diapers by weight at the check in. That's great!!
  7. I've never thought of doing that. That's a really good idea! Luckily, I haven't needed to travel anywhere for an extended time since I lost control of my bladder, but I do intend to go on vacations again at some point when I get the chance.
  8. Slom-dog: I feel kind of bad for encouraging you to buy these despite your instinct on these. Your review was awesome though! I get what you are saying about the tapes and getting them to fit around the front of the legs, but I'm dumbfounded why they fit me well, and not you. When I put these on I take the bottom tapes around front and aiming upwards. Then I land the tape above the tape guide. The top tape comes across and lands on the tape guide as usual. This makes kind of a pocket around my area, and keeps things held in snug. I don't seem to have issues leaking out of the front. My biggest issues were leaks from the bottom of the legs whilst sitting, and such, but the cut of the legs, with size medium in these, work really well for me.
  9. I stared at this question for a long time but couldn't really think of anything.
  10. Challenge officially accepted it sounds like. 😊 To be clear: The issue I had was that legs wouldn't seal around the back. I believe this is because the contour is cut differently. I think I am able to pull the lower tapes more around and get them snugger. I am pretty sure of this but i've been wrong lot's of times.
  11. Make sure to leave an update!
  12. I thought the same thing! I was like "oh no, how are these supposed to work" . I'm with you on the price too. I hope it stays that way. really good value.
  13. I was hoping you'd respond to this thread. I know you are a dedicated Betterdry/Crinkles guy and I think these were obviously priced (and named πŸ˜„) to compete with them. I totally get what you're saying about the "lower" tapes after reading your posts from before, and comparing them myself. I found that some of the Rearz and Incontrol diapers do not seal around the legs for me just like you were saying. But I also found the Incontrol Elite fits me well for some reason. This new one fits just like the Elite style on me. I would be interested to see what you thought if you ever tried either of them now.
  14. I ordered these as another one of the holiday sale items I have been finding. I already got to try them out and I have positive things to say. For the cost, they didn't seem to skimp out on anything. They are cut similar to the Essential style (but for some reason fit me better) and do seem to hold more. They also seem to be a little drier feeling on the skin. Not sure if that is part of the grey top sheet or if it's from the higher capacity. Either way it's nice.
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