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If you have a leak while in public does it bother you?


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Just a question about something I still struggle with. Wondering how folks in the group deal mentally if they have an accident while in public, at work, or around others.  


Seems like folks here have a range of attitudes towards things like this, just wondering how you react to situations like this and if anyone wants to share feelings about it.


For me I feel something between apathy, embarrassment, and failure.  It used to ruin my entire day and make me depressed.  I would just want to go home, crawl into bed, and hide from the world.   I don't feel as bad as I used to about it, but it is still one of the things I dread the most.  It's a similar feeling when I have a bad leak in my bed.  It feels like I failed at something.  


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I am a heavy wetter and pee in my diaper in public frequently, but rarely have a leak.  I wear a premium diaper with a booster pad, a thin cloth pullup, and a diaper cover. I know my capacity and time my changes.  I have not had a leak onto my outer clothing in about three years.🙂


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Same here. I rarely leak in public too. Though when it does happen it's just an annoyance to me. But that's because I also wear a PUL diaper cover to contain any leaks, which help me notice it before the leak becomes outwardly noticeable. It's just a matter of stopping what I'm doing, removing the diaper cover, and changing my diaper. 

Before I started using Betterdry/Crinklz, and before I used a good diaper cover,  leaks were usually bad and happened at least once a week for me. Which was with using Abena L4 (the best on the market at the time), and I hated it. Those leaks were always noticeable and required a change of pants.

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