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  1. And I am another. Welcome and tell us more. --John
  2. Which diaper covers are best for fecal incontinence? What features do you look for - or avoid? How does this differ from the best features for someone with only bladder incontinence? Should you wear a breathable (PUL) diaper cover with a plastic-shell diaper? What about a breathable diaper with a vinyl plastic or rubber diaper cover? Many of you have years of experience experimenting with the various solutions to this problem. What were your findings? --John
  3. What is the best diaper for fecal incontinence? What features do you look for and why? What features should you avoid? --John
  4. Like Slomo, I stay very well hydrated. I rarely detect urine odor and I never have had anyone else comment on it. However, I worry about others being able to tell. The ladies seem to have a sharper sense of small than most men. --John
  5. I have a good-quality mattress cover over the mattress. Then I have a large reusable bedwetters pad over that. That is my primary defense. Then, on top, there is the sheet. I wear a heavier layered diaper combination at night than many folk. As a result, it is very rare that I leak through to the sheet. But, "Be Prepared." --John
  6. Mike, interesting and the price looks good on AliExpress. I have never used AliExpress. Have you found them to be reliable? --John
  7. How long can you wear a diaper before the urine odor becomes noticeable to others? Note that others may notice our odors before we do. Of course, this will be affected by many factors. A plastic-backed diaper will help contain odor as will vinyl or rubber "plastic" pants. Staying well hydrated will significantly reduce urine odor. A diaper with mostly SAP and very little fluff pulp will contain odor better than a diaper with more fluff pulp. Personal deodorants like Nullo will reduce urine odor. IMHO, odor should not be noticeable until six hours or more. By eight hours there is a significant risk of others noticing the odor, although they may not identify it as urine odor. What do you think? --John
  8. John Davis


    Welcome Aug168. Many of us have not had much success with medications. --John
  9. I use two diaper bags. The larger one is a small North Face daypack. I normally leave this one in the car unless I forsee the need to carry it. It contains two premium diapers, wipes, disposal bags, a small amount of tape to repair a diaper, latex gloves, and plastic pants The other diaper bag is a small military-style messenger bag with only one diaper, disposal bags, wipes, and latex gloves. It has two compartments so that I can zip the incontinence supplies away and discreetly use the other compartment. This one is very innocuous so it is the one I usually carry. I'm retired military and a military messenger bag just seems natural to me. Neither of the above bags is large because I leave my โ€œdisaster kitโ€๐Ÿ˜ฑ in the trunk of my car. This one contains all the necessary items for a major incontinence accident, primarily fecal. โ€”John
  10. 18 Trifectas? Wow.๐Ÿ˜ฒ You may be their biggest fan, Brian. I do not have nearly that many, but I hand-wash mine and air dry them. By doing that, I have found that they last forever (almost). --John
  11. Very good point for all of us to be aware of. --John
  12. Brian, I know you like and are familiar with Northshore products, but have you tried the NorthShore Trifecta diaper covers? They come in Pink, Black, Blue, and White. You like pink, and the Pink Trifecta is almost a neon bright color. I wear a Trifecta in different colors 24/7. --John
  13. What did you all choose with regard to the diaper itself? During really intense workouts you sweat so much that you do not generate much pee. For those workouts it would seem that the absorption of a heavy diaper would not be needed. Are you using a pullup or a tabbed diaper? My days of intense workouts are long gone, but I do use a light tabbed diaper, plastic pants, and either a onesie or compression shorts. I would return home before showering. While I am fully accepting of my incontinence and wearing a diaper, I would feel strange putting on my diaper in a locker room in front of strangers. --John
  14. "Golden" indeed. Dan, was that a deliberate pun? --John
  15. Wow, Brian. I really like what you said. --John
  16. Z, I think "just incontinent" is enough for all of us.๐Ÿ˜‡ --John
  17. Brian, you nailed it. And it is our challenge to pay it forward by providing as much support to others as we can. Of course, that is not completely altruistic - by supporting others we ourselves gain so much emotionally. --John
  18. I will note that, if you select the navy blue diapers offered by some vendors, you may get an unexpected benefit. If your diapers rise up in the back, they are less likely to be spotted if they blend in with jeans (presuming you are wearing jeans). Even if they are spotted, they are unlikely to be identified as diapers.๐Ÿ™‚ After all, the general public is not aware that diapers are available in colors. --John
  19. Zombie, that is nice when you can have a leisurely period in the morning and enjoy your coffee before having to change your night diaper. You begin your day much better that way. --John
  20. Welcome JP and Happy Easter. Glad you are enjoying life. That is the important thing. What diapers are available to you in Holland? --John
  21. "Leaky boat" - I love it! --John
  22. What is the "Ultimate Taboo?" With the exception of murder, rape, and cannibalism I think it may be fecal incontinence.๐Ÿ˜Ÿ This particularly is true of the general public who have little knowledge or understanding of FI. For those who must know that you wear diapers, do you tell them you are "incontinent" or "bowel incontinent." I confess to not sharing the "bowel" part unless it is to a medical practitioner who absolutely must know. My dermatologist who conducts a full-body scan sees my diaper. I had mentioned to her beforehand that I am "incontinent." I certainly did not volunteer that I am bowel incontinent. What about you? --John
  23. I am among several here who are fecal incontinent. Those here are the "survivors" - those who have managed to cope with that form of incontinence. Unfortunately, many have not and tend to isolate themselves from society and avoiding all social contact. A few years back I was shocked to read a 2016 JAMA article that reported a survey of patients hospitalized with serious conditions who listed fecal incontinence as being a state worse than, or equal to, death.๐Ÿ˜ฑ Now, that was not a survey of the general public, but it does reflect the very negative attitutes toward bowel incontinence held by many. Many newly FI are reported in medical studies to have had suicidal ideations. It is unclear how many attempted suicide. For myself, I admit that I had very negative views before actually becoming FI and learning to manage it somewhat effectively. How do you think the public views fecal incontinence? For that matter, how does your family and relations view FI? --John
  24. Is the social stigma associated with bedwetting even worse than that associated with bladder incontinence? If so, why? The two have so many similarities that one would expect the public attitudes to be the same to both of them. I am not aware of any studies on this, but I suggest that the bedwetting stigma does seem to be greater. Bedwetting suggests that we failed to mature and outgrow childish inabilities to control our bodily functions. Incontinence is almost the same. However, people have reasons to acquire bladder incontinence as adults through illness, age, or accidents. Few of those reasons apply to bedwetting. What do you think? I will add that I am a bedwetter. The bedwetting was acquired as an adult because of a combination of spinal cord and pelvic trauma and surgery. I am not sure how often I now wet the bed as I now do not attempt to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.๐Ÿ™‚ This is with the (reluctant) approval of my urologist as the higher priority was to get a decent night's sleep. So, my diaper always is wet in the morning. --John
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