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The pros and cons of incontinence


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What are the pros and cons to you needing/wearing diapers? And overall, would you say they are good, neutral, or bad?


My own PROS. Never have to stop what I'm doing to find a restroom. Seldom ever have to deal with disgusting restrooms. When my IBS-D flares up, I'm always thankful to already be diapered. Having that sweet relief from painful urges or a bursting bladder. Diapers reduce my stress and help me to relax. I actually like how diapers feel on me, and they can also be arousing at times too. And most importantly they let me get out of the house and live my life. 

CONS. Can't lie, they are expensive. Had to completely redo my wardrobe to accommodate and hide the bulk of the diaper. They were hot a sweaty the first few summers after going 24/7 (no longer a problem/contact though) Rashes. Leaks (Thankfully a seldom occurance). Medical grade (hospital/insurance) and store bought diapers are horrible to deal with. Took many years to overcome the prejudice and societal hate for adult diapers in general (also no longer a problem/con for me).

OVERALL. I'd say they were bad at first, mostly due to the learning curve and adapting...everything, to them. Now though I'd say they are good, mostly to having what works without too many problems, and feels comfortable.

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For me, the pros of being kept diapered is that I never have to stop to use the bathroom because being incontinent, I was never potty trained to begin with. I also find bathrooms disgusting. Having a diaper let's me go on with life without having to worry about the nasty bathroom. Diapers reduce my stress, anxiety and helps me relax and stay calm. I love how diapers make me feel and look. Most importantly, they let me have a life and let me be active without having to worry about where's the nearest potty.

Cons, diapers are very expensive. I know my wardrobe had to change and adapt to being in diapers. They often get hot and sweaty in the war, months but after being kept in them permanently, I am use to wearing them in the summer. Medical grade and store diapers suck and are horrible. It took me years to overcome the fact that I am always going to be kept in diapers, which is no longer a problem for me.

Overall, it's been rough for me in the beginning to wear diapers but after a while, I have gotten use to them and have been extremely comfortable in them

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Incontinence  the normal in my life so for me i see this as focusing on the positives and not dwelling on the negatives.

Positives is that i dont stress about having an accident and wetting my pants or bed cause im managing my incontinence well 

Negatives, the cost is annoying but not that bad really 

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It is a strange question for me. I like my diapers. They make it possible for me to live a relatively normal life. In fact, even if my incontinence were magically cured, I would probably still use diapers occasionally for convenience. On the other hand, everything i think about diapers is a con, from the cost, to the need to change at inopprtune times, to the hygiene, to the shame that we have all experienced at one time or another. And there is the loneliness. It would be great to know other people in a similar situation in real life, if for nothing more than to talk with someone who really understands.

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