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Does anyone else wet more at night than they do all day? It's called Nocturia, where you overproduce more urine while sleeping. And I've noticed for a long while now this happens to me all too often. (FYI, I do not take a water pill, so meds are not the cause). And more so for a few days every month (yes, guys have a monthly cycle too, it's just more subtle for us).

I drink about 2 liters of water throughout the day. And by night my betterdry diaper will be barely half full. I change just before bed, and when I wake up my betterdry diaper will be close to or completely saturated. Thankfully this isn't the norm for me, and my diapers rarely ever leak. But the last 2 nights in a row I ended up needing to wash my bed sheets because of it. I even woke up at 2am on Sunday and noticed my diaper was so saturated I had leaked some and needed to be change right then. And when I woke up 4 hours later I needed to change yet again, though thankfully no leaks.

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I absolutely have this same problem.  If I stay up past my bedtime I will need to use the toilet much much more than  I normally do during the day seemingly, without any change to my fluid intake.  Every now and then I'll have to change again before going to sleep.  

I also had a few nights in a row a couple weeks ago where I had hardly wet at all and was able to wake up that morning and use the bathroom almost like normal.  I was thinking that maybe nerves were starting to behave regularly and that my incontinence was starting to improve. Those days were followed by 2 or 3 nights in a row of needing to change my bedding so that was frustrating.  


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