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Diaper friendly clothing


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Love hiking pants.  Even though I can't walk well anymore I can still dress for the occasion.   


I just bought a pair of pants that were 2 sizes too big mostly because they were on clearance.  I thought they actually worked really well.  I DEFINITELY needed a belt but I couldn't see any hint of diaper bulge.   I am normally a 34 but buy 36.  I wanted to see what size 38 would look like but ended up with size 40.  


thanks for the link I will definitely check them out.

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Most any pants or shorts, 1 size larger than normal, will accommodate diapers fairly well. Also, I found anything with extra creases or pockets (like pleated pants) visually break up the area around your crotch, which helps hide a diaper quite nicely.

One other thing that helps hide a diaper is a good diaper cover. Leaks are a dead give away, so containing them before it becomes outwardly noticable is a must. I personally prefer Gary Activewear PUL pants. I wear them inside out, so the nylon layer is on the inside. This allows the cover to absorb some of a leak, while also helping me to notice it a little faster. PUL pants also muffle diaper crinkling too, furthering one's stealth.

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I have been very satisfied with Duluth Trading Company trousers.  They have a large gusset in the crotch to provide more space for movement.  That gusset  provides the perfect amount of space for my premium diapers with booster pads.  It also helps to hide the diaper.

Iken, do an online search for "adaptive clothing."


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