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Howdy folks.  Adam, 40.  Happy to see a forum for incontinence.  I became incon about 5 years ago from a nerve disorder.  It progressively got heavier and became something i had to rely on protection for.  I have needed to wear diapers full time for about 3 years.  It isn't such a big deal compared to the rest of my medical issues so I am not upset about it, however I really don't share this information with friends or family, so there isn't really anyone to talk to about it. Not a huge deal but it can be isolating at times.


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hello all!

my name is Brian, and I have been incontinent on and off all of my life. it started getting worse when I was about 47 because I ended up having and problems with IBS and diverticulitis. Because I was having problems, I decided to wear diapers to take care of the problem. I'm 50 years old, I'm single, and I live in Vermont, in the central vermont area.

I am also a member of daily diapers, and I have been since August 7th of 19. I'm glad to see that we have a place that we can discuss the issues of incontinence, because, because there are many times when you have or you want to ask questions, and you want to be able to do it without having somebody telling you that you shouldn't do this or you shouldn't do that. when you're in continent, you don't have the choice sometimes, and I decided that because I was having so much trouble, and I was disabled anyway, that it would be easier to wear diapers. Ever since then my stress level has gone down to 0, and I don't have to worry anymore!

I also maintain websites, And I own my own server, and this is one thing that I do as a hobby and also to keep myself busy. If I keep myself busy, then I don't have to worry about much because Many people want to have a hobby that they enjoy, and I love my computers. people call me a techno nut But on top of that I am an uncle too many nieces and nephews, and I always try to set example either way.

One thing about incontinence that I have learned is, that you will have to deal with it, And if you don't have the ability to control it, then you shouldn't worry about it, because that's just part of what is going on. we all have our medical conditions, and our reasoning for being here, I am happy that we have a place to discuss things like that. It is important that people who are incontinent have a place to hang out as well as to be able to ask the questions they want to ask, without the regular noise of other forums.

Ohh by the way, my favorite diaper is the North Shore Mega Max, and that's what I use for my diapers, I use and have used every color they make, but my favorite color is pink, but I don't use a lot of whites, because they're just boring And part of the deal is once you're able to accept your need for diapers and your incontinence, part of what makes it easier to accept is to be able to have fun with it, and by that I mean you might you might as well enjoy what's going on by wearing diapers that are different there's, to match your lifestyle or your favorite colors. I can't thank North Shore enough because they are awesome when it comes to making these things for people who need them, because far too often there are many places that say they make diapers, but they're all pull ups and they're all tabbed underwear, and they don't even have half of the capacity that they should. that's why I went with plastic backed diapers because that's what I was wearing when I was a kid, and that is the only way that you will be able to manage incontinence in my opinion, because I am fully incontinent both directions and severely incontinent, And by that I mean I don't know when it will happen, but there have been times when things just happen And you release.

Today for example, I went to work and worked a full shift from 9 AM to 3 PM. during that time I use my diaper several times I think I used it four times. And when I came home I had to use it again and again and again. then when I came back up from checking something in the basement, I just literally was releasing your at an incredible rate, And I think I flooded my diapers, which is something that normally does not happen, but I must have been thirsty or something because I couldn't control anything, and it was like somebody just giving me a water hose that constantly is running And I'm just constantly drinking and constantly releasing. I'm glad I have diapers now because if I need them I will have them, And I have good reason to use them, And because I have them I don't have to worry about what people will think people will say People will believe or anything like that.

I joined this community and daily diapers community because I leave that the people there are awesome people, they understand exactly what people go through, many of them have gone through it, and know exactly what it is like to deal with it. I have learned from the experience that you should not worry about your incontinence, because that's just a part of life and it happens. I'm not afraid any more, and I don't have to hide the fact that I wear diapers or use them or need them, although I do admit that I like them. here on incont.org, we will probably discuss many things about incontinence and how we manage it and how we deal with it. I will also post my story in the appropriate form as well so people can see how I started.

So I welcome all of you, and I look forward to seeing everyone as we continue to expand. Please feel free to message me or follow me if you wish either here or on daily diapers should you wish.


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Hi all, I'm John.  I'm a retired senior and live in an active retirement community in North Carolina (I haven't changed my email address that says "Virginia.")  I'm double incontinent due to a bad fall many years ago, plus surgery and just growing older.  I manage my incontinence well and no one has guessed my "secret."

I see a couple of familiar names, and some of you may recognize me from other forums where I usually post in the incontinence section.

My "go-to" diaper is the Better Dry, but I also wear the MegaMax (in tie-dye colors) and Incontrol Elite Hybrid. I normally use a booster pad and "plastic pants."  Often I wear rubber pants or bloomers on top as latex blocks fecal odor better than plastic.

I'm fully bowel incontinent due to neurogenic bowel (nerve damage).  I am OAB but have some limited control of bladder. 

Most likely I will be unusual in that, with my physicians' approval, I use old-fashioned enemas to manage my bowel incontinence.😱  By enemas, I don't mean the chemical Fleets, but rather the traditional soapsuds enema from a hanging rubber bag.  I works extremely well and I will discuss that at another time.

I look forward to sharing with y'all and learning as well as answering questions. Feel free to message me.


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