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15 minutes ago, Marks said:

Hello ever I am a 64 y/o guy that has dealt with bed wetting my whole life. I learned to not let it stop me from leading a good life. 


welcome to the site! One of the things that is important is that when you have incontinence or you're dealing with bed wedding or something that causes you stress or sometimes as inconvenient is to learn how to deal with it effectively. in my case I've been incontinent all my life on and off, and that would depend specifically on the situation that I deal with, With. Sometimes you have to find a way that makes sense to you to be able to handle a problem. bed wetting and incontinence go hand in hand, because in both cases you are losing control of of your bladder or your bowels one is in your bed, one may be in your diaper or something like that, and so they are related in some ways and different in others.

When I was 46, I joined our sister site daily diapers because I was having problems with incontinence accidents IBS diverticulitis and just having a hell of a time trying to deal with the fact that I may not have as much control as I used to. I also had to deal with the fact that my mobility is limited Sometimes I can't move as fast as I used to, And the thing that really hurt me, was that there are sometimes where I'm just sitting in my chair. I feel something in my back end, and I can't even put my hands on my chairs arms to be able to stand up to be able to deal with the issue, I've already done it in the diaper and it's all done. that is that is what happens with incontinence Sometimes you have no control, and it just happens You might feel it You might smell it, but you may not have a way to deal with it right away, it just happens.

My feeling is that incontinence is just a condition, just like cerebral palsy or any other type of neurological condition. you have to deal with its good parts, it's bad parts, and all of the emotions and feelings and everything that goes through your head. you have to live your life and you have to learn how to deal with situations and have ways to cope with things that bother you. as a child, you learn how to deal with responsibility And you learn a bunch of different stuff, and your parents help you through a lot of things that might be something that you can't handle, but they're there to help you..

Bed wetting and incontinence art are two things that are difficult to deal with in some ways. once you find a way to deal with your incontinence and or bed wetting, you can learn strategies how to deal with it, and get the proper equipment to deal with it, and once you get that equipment, and you change the way you deal with your bathroom habits, and you find an appropriate way to deal with that situation, having incontinence is about as easy as having cerebral palsy because you know what your body's gonna do, you know that for example your knee might give out, or whatever else. it depends on your body and what happens. incontinence is not the fault of anyone, it's just a fact of life Your systems that deal with excretory does not deal with incontinence and fecal incontinence, so they end up just releasing anything they're holding because they don't have the ability to hold. the diapers are there to help you, and the most important thing is let them help you, because you have a lot more things in life that are important and things that you wanna do, places you wanna go, people you wanna see, people that love you, and an incontinence is like a stop sign that you have to deal with, and you find out how to deal with the stop sign, and then you're able to pull out the stop sign and it's not stopping you anymore.

It's important to understand that it is hard to deal with something that you may not accept or understand! I went through that myself, and I finally came to the realization that incontinence is nothing to worry to worry about, because if you have the right equipment, you have the right supports, and you have a good reason, you should be able to have what you need. diapers have changed my life 110% in the positive direction, and I can't say it enough: people think people think that diapers are bad for some reason, but once they realize that they are helpful to some, they might change their mind. I think part of the problem is is that people think diapers are terrible or yucky or something like that And I'm not sure why they have the stigma that diapers are only for babies, And there is so much stigma about adults wearing diapers. As I've learned, wearing a diaper is no different than wearing underwear, because underwear is something is something that you wear, something that you put between your body your body parts and your pants, and what is the difference between a diaper and underwear Question


That's right There is no difference except one: that under are cotton, And everyone wearing underwear usually pulls them down to be able to go to the bathroom. A diaper is different because a diaper has internal padding has plastic shell, and is designed for people to be able to release anything they're holding with their body. A diaper is easily changed, and sometimes diapers are easier than having to deal with underwear, because all you're dealing with is taking the diaper off, maybe throwing it away, and then getting another one and putting it on. for me, the plastic back diapers are important to me, because I grew up in a situation in the 70s where the only diapers that were available were pampers. Those things were big, Those things smelled good, and they were and they were very very thick. When you have incontinence you want a diaper that's going to be able to deal with it. once you find that diaper, everything will be OK!

diapers are special underwear! they are designed to be to be something that you can use when you can't get to the toilet on time, or you can't use the toilet 'cause everything happens so fast. once you learn about what you're dealing with like the condition, you end up doing your research, you end up finding products that work for you, and you start using them and you like them, then part of the big problem big problem will be solved, because you have what you need and you're able to say I'm going to live my life this way. incontinence should never stop anyone from doing what they are doing, cause they're basically doing what they want, they're just wearing a diaper instead of normal underwear, and as such they have to be careful about how the diaper is used when it is used, and that is only because you have to be able to tell when you have to change. People's plumbing that doesn't work, that would be a problem, but eventually someone finds out that you have used your diaper, and you have to change it.

Once you find a good system stay with it: don't let diapers put you down, or make you feel less of a man or a woman! there are plenty of people who wear diapers every day, and I don't even know how many where diapers in the United States are around the world, but I would say it is a huge number. especially in Japan in China maybe, where diapers are popular and used for what they are required to be used for. I bet you there's plenty of companies that make diapers in Japan or China because that is important to their people.

There are a lot of people in the world that are incontinent. the trick is you have to find a way to be able to own incontinence and tell it that you are the boss! by wearing diapers that is one way to tell incontinence that you are the boss. the same thing can be said of bed wetting If you are wearing diapers, because you are using a method to control it. people that decide to wear diapers for whatever reason have made that choice to control it that way, and as such we found our way to be able to do it. it is very embarrassing to deal with incontinence sometimes, and the best thing to do is to get by the horns and ride it, beat it, and you beat it by wearing diapers or using other sources of medicines or supports. once you have it under control, your life can be a better life because you don't have to worry all the time about Peeing or pooping your pants!

lots of people work around and do different things in their diapered! Because your diapered, that should not stop you from doing the things that you want. people have to realize that people do wear diapers, see you may see somebody in diapers. one of the things that @Incont has instilled in us is that you need to be responsible, and do not be showing diapers to people to people who may not want to see them, but if you're incontinent, you have to wear diapers or do something to help you, so people have to understand that people will wear diapers, it's legal it's appropriate, and it doesn't bother many people, unless they let it bother them. diapers are important, because it takes away that responsibility that you have to use the bathroom in the toilet! some people can't do that because of disability, some people can't do it because they can't get to the toilet in time, sometimes they're downstairs plumbing is broken, but the problem is people have a stigma about diapers being bad, and that's what we have to change. We have to let people know that wearing diapers is a choice, wearing diapers is some sort of a choice that someone makes to make their life easier, and why would somebody be offended if somebody wears diapers.

I can see if somebody were to be exhibitionist and be walking around with a shirt or no shirt and a diaper with shoes, and it's an adult. People may end up asking questions, but the thing is you have you have to be responsible when you're doing whatever you're doing, because you may not want to draw attention to yourself by others. you are the one that's in charge, and you use the solution you think works the best. most people probably would understand that there are people that wear diapers because of incontinence, but the most important thing is to not let someone make you feel bad or strange or whatever because of it. incontinence is not your fault It's just something that happens, just like a baby The baby is not expected to go and use the toilet. That's why a diaper is available, it has to learn how to use its bodily functions, and that's why a parent goes through the toilet training process.

i'm glad that you We're able to continue to live the life you want to live! diapers are not a problem, and we have to let people know that regardless of their thoughts about it, it's not bad, and it doesn't cause a major problem unless somebody lets it become a problem. I'm wearing one right now and I can tell you right now that I'm more comfortable in a diaper than I would be in underwear, cause every time you turn around you have to adjust your underwear or scratch or do something else and everything is so tight. with a diaper at least you have a absorbent pad to be able to use, But as I said you found a way to make your life easier, and diapers have been that choice! congratulations and welcome! I hope to see you again on the forms or in chat over here!


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22 hours ago, Marks said:

I learned to not let it stop me from leading a good life. 

That's the best way of approaching it! I can't believe how often I've seen someone comment how diapers are the end of their social life. But in reality it's the exact opposite. Diapers enable you to get on with your life, to get out there, and remain social as ever.

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