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Diaper tapes popping?

John Davis

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Do you have problems with any of your diaper tapes popping?  I was looking at some old notes from about nine years ago and found that I had serious problems with tapes popping off.  The cure was simple.  I merely reinforced the tapes with a thin strip of commercial duct tape.  Problem solved.

However, at some point (about 4 years ago?) I no longer felt the need to reinforce the tapes as I realized that they were sticking much better.  As I no longer wore my original brand of diapers it is difficult to make comparisons but I think tapes definitely have improved.  In some cases the tape itself is larger.  In others I think the adhesive is stronger.  Even the mechanical hook-and-loop fasteners work great (these are not the fabric velcro-type).

So, what do you think?


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Some diapers have that problem more than others. And sometimes they can get a bad manufacturing run that will affect entire batches. And sometimes it's our own unwitting sabotage that does it. 

Diaper manufacturers don't want to use better tapes that cost more and aren't going to make a significant improvement. As long as 90% work as intended they think that's good enough (looking at you Abena and Confidry). They also found a bad run can cost 100's of thousands to recall. But still selling them might not cost more than a few grumpy customers (looking at you Bambino and Wellness). For them, our best bet is to rub the tapes on after sticking them in place. Just a few light rubs is enough to make sure they have full contact and are fully stuck in place. That is unless you want to try and heat weld them into place for an even better guarantee they won't come off.

And then there's us too. If you use powder or creams/ointments then be really careful how you handle the diaper. Don't grab it where a tape is supposed to go. And definitely don't rub the side of the diaper flat while putting it on. That could deposit a light coating which absolutely can affect tape performance. And if they still pop off early, you can use a diaper pin (my preference), or extra tape (and later scisors) to keep them in place long enough till it's time for a change.

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