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Do you protect furniture from a leak?

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As those of us on this forum are medically incontinent, I assume that everyone has taken steps to protect their mattresses.  However, have you done anything to protect your other furniture, sofas, padded chairs, etc. from a leak?

I have gone partway by protecting my most used furniture.   I have a washable chair pad on my recliner and on my chair at the dinner table.  The fabric of these pads almost matches the fabric of my chairs and so are not very noticeable to the casual visitor.

As I usually wear plastic pants over my diaper at home, leaks are uncommon.  I recall only one leak onto a chair in the past five years.🙂

What about you guys?  Am I a little OC with this?


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Yes, so I have them meanwhile too... Somehow embarrassing but just sitting it can happen to me that something leaks. So I have in the car and on my office chair now also washable chair pads. Since they are black they are at least not so much noticeable.

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Like the OP, my biggest protection for furniture is to use a diaper I can trust won't leak. At least not that often.

My couch and recliner have an extra cover on them for my dogs (yes they are allowed on the couch). That cover is easily washable and is more than enough to protect the furniture from me too. My office chairs also needed a posture support cushion on them, which those are also easily washable. So I don't really have any specific covers or pads for my furniture.

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