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Chronic Bedwetting

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I 16m have been bed wetting as long as I can remember.Ive tried reducing the amount I drink before bed or going longer in between using the bathroom.The only time recently that I’ve had success in preventing it was recently on a 2 day trip where I barely drank anything throughout the day.While it worked good on vacation, I don’t think it’s a good idea because I workout regularly.If it helps I’m an identical twin that was born 3 months premature.My brother has issues but not as consistently as me.

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Not overly hydrating is ok but restricting fluids is not a good idea.  Concentrated urine can make you more likely to have an accident.

Often just preparing for the bed wetting is the better way.

I'm a bed wetter too.


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Yeah. I developed Gout by trying to restrict my water intake. It's a buildup of uric acid crystals in the hands and feet. And wow is it painful. I also had kidney problems from it too. You REALLY do not want to drink too little water. Bedwetting is nothing compared to Gout and Kidney failure.

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