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Is this normal?

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As the title says I wish to ask to yours about a thing that I do not consider normal, the past year I started to have certain problems with nighttime continence, before at night haven't had to wake up 1 to 2 times to pee but small amounts only if doesn't do that I get uncomfortable pain, besides that can't get in long trips without a diaper on , because I get my bladder full and a pain that only get out when void some and before that doesn't happened that , the worse thing is that have talked about this with my doctor but just said that should limit my fluids intake but it's absurd because if do that couldn't take my nighttime medications.


My question is, this is normal?  should I get worried or get appointment with a urologists?


Best regards



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lol  are 5 differents stuffs to take so  an small amount of water not really,  so i have not followed that suggestion of limit fluids,but still the night urges  to get right away to restroom and other times a post dribbling later of end to  pee which  cause me sometimes change of pajamas on the middle of the night.


is just turning  into a problem and  was wondering if  might be getting started to  slowly get incontinence?


best regards dotcrawl


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I'm really surprised by his response. You should never limit your water intake, and doing so can and will lead to a whole host of new problems. Heck, most any doctor will tell you to drink about 3 liters of fluids per day.

And unfortunately yes, it is common to develop continence problems as we age. Especially in men over 40 as the prostrate enlarges.

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On 3/15/2024 at 4:56 PM, dotcrawl2020 said:

yeah you might have right i  am on the 40s and  my dad  had BPH so i guess should get an urologist appointment  to see what is going on. 


My dad had early prostate surgery.  Unfortunately, for the time, no one was talking about those types of issues.  I also had early onset BPH. 

If you need to deal with a prostrate reduction (from impacting the Urethra, and then also the bladder, from the bladder wall thickening and strengthening due to the blockage, you may already be a bit late in getting things corrected.  If you can get the BPH issue handled prior to the bladder wall changes, it will be better in the long term.....  For me, I have had the Rezūm procedure done.  Personally, I recommend finding a Urologist that can perform a minimally evasive procedure and has a (good) record of doing the procedure.  I am not a fan of the drugs that get prescribed in order to try to delay the (in my opinion) eventually needed procedure.

Best wishes.

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