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My Incontinence diagnosis


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For me, I am urge and urinary incontinence. It has developed over time since I was 21 yrs old and now in my 40's with stress of life, it has gotten worse over time. It has gotten to the point where I can't make it to the bathroom and now I am put back into diapers. So now I am kept in diapers and live a normal life.

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49 minutes ago, John Davis said:

I was pleased that you used the phrase "live a normal life."  That is the sort of positive thinking that all ICs should have.

I try to live a normal life with my incontinence and learn to cope, adapt and deal with it.

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44 minutes ago, Slomo said:

That's a great way of looking at it. Needing diapers does not end your social lifestyle, they help you to keep living your social lifestyle.

That's how I look at being thrown back into diapers. Diapers doesn't end my social life it enhances it and even helps me live an active social life without the worry of having ti use the potty because I know I'm never gona use the potty anytime soon due to my Incontinence.

On top of that I don't think people and society should ever shame someone for wearing a diaper. Diapers are medical tools to help people have a normal life. 

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