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What is the difference between suppositories and fleet emema

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I am wondering what the difference is between Petrus Glycerol Suppositories and fleet enemas as my private continence nurse prescribed regular Petrus Glycerol Suppositories, which I feel do nothing and had two fleet enemas (after the horrible colonoscopy prep) which apparently according to the colonoscopy report stated I still wasn’t clean out enough to see everything (this was administrated by hospital nurses as I was in hospital the night before after after op As it is the gastrologist wants me to pass bowel movement without straining 2-3 times per day and I am lucky if I go every 2 days.

Btw the hospital decided to re-IDC me until the 31st of next month due to retention (after the urologist took it out on the 22 May) as I was retaining as well as causing sleep deprivation (hence mental health issues) as well as falls going to the bathroom as still injured wth fluid retention in the right foot so issues with weight bearing.

Many thanks

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A suppository loosens stool to help you poop when you're constipated. An enema is for flushing out stool when you can't go or need to be partly emptied out. Enough so you likely won't need to go again for at least a few hours.

Neither will work well enough to completely empty you out for a colonoscopy. For that you'll need to take some prep solution. It can be a prescription that tastes absolutely horrible, or a massive dose of mirlax. I've had 3 colonoscopies and the mirlax works (and tastes) much better- but that just for me. Either one will need to be paired with a whole lot of water. 

None of this will address fluid retention or urinary problems though. That completely separate. 

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Yeah, this was my 2nd Colonoscopy 1st, at 16 (2004) and last week at 38 (2024)

I only had 2l of the crappy drink, and at 4 am, a fleet
Then, it required a 2nd fleet as it wasn't cleared out enough.

I am not on Osmolax twice a day(by the register) instead of the prescribed (by their astrology specialist 2 movicol twice a day). Even with the movicol, Petrus Glycerol Suppositories and kiwi fruit, I am still straining hence I am asking if both the Osmolax and Enema would help as the suppositories didn't fully dissolve up there


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