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void trial and hopefully Indwelling cath removal

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Hi all

Monday morning I will have a void trial as had an indwelling cath in since 26th March what will I be walking into as well as hope to have the Cath removed finally?

What do I expect after removal I have heard about uncontrollable bladder leakage (which is no big deal to me as always well padded) just wondering for how long?

Many thanks

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I've had this done before. They fill your bladder with water then immediately remove the catheter. The test is to see if you can empty your bladder right away, or not. It's done as part of a urodynamics test, or after you've had any retention problems or recent urinary surgeries.

And yes, it's common to have leakage after a catheter is removed. Things should return to normal fairly quickly- unless there's some other underlying problem or condition. So absolutely make sure you have a spare diaper with you, or better yet just wear a diaper when you go to the test. (You can always remove one tape to take off the diaper for the test itself).

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