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Internal deodorants for fecal incontinence

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Internal deodorants can be very effective in reducing fecal odor.  Products such as Nullo or Devrom have been on the open market for many years and are very safe to use.

I used Nullo during a 31-day trip to the Mediterranean with back-to-back cruises back to the States.  I am paranoid about being caught in a confined situation with others and having a bowel accident💩, such as when ferrying back and forth to the shore on a ship's tender.😱

One downside is that when the higher doses are used, internal deodorants can cause signficant constipation.  If you already have a constipation issue, that can become a problem.

I know that several of our members here have used internal deodorants and hope that they will share their experiences and observations.


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@John Davis

i've heard of Nullo, as a deodorant for fecal incontinence, And I guess what they tell you is that Nullo will help you get rid of the smell. I'm not sure how effective it will be, and what and what usually happens is that you do end up taking something sometimes and it causes constipation which, which is something that I deal with and I have appropriate medication to help me with that. I'm not sure exactly if I should try nullo or if I should try some other product, because you've warned us that you may have a higher and higher need for doses, And you said that it causes constipation.

I'd love to be able to try something like that, but I'm not sure where I would get the Nullo, or if it's just something that you get like a prescription. if it's something you get on Amazon, it might be interesting to have some to test it out.

As @John Davis Said, I Would also like to hear experiences with fecal deodorant to find out how good or how bad they are. it is always a good idea to be able to ask the community questions and see what their experiences are. you learn a lot from doing that, and you may end up adopting something that you see because you of a recommendation. it's always good to have friends that are in the same position, because they can help you through whatever you're dealing with, supporting you all the way, because all of us are in the same position We are incontinent because of different reasons, but we're still here and we will persevere!


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Nullo is available OTC from your local drugstore or online via Amazon, etc.  It can be almost 100% effective, but this will vary from person to person.  In my case, to achieve a high efficiency, I had to take the maximum dosage.

Nullo (and Devrom) have been around for a long time and have been thoroughly tested.  You can search this online.

I do not take it every day, just for special occasions when I think I may be at a higher risk than normal of having a bowel accident and in a public situation.

I should add that it takes several days to become effective - about 3 days for me.  So, if you think you will need it, plan ahead on starting the first dose.


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