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really bad bowel accidents in the morning

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so, I have them all the time anyway (sometimes I think I smell a lot worse with my diaper off, than it on)


in the mornings though, usually between breakfast and 12:00, it's like I've got a bad stomach ache- twice as worse as usual when it comes to changing.


it usually clears up by itself, by the time I get to my next diaper change (2 or 3 PM), it's normal- or at least normal for me. 


I'm just wondering why the bad stomach in the morning. could it be that I've not eaten all night and it's taking a toll on my body?


yesterday I had it so bad after breakfast I was actually embarrassed/ scared to clean it

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What you eat will absolutely affect your bowell movements and smell. Though it also sounds like you may need an internal deodorizer. Chlorophyll tablets are the most common, sold at most any pharmacy, Amazon, etc.

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