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incontinence and sexuality.


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The question may be indiscreet but I would like to know how you manage your sexuality while being incontinent? Since I am incontinent and find it difficult to have sex because of my bladder leakage I am unable to go without a diaper for a while. How do you do ?

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I used to be able to have sex when I was urge incontinent. Back then I'd prep before sex by taking a deep breath and push a bit to try and pee. After that I'd just pull down the front of my diaper before having sex. That worked without further leaks 99% of the time.

One of my urinary surgeries included a full prostate-ectomy though. They did the typical nerve sparing technique, but now I don't get hard enough for sex until I'm already about to climax. I can still "play by myself" as it is, but otherwise I had to give the wife a pass to an open marriage. Which seems to be working for us both.

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