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Acupuncture for incontinence?

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Yesterday I received acupuncture from a local Chinese doctor who practices traditional Chinese medicine.  I went for acupuncture to see whether it would help with the pain from my lower back.  I have read that quite a few people have had success with this and Medicare even covers a limited number of sessions.  Both my PCP and my SCI rehab doc approved of trying acupuncture.

I have no previous experience with acupuncture or Chinese medicine.  After the doctor debriefed me regarding my health and issues, he seemed to focus on my incontinence as well as my back.  I did not expect this.  Some of his needling was supposed to help my incontinence (his English was very poor so I was  not able to get any detailed information on this).

The session went well and with almost no discomfort.  He surprised me by using electrostimulation via acupuncture needles in my back.  It was like IFC TENS on steroid!!

I cannot claim any change in my incontinence habits (yet).  Has anyone else had any experience with acupuncture for incontinence?


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On 5/28/2023 at 7:24 AM, John Davis said:

It now is a few days after my acupuncture.  I have not detected any changes to my incontinence.

I may try acupuncture again, but with a different practitioner.


I once had a chiropractor who pronised the same thing. I went in for a herniated disc at (I think) L3. He claimed his treatement could include curing my at-the-time urge incontinence, so i went for it. He fixed my back with awesome results, but did absolutely nothing for my urges.

I suppose alternative treatments may work for some people, but to me it was all snake oil. Though come to think of it, I never did try actual snake oil.

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