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  1. Too many times. Most commonly from a urologist than anyone else.
  2. That's my experience as well. At worst you'll get 1 or 2 diapers shredded up. Just keep them somewhere the cat doesn't normally like to hide and you'll be ok. It's dogs that will go after used diapers if you're not carefull. Always tossing them into a can with a lid will stop that too though.
  3. Lucky you? Truth be told, I can point down now too. But that's only after the urologists took my prostrate. Before that I was too "well endowed" and had to point up. Otherwise, even thinking about an erection was too painful to risk a kink in the hose.
  4. Taking antibiotics always gives me diarrhea. I can never trust it's just a fart when taking them. Thankfully I'm urinary incontinent (and abdl) so I'm always diapered anyways.
  5. Don't forget, when flying you can also check a bag of medical supplies for free (diapers absolutely qualify). Domestic or International. I always put them inside a duffle bag, and when returning I can usually stuff the bag in with my usual luggage. Just make sure the bag ONLY has medical supplies in it. They will check, and if it has anything else it won't qualify. I had a pair of dress shoes in with it once and they almost said no. I thought fast and said the shoes were specially made for high arches, as in medically. The agent didn't really buy it, but said ok anyways.
  6. It's all good. I've had to use worse diapers before, much worse. And the reality is everyone's body shape is slightly different. So not all brands will work for everyone. Though I believe you hit the proverbial nail on the head in going with a size medium. Wearing one size down will absolutely make the diaper fit tighter. Enough so to give a good enough seal around the legs even in spite of the lack of lower tapes. At least that's been my experience with wearing mediums as well. It comes at a tradeoff though. The diaper will have a very low rise, barely even extending up to one's hip/belt line, so leaks over the top become an issue (unless you point down, and change early enough). Having the back of the plastic shell split open becomes a sometimes problem too. And having such a tight fit, that when wet enough there's little room for the diaper to swell/expand, causing even more press out leaks. Let alone provide room enough for guys who are well endowed, and also need to point up. But like I said. Having this type of fit actually works for those with the right body shape. Enough people in fact that the manufacturers of these diaper types remain profitable. Which is great, and I'm all for it. Just not for me.
  7. Good luck on that. Not a single urologist was willing to listen to what I had wanted. Not until I had exhausted every possible alternative under the sun- and then some. And even then it took me over 15 years and a dozen urologists before I found one that finally would listen. One that was willing to entertain making me urinary functionally incontinent instead of urge incontinent with a painful blockage. I do believe what tipped the scale in my favor was stressing the surgery would bring an improvement in my quality of life. AND that the surgery would not make me irreversibly incontinent, since I already was (albeit of a different type of worse incontinence). Still, it took a whopping FIFTEEN sphincterotomy surgeries to get me there. Well, more like a dozen plus removing my prostrate, and an inch of my urethra (both due to a subsequent stricture blockage).
  8. TLDR: This diaper lacks a lower tape so premature leaks are expected to happen around the legs. The padding is too thin, so flooding will also result in leaks. This also makes it a poor diaper for side sleepers too. The tapes are actually too strong, which makes removing them problematic. The high sap content could potentially deliver their capacity rating, and also makes press out leaks less likely. Lastly, the landing zone tape outlines help with getting the best fit possible every time, but it's not wide enough to actually help. (pic attached). So I got my BeDry order a few days ago, and have been testing them out since. Unfortunately I was right about the "no lower tapes" problem, which almost always results in premature leaks- before even reaching half capacity. I've also noticed the padding on these diapers is laughably thin. They make up for the total claimed capacity by adding in a LOT more SAP (super absorbent polymer). I also took great note the diaper doesn't have a high enough rise in the front and back. Only rising up as high as my belt line, even though they should extend up too my actual waist line. So pointing up absolutely will result in leaks over the top "waist" band. The tapes are incredibly strong, really too strong. I've had gout in my left fingers, so I've had to use scissors just to remove them. This isn't the "diaper dimension" though, so the tapes really need to be removable by us all. Also, in order for me to get a good fit I've had to place the top tape partially above the landing zone, while angling the middle tapes a low as possible. This makes removing the top tapes even harder, sometimes resulting in tearing the outer shell. As for how they hold up to use, after about 6 hours I notice the front of the diaper becomes quite swollen with lots of loose and gelled sap. The padding starts separating and clumping by this time too. After about 8-10 hours the sap will be sagging towards the middle of the diaper. And if you're lucky enough to have it last 12 hours, the front of the diaper will have little to no material left. Having completely sagged towards the middle. The waistband elastics will have failed by this time too, and the diaper will be making every effort to succumb to gravity and slide completely off. Unfortunately, if you ever flood the diaper (like anyone with urge or overflow incontinence will have), then this diaper is not for you. The same for side sleepers too. My total bladder capacity is probably close to 50ml (the average bladder should be 300+ml). And for whatever reason, sleeping on my side tends to clamp shut my urethra. When that 50ml gets built up the pressure in my bladder will start to increase. Sometimes I wake up from it, sometimes I don't. Either way it will be enough to push past that slight clamping and I'll flood that 50ml all at once. Usually 3-5 times each night too. Each night I've tried BeDry, I've leaked at the front of the legs, which ever side I'm laying on. This happens when the diaper is wet only to about half way towards the back, at my second, or maybe third wetting. I've also leaked once over the top front of the diaper. Twice now I've had to get up early to change into a new BeDry or further catastrophic leaks would have been assured. During the day is a bit different. My diaper will get completely saturated in the front, and at least moderately wet in the middle. I once had the diaper wick pee up towards the back, even while sitting most of the time. At best, I'd say it was 66% fully saturated. At other times it was maybe 25% saturated. But in every case, the diaper I had on has leaked. Usually at the front of my legs, once at the back of my legs. As-is this diaper is good for maybe 8 hours. Any longer and chance for leaks will become high enough you just can't trust staying in it any longer. After all, the whole point of a diaper is for it to not leak. Today I've been testing the addition of my own lower tapes. It's already been 9 hours, and while the sap is definitely sagging there are no signs of the diaper trying to leak. Even with the middle of the diaper being extremely wet as well. The diaper sagging has not yet been a problem either. So this definitely confirms the need for those lower tapes. On a good note, the "whiff-x" core does work as promised with no detectable odor even after I've had it on for 12 hours. I really like the tapes outline on the landing panel too. It definitely helps with memorizing where the tapes are supposed to go for the best fit every time. Sadly this isn't enough for me to justify using them any more in the future. Once these run out, it's back to Crinklz for this behind.
  9. I've had it done, twice. My issue was severe urge incontinence with a neurogenic dyssynergia sphincter. Basically, I'd get a painful urge to go, but when I tried to relax my sphincter to go it would clamp down shut instead. I had to strain and push to pee, which was causing other problems too. I first had the botox injected into my bladder wall lining to try and calm the urges. It did work, except the botox also deadened my sphincter muscles, in their default clamped down mode, which made it even more difficult for me to pee. I ended up with an indwelling catheter for 3 months while it wore off. The second time I had a botox injection was into my sphincter muscles, with the hope they would be more open and less active. That completely failed, and again I was left unable to pee at all. And again I was catheterized for another 3 months. I refused any more attempts with botox, and pursued surgery (which subsequently worked to blow away my sphincter muscles and let me dribble pee all the time). Don't let my story dissuade you though, I have heard of others with success stories when trying botox.
  10. So I'm wondering, who will be traveling this year and how do you plan to handle the logistics of your incontinence? Like bringing or arranging for diaper supplies, how you plan to handle changing and disposal, and if you're staying with family do they know? My parents both died last year, so this year my wife and I will be skipping Christmas, treating it like any other day or staycation. But when we did go to visit them I used to drive to them (about a 4-5 hour drive), and they did know I was urinary incontinent and diapered, so I just brought my Crinklz diapers with me and changed in their bathroom when needed. I didn't try to hide it, but was respectful and always wore something over them to cover up. Used diapers weren't separately bagged, but did get tossed in with their kitchen trash (can had a lid).
  11. That diapers should not be expected to leak or need changing every 2 hours. Because there are WAY better diapers out there than what's readily accessible in stores and hospitals.
  12. Lol. I wouldn't say I'm dedicated to Crinklz, I just haven't found anything better, let alone similarly functioning at the same price. And when you're urinary incontinent, having a diaper you can trust, for about $110 per month, is hard to beat. What you say is very interesting though. ABU, Bambino, and many others-even megamax and Trest Elite. If it has a tape landing zone, they all have that same general cut and tape placement shortcoming. And every one of them has failed me so far. Always prematurely leaking on me, around the legs, and long before even reaching half their intended absorbency. And wow, have I tried a LOT of different ones. That's why I fall back on Crinklz so much. When you take away all diapers with a landing zone, Crinklz is literally the only Premium diaper with prints on it. Rated at 5000ml ISO. And only one of a few that doesn't cost $200-300 for a month's supply (at 2 per day). And I have been looking for a "backup" diaper for a while now. Guess I'll have to try them and see if they work for me or not. And even if they do fail me, I can add my own tapes to reduce those leaks around my legs and still get my money's worth out of them. So BeDry, be ready for some testing against some higher expectations.
  13. Their specs do look good, but it also looks like they use that "no lower tapes" design. Meaning the back wing has a taper near the middle of the wing, and another tape above. But no tape below. This design does work for many, but they are guaranteed to leak around my legs long before even reaching half capacity. A lot of people have asked for a 3-tapes diaper, and this one would be a perfect candidate for the upgrade.
  14. I should add, allowing my catheter to drain into my diaper was contingent on me staying extremely well hydrated. Like 3+ liters of water per day. My urologist required it, saying as long as it's constantly be flushed out, then nothing will get in. He also mentioned some people are just more prone to getting a UTI than others. If you're more prone to them, don't even bother attempting this. Also, the most likely place and time to getting a UTI is when it's initially inserted, AND when it's done at a medical facility or hospital. Inserting it yourself at home, and leaving it in for a month is the best way to avoid a UTI.
  15. I keep an extra month of diaper supplies on hand at all times. That way if there are any interruptions or delivery slow downs I'll be ok till they recover. I also keep my diaper orders on auto delivery. That way I'm much less likely to experience any supply problems. (I never missed a diaper order during the covid lockdown).
  16. The valve I had was like a short piece of tubing with a flapper in it. The flapper could only open one way, so urine could pass out but nothing could go in. And I mastrubated normally, with the catheter still in place. Just make sure the catheter is well lubed first.
  17. I once had a urologist suggest the same thing to me. I went 7 months straight with an indwelling (folley) catheter. With my doctors approval I used a one-way valve on it, and let it drain into a diaper. The catheter was changed out once a month. It did prove to give me much needed relief. Though I quickly found you need to apply a non-water based lubricant to the catheter every day. Right at the tip of the penis where we're prone to get size changes. The best one was lidocaine "ointment" (not the gel), though plain petroleum jelly also works good when in a pinch. Ultimately, after 7 months I developed a urethral sensitivity, just from the constant rubbing and having something in my urethra. So I had to quit using them and find an alternative. For me, that was 15 surgeries over 3 years. All intended to remove my internal and external sphincters. That also ended up removing strictures and my entire prostrate. But I'm finally stable and leak urine all the time instead of having painful retention. I never once had a uti, but came close a few times. Constantly drinking cranberry juice likely helped a bunch. And it goes good with vodka too. You can have sex with a catheter in place, but you absolutely must use a condom to keep it clean. Honestly it wasn't as pleasant, so I mostly just mastrubated. In either case you'll most likely have a retrograde ejaculated, or you'll slowly leak past the catheter. When using a leg bag with also using a leg "sock" was ok on comfort, but in the long run I found just using a diaper was the most comfortable. Let me know if you have any questions, I'll reply here so others can benefit too.
  18. Does anyone else wet more at night than they do all day? It's called Nocturia, where you overproduce more urine while sleeping. And I've noticed for a long while now this happens to me all too often. (FYI, I do not take a water pill, so meds are not the cause). And more so for a few days every month (yes, guys have a monthly cycle too, it's just more subtle for us). I drink about 2 liters of water throughout the day. And by night my betterdry diaper will be barely half full. I change just before bed, and when I wake up my betterdry diaper will be close to or completely saturated. Thankfully this isn't the norm for me, and my diapers rarely ever leak. But the last 2 nights in a row I ended up needing to wash my bed sheets because of it. I even woke up at 2am on Sunday and noticed my diaper was so saturated I had leaked some and needed to be change right then. And when I woke up 4 hours later I needed to change yet again, though thankfully no leaks.
  19. I'd recommend against dehydrating yourself like that. It's well proven that constant dehydration can and will lead to a host of of other problems down the line. If you think enuresis (bedwetting) is bad now, try adding kidney stones, gout, or UTIs (to name just a few) to the mix. You may not like this advice, but you really will be better off just using the protection you already know you need. It also sounds like you're already past needing a pullup or other lighter incontinence products too. Try out a cloth like diaper, like Northshore's air supreme, or similar. Try your best to ignore the stigma and embarrassment of diapers too, it's all unfounded.
  20. Poly-Vinyl-chloride verus poly-vinyl laminated on nylon. Nearly the same material, but pvc on its own will be a little thicker. And pul will have a durable nylon layer, that also tends to be quieter and more comfortable.
  21. Just remember. A thick diaper that has done its job is way less noticeable than a thin one that had leaked. Also note that most everyone in public is wrapped up in their own worlds. They aren't going to notice if you're wearing a diaper or not. And for the rare person that does, so what. You have a legitimate need. If they have a problem with it then that's on them. Not you.
  22. Plastic pants (aka diaper cover) on their own will not be enough. You will need something with padding. For minor leaks you'll probably be ok with a pullup. Something like NorthShore's gosupreme, or Abena's abri-flex. Or if you're looking for a reusable/washable diaper, ecoable.com has a decent pocket cloth diaper, as does amazon.com.
  23. I've been dealing with torn ligaments to both ankles, and need braces for both just so i can walk- with crutches. Which needless to say has made walking very difficult, and getting up to go even more so. I'm already urinary incontinent, and have occasional IBSD-D, but can normally make it to the toilet for going number two. Except lately. Decades ago I had a similar situation, and my then-doctor classified it as a type of functional incontinence. Because my legs weren't functioning, I couldn't hold it long enough to make it to a toilet. And that meant I was incontinent. Lol, and that was when I first started wearing diapers 24/7 too. So that brings up the question. Has anyone else had to deal with this type of functional incontinence? And was it temporary, or permanent?
  24. With vacations and trips our normal water and food intake gets easily disrupted. As does our activity level. So needing a normal amount of diapers can get disrupted just as equally. Whatever number of diapers you normally need, always bring about 20% more. Or a minimum of 2 for really short trips. Yes, lugging around spare diapers you probably won't use is a pain in the rear, but running out is worse. As for hotel stays, bagging and disposing your diapers is being extra nice but is also unneeded. At a minimum, just make sure your used diaper is in a trash bag next to the undersized trash can and you'll be ok. Bagged and tied off if it's a messy diaper too
  25. Most any pants or shorts, 1 size larger than normal, will accommodate diapers fairly well. Also, I found anything with extra creases or pockets (like pleated pants) visually break up the area around your crotch, which helps hide a diaper quite nicely. One other thing that helps hide a diaper is a good diaper cover. Leaks are a dead give away, so containing them before it becomes outwardly noticable is a must. I personally prefer Gary Activewear PUL pants. I wear them inside out, so the nylon layer is on the inside. This allows the cover to absorb some of a leak, while also helping me to notice it a little faster. PUL pants also muffle diaper crinkling too, furthering one's stealth.
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