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  1. With vacations and trips our normal water and food intake gets easily disrupted. As does our activity level. So needing a normal amount of diapers can get disrupted just as equally. Whatever number of diapers you normally need, always bring about 20% more. Or a minimum of 2 for really short trips. Yes, lugging around spare diapers you probably won't use is a pain in the rear, but running out is worse. As for hotel stays, bagging and disposing your diapers is being extra nice but is also unneeded. At a minimum, just make sure your used diaper is in a trash bag next to the undersized trash can and you'll be ok. Bagged and tied off if it's a messy diaper too
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  2. I have been very satisfied with Duluth Trading Company trousers. They have a large gusset in the crotch to provide more space for movement. That gusset provides the perfect amount of space for my premium diapers with booster pads. It also helps to hide the diaper. Iken, do an online search for "adaptive clothing." --John
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