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  1. Seriously, can you talk with your primary care physician about your incontinence?  That is a pretty intimate topic and I have had widely varying experiences in that regard.

    One of my doctors was so embarrassed about the topic that he almost could not talk about it😱 and could not provide any useful recommendations.

    Another was so ill informed on the subject that he could not provide any useful information.  At least he knew enough to say that I needed to see a specialist.

    Another said that "we did not learn much about that in med school."

    What about y'all?  What were your experiences?


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  2. Internal deodorants can be very effective in reducing fecal odor.  Products such as Nullo or Devrom have been on the open market for many years and are very safe to use.

    I used Nullo during a 31-day trip to the Mediterranean with back-to-back cruises back to the States.  I am paranoid about being caught in a confined situation with others and having a bowel accident💩, such as when ferrying back and forth to the shore on a ship's tender.😱

    One downside is that when the higher doses are used, internal deodorants can cause signficant constipation.  If you already have a constipation issue, that can become a problem.

    I know that several of our members here have used internal deodorants and hope that they will share their experiences and observations.


  3. For odor containment, vinyl or rubber diaper covers do a better job than a breathable cover (like PUL) of similar thickness.🙂  A snug fit around the legs and waist is necessary to prevent venting of odors.  

    I may wear a PUL diaper cover with a pair of rubber pants or bloomers on top.  My PUL pants are best at stopping leaks and the rubber pants or bloomers catch leaks (very rare) and help reduce odor.

    All this presumes you began by selecting a good diaper to contain stool and reduce odors.

    Of course, if you have sensitive skin you may need to use a breathable diaper with a breathable diaper cover and not worry about fecal odor.


  4. In addition to good leg gathers, I would stress the need for very tall internal standing leak guards.  MegaMax is a good example.  Internal standing leak guards keep stool away from the leg gathers and also keeps urine in the main channel of the diaper to give it more time for absorption.

    I usually (but not always) choose a plastic-backed diaper to help contain odor.  Of course, it will be impossible for the diaper to contain fecal odor.  Vinyl or rubber "plastic" pants will help.


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  5. Emily, having a "clean" diaper in the morning may be an unrealistic expectation.  That may be adding to your stress and we know that stress contributes to incontinence.

    For nights you need 1) a premium highly absorbent diaper, 2) a booster pad in the diaper to increase the absorbency, 3) a diaper cover or "plastic" pants in case of a leak, and 4) something to help keep the diaper in place like a onesie or spandex shorts.

    I will note that a premium diaper like MegaMax will have very tall internal standing leak guards which will reduce fecal leaks and help keep urine in the main channel of the diaper's mat until it is absorbed.

    Emily, it is normal to wake up during the night to find that you have used your diaper.  I emphasize the word "normal."🙂


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  6. I remain somewhat skeptical about Interstim.  In many instances where they claim success, user satisfaction did not correspond. Perhaps unrealistic expectations were encouraged prior to the implantation.


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  7. Welcome Emily.  You have lots of company here with similar issues.

    Feel free to tell us more about yourself and ask a question.  There are sure to be folk here who can help.


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  8. Which diaper covers are best for fecal incontinence?

    What features do you look for - or avoid?

    How does this differ from the best features for someone with only bladder incontinence?

    Should you wear a breathable (PUL) diaper cover with a plastic-shell diaper?

    What about a breathable diaper with a vinyl plastic or rubber diaper cover?

    Many of you have years of experience experimenting with the various solutions to this problem.  What were your findings?


  9. Like Slomo, I stay very well hydrated.  I rarely detect urine odor and I never have had anyone else comment on it.  However, I worry about others being able to tell.  The ladies seem to have a sharper sense of small than most men.


  10. I have a good-quality mattress cover over the mattress.  Then I have a large reusable bedwetters pad over that.  That is my primary defense.  Then, on top, there is the sheet.

    I wear a heavier layered diaper combination at night than many folk.  As a result, it is very rare that I leak through to the sheet.  But, "Be Prepared."


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  11. How long can you wear a diaper before the urine odor becomes noticeable to others?  Note that others may notice our odors before we do.

    Of course, this will be affected by many factors.  A plastic-backed diaper will help contain odor as will vinyl or rubber "plastic" pants.  Staying well hydrated will significantly reduce urine odor.  A diaper with mostly SAP and very little fluff pulp will contain odor better than a diaper with more fluff pulp.  Personal deodorants like Nullo will reduce urine odor.

    IMHO, odor should not be noticeable until six hours or more.  By eight hours there is a significant risk of others noticing the odor, although they may not identify it as urine odor.

    What do you think?


  12. I use two diaper bags.  The larger one is a small North Face daypack.  I normally leave this one in the car unless I forsee the need to carry it.  It contains two premium diapers, wipes, disposal bags, a small amount of tape to repair a diaper, latex gloves, and plastic pants

    The other diaper bag is a small military-style messenger bag with only one diaper, disposal bags, wipes, and latex gloves.  It has two compartments so that I can zip the incontinence supplies away and discreetly use the other compartment.  This one is very innocuous so it is the one I usually carry.  I'm retired military and a military messenger bag just seems natural to me.

    Neither of the above bags is large because I leave my “disaster kit”😱 in the trunk of my car.  This one contains all the necessary items for a major incontinence accident, primarily fecal.


  13. What did you all choose with regard to the diaper itself?  During really intense workouts you sweat so much that you do not generate much pee.  For those workouts it would seem that the absorption of a heavy diaper would not be needed.  Are you using a pullup or a tabbed diaper?

    My days of intense workouts are long gone, but I do use a light tabbed diaper, plastic pants, and either a onesie or compression shorts. I would return home before showering.  While I am fully accepting of my incontinence and wearing a diaper, I would feel strange putting on my diaper in a locker room in front of strangers.


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  14. 5 hours ago, Brian said:

    Sure you're gonna deal with incontinence, but on a scale of 1 10, 10 being the worst possible thing that you can deal with, and a one being the least, incontinence is a one on the scale,

    Wow, Brian.  I really like what you said.


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