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  1. I'm going in for a bladder ultrasound next week to see if there are any structural problems that might be contributing to my sudden bedwetting. I've been told I have to drink 30oz of water an hour before the test, but I'm quite small, and concerned that I won't be able to hold that much for that long. Have any if you had this procedure done, and was it an issue for you?
  2. If anyone took issue with my choice to use a diaper to manage my FI, I’d allow them to experience exactly what happens when I go without one. They’d probably change their mind pretty quick!
  3. Thanks for the welcome! The doctor ruled out a UTI and diabetes, and has scheduled me for a urology test to measure the strength of my detrusor muscle, in case the problem is physical. I’m sorry you ended up in that situation. How did you feel when it first started, and how do you feel about it now? I’m struggling not to be repulsed by myself for this.
  4. Hello all, I’m Dandelion. I’m 30F and brand new to the notion of bladder incontinence. I’ve had issues with bowel IC for many years thanks to IBS, but this is new territory for me. I started wetting the bed about two and a half weeks ago out of the blue, with no other symptoms or illness of any kind. It’s happened four times now, including last night and the night before back to back. I’m going in to see my doctor today, but the lack of other symptoms makes me worry that it’s just stress or anxiety, and there won’t be an easy fix like antibiotics. I figured I’d drop by and get a sense of others’ stories, and maybe see if anyone else began this unfortunate journey seemingly apropos of nothing. Anyway, hi. I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better!
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