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About Me

-Born primed for a compulsion to love diapers (why, who knows).

-Joined the USMC to help cure me from loving them.

-Got injured, and because life is ironic, became urge incontinent. (Misdiagnosed as OAB).

-Fought with myself over actually needing diapers for years, versus an excuse for wanting them but not rightfully or morally so.

-Learned when life gives you lemons you learn to like lemonade. And when life puts you in diapers, likewise embrace them or go insane with denial.

-WAY too many years of an improper diagnosis and "try this pill instead".

-20 years later I found a good urologist, got diagnosed with Detrusor Sphincter Dyssynergia. WAY too many surgeries followed.

-Finally stable with a dribbling functional incontinence, and having embraced my inexplicable compulsion as a diaper lover.

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