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  1. Most days light with bouts of moderate. There are days I can just wear a couple of pads. Other days when I'm feeling the OAB it's moderate requiring more protection. It all started with post matriculation, then leaking, and then OAB. I've tried meds and even the docs say I'm not ready for surgery. I'm content managing with pads and or pullups. Full time pullups is about where I am but when I can I try to use regular underwear with pads. I'm not giving up easily.
  2. Thanks for all the great info.
  3. That's probably in my future. Did you regain continence?
  4. Anyone else have incontinence associated with BPH? It all started 5 years ago when I would leak after urinating (PMD). Then I had COVID and thought I had a UTI. Turns out I have OAB, all associated with an enlarged prostate. Initially I was told I had prostate cancer but tests proved otherwise thankfully. It started off with wearing shields then eventually pads. Things have progressed to where I use 2-3 pads a day or a pullup. At night I use trading pants for comfort. I tried flowmax and Cialis. Flowmax made me dizzy and Cialis gives me leg pains. I really don't want things to get worse but I'm trying to control what I can. Would like to hear from others that have BPH.
  5. AUG168


    Hey there everyone. I’m 55 yo and live in FL. I have BPH and OAB. I’ve tried medication with no luck, doctor doesn’t suggest surgery yet. So for now it’s pullups and pads during the day and training pants at night.
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