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  1. @TooManyJaffaCakes Your nerve endings may be getting worse, but Take heart: If you HAVE to release, you do NOT want to try to hold it back, hold it IN, or impede the release. If you have to go, then you should go, and not worry about it for the moment, as you are having difficulties and your situation kind of reminds me of what used to happen to me. My Mom used to tell me that I should not hold it in, and also NOT wait until I have no choice and would explode, as that can hurt your insides. If you need to use pull ups or diapers, you should not feel badly, because most times, meds can be helpful, but most times, all they do is to cause issues, or make things worse, and in order for you to find the right solution for your situation, it could take time, so do not dispair, as I have decided, because of my CP, that with my advancing age, its easier for me to use diapers due to the fact that I have been dealing with incontinence on and off all my life, and 2019 was the turning point, where I NEEDED to get help, and I asked for it, I got it, and went 24/7 in 2020, after having accidents get worse in august of 2019. when I did that, I joined DailyDiapers, because it is the ONE place where I knew I would be able to get help and support without being judged. On this site, it is always my aim to help as many people as i can, and I will let you know that you always have support should you need it 😉 Good Luck! Brian
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