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  1. For all those how wear a diaper. Part time, nightly, or 24/7. How much of a secret is it that you wear a diaper? Are you completely open to the world (purposeful exposure not tolerated), or matter-of-fact open about them to anyone it may be relavent to? Disclosed to a select few, but only because you felt you had to? Maybe normally hidden and only discussed after others confront you, or do you steer away from any such discussion you might need them? Or maybe do you keep everything diaper related top secret like fort knoxx, and/or completely deny they even exist? I personally won't lie about about my diapers, and while I am legitimately urinary incontinent, before that happened I've also always seen being diaper dependent as a physical part of myself. Maybe not the same but somewhat similar to BIID (body identity integration disorder). As I definitely didn't choose to be this way, tried to deny it before, then realized I'm better of having accepted it. For me, it's never a "what type of underwear am I using", it's more of a "diapers are a part of my life, and I refuse to hide any part of who I am". Personally, I'm pretty open about my need for diapers (both physically and mentally), though mostly just with friends and family. And I normally keep them somewhat hidden (but not secret) to the rest of the world- unless it comes up for some reason. Of which I normally stick to the physical aspect of my need for them. So my immediate family knows, as do my close friends. Some coworkers limited knowledge, but I've also asked them to be discrete so coworkers don't know (of which I've sometimes prodded to try and confirm). I've also had random people find out (beach, masseuse, doctors, etc). Some of which were curious about them which led to a good conversation, others just left said confirmation at that and moved on. And of course a very few people jumped to their own misconclusions and tried to make an argument about it, which I've always just felt sad for them and done my best to move on.
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