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  1. I wonder, who has ever had to stay overnight as an inpatient at a hospital, and was also incontinent. How did the hospital manage it with you, what diapers or other methods were used, and what was your experience? Tomorrow morning I check in for a total knee replacement. I'm functionally incontinent, and my go-to diaper is Crinklz (yes with the abdl prints). I don't have any other brands on hand either. I'll be staying overnight, and will be bringing my own diapers with me. So I'll let everyone know how it goes. I've also made the mistake of not bringing my own diapers before, and the "best" diaper a hospital ever carries is torturous junk. This won't be my first stay while using Crinklz either. During the covid lockdown I had a kidney stone lodge itself in my ureter. That turned into a blood infection, and due to the then protocols I was put into a full isolation room for a few days (over a weekend, as their testing lab was closed) untill my covid test came back negative. I was really out for most of it, at deaths door really. So it's pretty hazy. The nurses did keep me diapered, and did also change me at least a few times. I don't recall what, if anything, was ever said about my choice of diaper. And at the time I didn't care either. By the time I was discharged at least a dozen nurses and doctors had seen me in just my diaper, yet nobody ever commented to me about them or made it out as any kind of an issue. I guess with an infection that bad they all had bigger things to worry about.... Ps. Kidney stones are NOT the "worst pain I've ever felt". I don't know what people are talking about there, but I've had worse.
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