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  1. What are the pros and cons to you needing/wearing diapers? And overall, would you say they are good, neutral, or bad? My own PROS. Never have to stop what I'm doing to find a restroom. Seldom ever have to deal with disgusting restrooms. When my IBS-D flares up, I'm always thankful to already be diapered. Having that sweet relief from painful urges or a bursting bladder. Diapers reduce my stress and help me to relax. I actually like how diapers feel on me, and they can also be arousing at times too. And most importantly they let me get out of the house and live my life. CONS. Can't lie, they are expensive. Had to completely redo my wardrobe to accommodate and hide the bulk of the diaper. They were hot a sweaty the first few summers after going 24/7 (no longer a problem/contact though) Rashes. Leaks (Thankfully a seldom occurance). Medical grade (hospital/insurance) and store bought diapers are horrible to deal with. Took many years to overcome the prejudice and societal hate for adult diapers in general (also no longer a problem/con for me). OVERALL. I'd say they were bad at first, mostly due to the learning curve and adapting...everything, to them. Now though I'd say they are good, mostly to having what works without too many problems, and feels comfortable.
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