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  1. Hello, I need help with bedwetting. About myself, I'm Julia a 16 years old student from brazil (sorry for my english). About 3 months ago I started wetting the bed for the first time. I was out of diapers with 3 and never had any problems with accidents as a kid, so it came as a big surprise. A few days later it happened again and in the weeks that followed it got worse. Now I wet the bed almost daily and have had a few pooping accidents too. I have been to the hospital and multiple doctors for check ups but they couldn't find anything unusual or wrong in my body. They said it has to be something mental and I saw a psychologyst as well but we couldn't find a stress factor that would cause it. I'm a bit shy and was always more to myself so I'm not very popular but I'm happy with it. In general I'm happy and not really stressed about anything. The only solution people gave me is to put on diapers at night. It's defenetly better than cleaning the bed but I don't want to wear them forever. I just don't know what to do anymore. It's very embaressing and frustrating. No doctor I have seen so far found any real cause of it nor had any good solution.
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