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Swim Diapers
Swim Diapers are required by most public pool operators and health clubs for swimmers with bowel incontinence issues. Swim Diapers allow pool water and sterile urine to pass through, but contain bowel accidents without swelling. Disposable diapers are not allowed in pools due to the risk of swollen SAP spilling into the pool and clogging the filters. Don't let incontinence keep you out of the water any longer!

Snug-fitting Plastic Pants can also double as swim diapers when worn under your bathing suit. But swim diapers are recommended as they let water pass through, reducing the chances of ending up with a gallon of pool water in your underwear weighing you down

Tranquility Swimmates
The first disposable swim pants made for older kids and adults. Has a light absorbent layer to keep you dry on the way to the pool; and kuffguards to keep the pool clean when you get there!
Available From:
SOSecure Containment Swim Brief
     Designed to be worn next-to-skin under a swim suit. It is intended for bowel containment, however it will protect a certain amount against urinary leakage.
Available From:
Freestyle Adult Swim Diaper
     Allows water to easily pass through while keeping solids contained and out of the water. Features elasticized leg gussets to ensure containment, adjustable hook & loop closures with ties at the waist for a secure fit, and soft terry inner liner for comfort. Can be worn alone or under a bathing suit.
Available From:
My Pool Pal Disposable Swim Diaper
     Designed to be worn under swimsuits, these diapers are designed to be worn until soiled and then disposed of. This swim diaper features elasticized legs and waist for a snug fit.
Available From:
Netti Combi-Aqua Incontinence Swimwear Netti Combi-Aqua Incontinence Swimwear
Leak-proof, PUL fabric inner pants together with the outer stretch pants are designed to hold incontinence pads firmly in place. Designed for both men and women.
Available From:

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