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Just For Men
It is believed that as many as five million men in the US experience urinary incontinence, yet until recently most products were designed for women or "unisex" use. Thankfully manufacturers have now stepped up tot he urinal and provide a range of products designed just for men with light to moderate incontinence.

For severe incontinence, Adult Diapers are available and recommended.

Depend for Men Underwear
     A discreet, underwear-like waistband specially made for a man's body. It features snug, brief-like leg openings and protection up front where you need it most. Soft, quiet and breathable.
Available From:
Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men
Cotton-like fabric gives you underwear-like comfort throughout the day and is soft against the skin. The slim side profile provides great protection with a discreet fit, while the all-around leg elastics help protect you from leaks.
Available From:
AMG Ultra-Absorbent underwear
     AMG’s protective underwear provides men and women with discreet and comfortable bladder control protection.  Advanced polymer absorption system rapidly pulls away wetness and locks it in.
Available From:
Prevail Boxers for Men
     Look and feel like regular boxer style underwear. Masculine, light gray, printed cloth-like fabric. As or more absorbent than ordinary pull-on underwear.
Available From:
Prevail Underwear for Men
     Designed specifically for men, with comfortable waist panels and leg openings fitted more like regular men's underwear. It also boasts a specialized absorbent core.
Available From:
Prevail For Men Male Guards
For bladder control. Extra absorbent layer in center: Added protection to absorb fluid quickly and reduce odors. Leakage barrier: Helps prevent leakage. Adhesive strip: Holds guard securely in place. Contoured Design: To fit the male anatomy.
Available From:
TENA Protective Underwear Super Plus Men
     Designed for moderate to heavy urine loss, this product is extra secure and worn like normal underwear.
Available From:
ActiCuf Compression Pouch for Men
     Disposable, undetectable absorbent pouch designed to help men treat and manage light to moderate urinary incontinence. The padded closure gently presses down on the urethra to control urinary flow. Any leakage is immediately absorbed by the pouch.
Available From:
Attends Guards for Men
     Anatomically designed for men with light incontinence.Unique, anatomical form-fitting shape and thin design for comfort and fit. Super absorbent polymer locks fluids in the core and helps prevent odor. Hold-in-place adhesive patch.
Available From:
Depend Guards for Men
     A cup-like shape designed to fit a man's anatomy. Wide end helps give protection where men need it most. Ultra thin super absorbent design provides extra protection without extra bulk. Soft side barriers help prevent leakage.
Available From:
MoliMed Continence Pad for Men
     MoliMed® Continence Pad for Men Protect is an award winning v-shaped pad for light incontinence. The anti leak cuffs provide greater leakage protection while the highly absorbent core rapidly locks away large volumes of liquid.
Available From:
Tena For Men
     An innovative anatomical design for greater comfort and discretion. The improved absorption and pH-balanced OdaSorb Plus to help control odor. TENA for Men Pads are worn with regular, close-fitting underwear and are Latex-free.
Available From:

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