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Cloth and All-in-One Washable Diapers
Cloth diapers are better for the environment and your bottom line. Basic cloth diapers pin on and require a plastic pant on top, all-in-ones have the waterproof layer built right in to make changing easier.
Babyland Brand Adult Cloth Diapers

Babyland Adult Diaper
     White or brightly-colored PUL cover, and a soft fleece liner. An inner pocket holds the included 4 layer soaker, and you can add more soakers or pads to make them even more absorbent. Velcro panels and front-snaps allow for a custom fit from 36 inches to 52!

Available From:
Gary Butterfly Shape Diaper Gary Butterfly Style Adult Cloth Diapers
     High-quality adult cloth diapers in butterfly style.
Available From:
Gary Contour Diaper Gary Contour Style Adult Cloth Diapers
Adult cloth diapers, contour style, made of soft flannel cloth with an 8 layer center soaker panel for extra absorbency.
Available From:
Gary Prefold Cloth Diaper Gary Flat Prefolded Style Adult Cloth Diapers
      Adult cloth diapers, flat pre-folded style, made from high quality cotton cloth in the USA with a center soaker pad that has 8 full-length layers for maximum absorption.
Available From:
Gary Pull-On Cloth Diaper Gary Pull-On Reusable Adult Cloth Diapers
Pull-on adult cloth diapers made from soft flannel cloth with highly absorbent layers of soft terry.
Available From:
Leakmaster Pull-On Cloth Diaper
     Combining the adult diaper and waterproof cover into one all inclusive product makes this adult diaper a complete all in one solution to manage both day or night incontinence. You don't even need plastic pants! There is no fumbling with diaper pins, snaps or Velcro! Because they pull on and off just like underwear many persons with impaired dexterity can continue to manage their own dressing.
Available From:
Leakmaster All-In-One
This new diaper features a multi-layered interior of soft, comfortable and absorbent cotton gauze and a soft water proof outer layer of polyester. It has a contoured hour glass form fitting shape and strong and secure hook and loop closures
Available From:

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